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10 Best Deep Sea Fishing Reels In 2022 [Reviews And Buying Guide]

Deep-sea fishing can be fun and interesting. However, with the wrong tools, you may find this activity quite tricky. Plus, nothing makes you more disappointed, like losing a big catch simply because a part of your fishing tool is defective. Fishing reels are a vital part of the fishing equipment and they can come in different […]

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8 Best Surf Fishing Rods In 2022 [Detailed Reviews And Buying Guide]

Fishing is an activity enjoyed by many, and no doubt, this leisurely sport has spawned some unconventional methods, such as surf fishing. While the majority of surf fishing takes place on land, some thrill-seekers prefer to seek out the waves themselves. Whether you’re fishing on your boat, beach, or a pier, if you aren’t using […]

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8 Best Fish Lip Gripper In 2022 [Review + Buying Guide]

Dedicated anglers who regularly practice the catch and release method of fishing can probably point out a few scars that came from trying to wrangle a particularly aggressive fish. But, with the introduction of fish lip grips, there is no need to put yourself and the fish in harm’s way.These small but handy tools will […]

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Trout vs. Bass Fishing – A Detailed Comparison Discussed

Ask any fishing enthusiast who’s serious about his art, and they’ll tell you that the traditional contest for light-tackle fishing boils down to trout vs. bass. These two are the most popular species to fish because many similarities exist between the two. Both fish are usually situated in freshwaters and are almost the same size […]

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