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Carstenz Pyramid

Carstenz Pyramid is quite an adventure! Located in Irian Jaya (or West Papua), it is exploring as much as climbing and trekking! It is one of the '7 summits' and so this provides additional lure and it is an experience unlike many other climbing trips.

If you fancy trekking through jungle to a big, rocky peak ...and then climbing it, then this trip is for you!


Who is it for?

You need to have previous rock climbing experience for this climb. The summit day on Carstenz involves up to 12 hours of exposed rock scrambling, with some pitches graded at 5.5 - 5.7 (UK HS or French 5). There will be some fixed ropes to maintain safety on the way up, and aid abseiling on the descent. There are no glaciers on this trip.



We offer 2 itineraries that link up en route to base camp. Both itineraries start and finish in Bali, Indonesia, are fully inclusive from this point, and make sure we acclimatise sufficiently for this climb to 4884m. There are several bad weather days included to keep summit success chances high.

1. 20 days - trekking all the way in and out of base camp (6 days trekking each way). (course only price)


2. 10 days - flying by helicopter most of the way to and from base camp.


Further Information

Get in touch with any questions and we will be happy to provide you with more information about these trips.

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Course Detail
Price: $21000
Approx: £13,810.97 / €18,861.34
Price (course only): $12000
Approx: £7,891.98 / €10,777.91
Ability level: Level 4
Technical climbing proficiency and previous experience at climbing alpine AD routes as well as a knowledge of ropework and glacier travel is required.
Fitness Level: A
Good cardiovascular and hill walking fitness is a must. Endurance is key to successful mountaineering several days in a row. Typical days require 5-6 hours of climbing, and summit days can be upto 10-15 hours!
Guiding ratio: 1:5
What's included:
  • full 'state of the art' expedition service
  • guides fees and expenses
  • download info pack for details
What's not included:
  • equipment rental
  • travel insurance
  • tips & items of a personal nature
  • international flights
Course Dates
Get in touch to arrange a bespoke course!
You guys are so laid back and cool.
I love it.
Tom Claytor, Everest
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