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Alaska Heli-Skiing

The Chugach mountains of Alaska are the holy grail for skiers. Unique local climate means huge amounts of snowfall each winter, and it sticks to the steepest faces. It has a lovely velvety texture and is a dream to ski, with the lightest snow billowing up around you. You have probably seen the ski films, and that is what it is like!

World class pilots and well maintained, powerful helicopters allow access to terrain so amazing and remote it would probably take a week of skinning just to get to.

This is not like heli-skiing anywhere else. There is more snow, the snow is perfect and the terrain is unmatched. No, really. We can't use big helicopters because they wouldn't be able to land!


Who is it for?

You need to be an Advanced or Expert off-piste skier to get the most from this Alaska heli-skiing week. You also will benefit from excellent downhill skiing fitness - when the skies are blue you will be skiing hard all day!

If you love powder, remoteness and epic terrain, this week is for you. It really is the best skiing on Earth.


Our Partners

We run this trip with our partners at Points North Heli Adventures. They are the only heli-ski outfit based in Cordova and they offer an outstanding service. PNH is run by Kevin and Jessica, two well known Chugach ski guides and pioneers, and all their Guides know the terrain and snowpack like the back of their hands. Their goal, like ours, is to give you the best weeks skiing you have ever had!



Friday: Arrive Anchorage or Seattle and overnight. Flights from the UK arrive late in the evening on the same day.

Saturday: Fly to Cordova. We are met by our hosts at Points North and taken to the lodge to settle in and take in the surroundings.

Sunday - Friday: After a safety briefing, we step out the front door, get in the helicopter... and ski!

Saturday: Departure


What happens if the weather is bad?

If the helicopter can't fly, then we go skiing at the local chairlift. Cordova is only accessible by plane or ferry and has one single-chairlift which opens when the helicopter doesn't fly.  It accesses some great terrain, and when the weather is bad it means there is lots of fresh snow and only us to ski it!

We also use the chairlift to access some great ski touring terrain.


What is included?

The price includes all your meals and lodging in Cordova. The food is outstanding and plentiful (we are in the States). All/any local transfers in Cordova. Use of safety equipment such as harness, transceiver, probe, shovel. Ski Guiding and 4 hours 'Hobbs' helicopter time.

Hobbs time is the most efficient way of measuring flight time. 4 hours is sufficient to cater for the normal weeks skiing. If you are lucky and have outstanding weather for your week then you may run out of Hobbs time, and you can purchase more at the time.


Combine this week with a week Ski Touring

This week dovetails nicely with our Alaska Chugach Ski Tour week. Alaska is a long way to come for a week and this extra week gives further mind blowing ski touring and descents whilst staying in a comfortable lodge.


Further Information

Download the Info Pack and please contact us with any questions.

Call: +44 (0)845 564 5219   Email:
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Course Detail
Price: $4800
Approx: £3,226.58 / €4,413.94
Ability level: Expert
I often ski couloirs and steep slopes, where jump turning is required. Powder skiing is my dream and 35 degree slopes are a cruise. My friends call me a ‘Jedi’.
Fitness Level: C
I can ski all day with only short breaks and can hike/skin for 3-4 hours most days (600-1000m).
Guiding ratio: 1:4
What's included:
  • full 'state of the art' expedition service
  • guides fees and expenses
  • download info pack for details
What's not included:
  • equipment rental
  • travel insurance
  • tips & items of a personal nature
  • international flights
Course Dates
Get in touch to arrange a bespoke course!
This trip really did exceed all expectations! Amazing terrain, 18 feet of the freshest, most velevety snow, and a great blend of touring and heli-skiing. Book me in next year!
Jane Keulsheimer, Alaska Heli & Backcountry
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