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Dream Guides was founded in 2005 by Kenton Cool and Guy Willett as they completed their professional IFMGA Mountain and Ski Guides qualification. With the company directors both being experts in skiing and climbing adventures (on a personal and professional level) for many years, Dream Guides was always going to have a well chosen and well designed array of courses, holidays and expeditions to choose from.

We feel that building ski courses and guided mountain expeditions from the point of view of the 'Guide on the ground' ensures a quality service for participants. It means we make sure the essence of the trip is top notch, and all the bits that are important are well taken care of, and worry less about 'marketability'.

We have designed itineraries that we as climbers and skiers would love to go on and added in a pragmatic approach to safety and logistics.

Add in our top notch office staff and the formula is complete...


Skiing or Climbing?

Well, we do both! We are fortunate enough to have in-house experts in both sports, and on all areas of each sport.

So we are not a climbing company that does skiing, or a skiing company that does climbing - we are both.

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Just a quick note to thank you for a couple of great days. While we realise that we brought the worst weather of the season with us it was still a wonderful time. The skiiing was suitably challenging (which is what we wanted - to see just where our limit was, and apparently it wasn't that far away!). So thanks Guy for great tuition etc, and getting us down some stuff we'd never have thought possible.
Gav and Ali, Chamonix Private Ski Guiding