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Our Staff

To help Guy and Kenton run a tight ship, Dream Guides has an excellent support staff. Not only are they passionate about Chamonix, the alps, the sports they do here and adventure in general, they are also highly effective at keeping us all on an even keel...

Guy Willett

As well as guiding, Guy is responsible for the management and overall running of Dream Guides.  Along with Kenton, Guy spends alot of time designing and redesigning Dream Guides trip itineraries to make sure they are the best on offer.

Tiff Houston

Tiff is a keen snowboarder and downhill mountain biker and has been tearing around the slopes above Chamonix for several years now. When she is too tired to bike or ride, she can be found in the office taking care of all the enquiries, bookings and general admin. Tiff will likely be your first point of contact with us and is always happy to answer your questions and help out in any way she can!

This job is SOOOO much better than working in the Pub...
Rhi - Adventure base

Rhi is smiley! She’s also pretty hardcore: A steep skiing, downhill biking, crazy climbing, organic vegetable growing, all round Mountain Girl. Rhi’s been quietly ticking off a list of seriously impressive ski descents around Chamonix. When she’s not abseiling into ridiculous couloirs, she bikes, runs, climbs, yoga-s and meditates. Rhi is in charge of Marketing and feng-shui in the Adventure Base office. 

Sarah - Adventure base

Sarah Wood is our go to girl! Super organised, super efficient and super nice. A warm smile and a scary ability to predict your next step Sarah will make the planning of your trip smooth and easy! She sets the exemplary standard before you get out here for the rest of us to follow. You are likely to see her jogging across the Mountain tops trying to shave off a couple of minutes before her next big race. 

Alex - Adventure Base

Is it a bird…is it a plane….no its Alex skiing backwards! Alex’s 7 seasons throughout the Alps have not only prepared him for every eventuality but engrained that passion for the mountain lifestyle. Whether he's clambering along a Via Ferrata wall on a warm summer's day or tearing up the slopes on his ancient (but favourite) skis he knows how to get the best out of the area. Alex makes sure everything ticks behind the scenes and the reason your holiday runs so smoothly has a lot to do with his efforts.

Charlie - Adventure base

Charlie is the man on the ground. Anything you need from lift passes to ski lessons to daily jokes and puns, he is the one to talk to! He works VERY hard to make sure all our clients have a flawless holiday and somehow manages to pull it off every time. Charlie will most likely be seen crushing cols on his beautiful road bike unless the Alps are white, in which case he will be found carving turns down the Grands Montets!

Adventure Base

Adventure Base has been partnered with us since 2008 and it's thanks to them that we can offer great inclusive packages for our Chamonix based courses. Their Resort Hosts never fail to be welcoming and helpful and always go the extra mile to make sure our courses run smoothly. Big up Adventure Base!


Outside of hosting our Chamonix guests, they provide flexible accommodation in and around Chamonix and offer a number of adventure sports holidays and training camps for triathletes and trail runners.

We are pleased to be partners with Dream Guides and always look forward to welcoming their guests in Chamonix!
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As you said.........I had skied for years and always seen these dots in
the far distance and thought "I wanna be a dot" - so I got in touch with
Dream Guides and they fixed it for me and now I am a dot too!
Andy MacInnes, Zinal Backcountry Ski Week