Hi, my name is Douglas. My interest is in adventure travelling as I love the challenge and excitement each experience brings me. I am a big fan of basically any sports that can provide me with some adrenaline rush.

If you love challenging and fun activities like me, then you are at the right place. I have tried challenging activities likes hunting, kayaking, ice climbing, fishing etc and used quite a lot of products and gears to help me conquer my dream by ticking off my bucket list.

I created this website to help you choose the right products by providing reviews and buying guides. With my vast experience, I hope that you will find my reviews and guides useful. My motto: You only have one go at life and one chance to follow your dreams, don't waste your time on just thinking of "what if", spend it on doing.

Dream-Guides is a brand dedicated to help adventure fanatics achieve their dream, satisfying their taste for excitement and thrill. This website will be providing reviews and also ultimate buying guides that will help you get the right equipment for the right adventure.

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