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Climb Mont Blanc

Dream Guides has taken hundreds of clients to the summit of Mont Blanc - the roof of Western Europe, including none other than Sir Richard Branson, Princess Beatrice and Dwaine Chambers. Here is what they had to say:

“I’d recommend Dream Guides 100%. I want to be a Dream Guide!” Sir Richard Branson

"The summit was like a dream. It was so overwhelming i began to cry with joy for making it to this magical world at the top of Europe." Princess Beatrice

"Without Fabio and all the team at Dream Guides in Chamonix I would not have got the job done." Dwain Chambers

We think that this gives us a pretty good understanding of how to give you the best Mont Blanc experience that money can buy.
You might be concerned about how likely you are to make it, after all, climbing Mont Blanc is a large financial and time commitment. A quick word of warning when comparing the “summit rate” of different companies:

Conditions at high altitude are far too dependent on weather and climber fitness for a simple statistic to accurately convey the expertise of a guiding company. A period of bad weather can severely reduce the summit rate of even the best companies. Likewise, if a climber arrives with a poor standard of fitness, the best acclimatisation program cannot guarantee a successful summit bid.

That being said, if the climbing conditions are safe, and you as a climber prepare yourself to an adequate physical standard, our summit rate is 100%.
But we’re more concerned with another number, the percentage of clients that we have kept safe. And that number is 100%.
So, apart from being the choice of celebrities and royalty, and our perfect safety record, what else makes us so sure that we can give you the best possible experience?

This is Kenton Cool, internationally renowned IFMGA mountaineer. Kenton has climbed Mt Everest 11 times! As a director of Dream Guides, Kenton didn’t let us go live with this course until he was sure that it was as close to perfect as it could be.

Kenton distilled down hundreds of key lessons he learnt from pushing the envelope of human endurance to the absolute limit.
His personal input means that we pack the experience of 11 Everest Summits, and 21 successful expeditions to the greater ranges into making this course a market leader.

Our clients come to us because they know that with our experience in mounting international expeditions, we offer something that other companies cannot.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients had to say:

A short extracts of Angelas blog on technique:
Some feedback from Matthew on safety:
Some reasuring words from Katie on climbing as a solo clients:
In fact, our guiding team has hundreds of years of cumulative experience guiding clients everywhere from Everest to Mont Blanc, from the Andes to Kilimanjaro. That means that when you ask a question, your guide knows the answer.

When the weather changes, your guide has seen it a hundred times before.
When the going gets tough, you guide knows exactly what to say.
Because we know what climbing Mont Blanc means to our clients.

So book on, and let Dream Guides take you on a journey to the highest point in Western Europe.

For information on the nuts and bolts of the Dream Guides Mont Blanc course please download the info pack by logging on or registering on the website. Once registered, you can then book onto any Dream Guides Mont Blanc course.

If you’ve got any questions, our office team will get back to you within 24 working hours. If you don’t want to wait that long, call us on 0845 564 52 19. Our office team is based in Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc. They all having climbing experience, and will be happy to help you out.

We look forward to welcoming you onto our Mont Blanc course!
Call: +44 (0)845 564 5219   Email:
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Course Detail
Price: £1840
Approx: €2,517.11 / $2,737.26
Ability level: Level 1
No alpine experience is required but previous hill walking, trekking or easy mountaineering is a bonus. You will be using crampons and be roped up on glaciers.
Fitness Level: A
Good cardiovascular and hill walking fitness is a must. Endurance is key to successful mountaineering several days in a row. Typical days require 5-6 hours of climbing, and summit days can be upto 10-15 hours!
Guiding ratio: 1:4 training days, 1:2 summit days
What's included:
  • mountain huts at full-board (with packed lunch & boiled water)
  • guides expenses
  • uplifts according to itinerary
  • guiding fees
  • in resort transport
  • chalet accommodation (BnB with packed lunch)
  • Course Only inclusions are just guides fees/expenses and upto 4 nights half board mountain huts
What's not included:
  • transport to/from Chamonix
  • equipment rental
  • travel insurance
  • evening meals when in Chamonix
  • Snacks, Bottle water, beers, drinks in huts
Course Dates
Starting 14th Jun 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 21st Jun 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 28th Jun 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 05th Jul 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 12th Jul 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 19th Jul 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 26th Jul 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 02nd Aug 2015 Enquire about this course
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Starting 30th Aug 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 06th Sep 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 13th Sep 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 13th Sep 2015 Enquire about this course
Starting 20th Sep 2015 Enquire about this course
I just wanted to write a quick note to you personally to say thanks for the terrific week. Our guides were really excellent, enthusiastic, and pretty much everything you could ask for in a guide. Graham and Annie were really helpful, the transport (which we probably weren’t really entitled to) was spot on time, and the whole group was great.
Brad Varey, Mont Blanc
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