Welcome to Dream-Guides.com.  We hope you enjoyed reading our content so far. The main objective of putting up this website is to help adventure fanatics achieve their dream and satisfy their taste of excitement and thrill. We provide reviews and the most accurate buying guide that will help you get the right equipment for the right adventure.

For over the years, adventure enthusiasts have been visiting our website to check on the new equipment and tools that could help them make their next escapade a memorable one. That is why we continue to provide the most comprehensive reviews of all equipment for kayaking, hunting, fishing, and camping. Our guides are also updated regularly so you will have an idea what is the latest on the mentioned activities.

We are continuing to provide fun and helpful information and resources for all types of kayakers, anglers, hunters, and campers by upgrading our site with insightful content, every now and then.

But that's not all…

Dream-guides.com would not exist without the effort and help of amazing individuals who contributed a lot on writing reliable and informative reviews, disseminate the latest via social media, keeping the website running and so much more.

The experts keep their eyes on the upcoming products and only consider the best ones to showcase on our website. The team is continuously putting efforts to bring the best advice on the table. Let's meet the adventurous team.

Meet the Team

Douglas Keister - Owner

I’m the guy behind Dream-guides.com. This site is a go-to resource for all adventure seekers who loves water sports, kayaking, camping, fishing and any other outdoor sports that provides the adrenaline rush. I live in Winter Haven, Florida with my wife and 5-year old daughter.

I created this site to share my knowledge, experiences and other helpful facts about the mentioned activities. I have been into kayaking and camping for almost ten years now and have learned a lot from it.

With  my experience, I will be providing the most reliable and accurate information about kayaking and camping to my readers.

Adam Parsons - Editor/Writer

Hi! I'm Adam Parsons - a fishing enthusiast. I met Douglas a few years ago in a kayaking event. He mentioned his website and got my interest in this venture.

Since I am a freelance writer, I accepted his offer to join his team of writers.

Now I don't just write, Douglas also made me the editor, and I love the experience. I make sure that everything we post on our website is written well and easy to understand even by an ordinary individual.

Roderick Harrington - Contributor

Hi, Roderick here! I love to hunt and shoot. I started hunting at a very young age of 18 when I used to go with my father to hunt deer.

With the passing time, my interest in hunting kept increasing. I equipped myself with the latest tools to make my hunting experience a productive and enjoyable one.

You might be wondering why I am part of the team. I write insightful and thoroughly researched content when it comes to hunting equipment. Who could have reviewed this equipment accurately than the one who has used them?

Since my hobby is hunting and shooting ,I have already used different equipments that makes my adventure exciting and a memorable one as well.

Arienne Luana - Social Media Manager

Arienne Luana here! I travel a lot, and because of my experiences, I became part of this incredible team as a social media manager. Every new equipment reviewed by Roderick and other writers, I will make sure they reach you by updating our social media page. I also provide you the freshest and latest news on camping, kayaking, hunting, and fishing.

I am the personal secretary of an executive in a well-known company by profession. I do lots of things from updating my boss about his schedule, attend meetings with him and much more. As a social media manager, I keep our page active and full of new information so everybody will learn a lot from it.

So for your next adventure, before you shop for your tools and equipment, don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages that can be found below.

Cailyn Ruby - Public Relation

Hi there! I'm Cailyn Ruby, a Marketing graduate and is very much engaged in adventure sports. I love to read and research on things that are unknown to me. I will make sure that every inquiry we received will be answered accurately and fast.

That is my job, and my experiences and love for reading and researching help me a lot in providing the best service.

All the strategies and campaigns we use will not just benefit us. It will also benefit all our followers and readers. If you need any help, I can accommodate every concern you have.

Don't worry it's free; you don't have to pay any cent to get answers to your inquiry. Reaching us is easy go to our contact page, and you can send your queries via email.

Radha Suresh - Marketing Manager

Hi! I am Radha Suresh, cycling and fitness enthusiasts. I work hard, but I make sure that I will not sacrifice my health. I ride the bicycle every weekend to strengthen my leg and arm muscles.

I need them for my everyday work. It's a great feeling that I can do everything without comprising anything. Handling the marketing of our company is not an easy job, but it is very fulfilling and rewarding.

For many years of being a marketing director, I was able to finance my children's education as well as the need of my family. Douglas told me once that you should treat the consumers not just as clients or visitors but your relatives as well.

Having close ties with them means a better and stronger relationship with them. I personally think that this is the secret of our success.