Can You Be Killed by an Air Rifle : Discover the Possible Risks

can you be killed by an air rifle

Here is the main thing to know. The answer to the old question whether an air rifle can kill you. As a matter of fact, the answer is yes and no. It will depend on various factors. We will try to cover all of them here. The main thing to consider is that air rifles are dangerous and they are considered as weapons!

If the hit is located in the temple or an eye, it will be a deadly hit! These body parts are soft and they don’t have thick protection, so the projectile will travel deep into the human skull and cause a massive damage. This may refer as ‘’headshot’’ and in this case scenario, it is lethal!

You also must know that air rifles will launch a projectile at a speed of 1000 feet per second. This is a generic speed of a projectile. Some rifles can launch it faster than the others and vice versa. The human skin is thin and it can be penetrated by a projectile which is traveling at a speed of 150 feet per a second. If we increase that speed to 200 per a second, we can see fractured bones and more severe injuries.

How Does an Air Rifle Harmless?

If the shot is directed towards legs, arms or the torso, the shot won’t be lethal. In those cases, different injuries are possible and some of them are more severe than the others.

There are a lot of factors that will affect the overall speed of the projectile. The speed will significantly be reduced after a short distance. Cloths will decrease the speed as well, especially jeans and leather jackets. All of this means that the injury will be less than just severe.

Nevertheless, if fired at close distance to a human, an air rifle will certainly make some damage. It may be less-severe like a penetrated skin or a muscle damage. In more severe cases it will damage the bones and perhaps the internal organs.

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Kit That Makes Air Rifle Lethal

Recently we were able to see an increase in popularity of the kits available online, which can make an air rifle far more advanced weapon. They include stronger springs and even adapt the rifles to run on CO2. As such, their power is much higher.

If an air rifle is adapted with the kit we have just mentioned, the injury will be far more severe regardless of the fact where the projectile is directed. For most ‘’targets’’ it will be lethal.


So the answer to the can you be killed by an air rifle is complicated, but we managed to offer a simple explanation. If the shot is directed towards the right spot, it is harmful and may cause fatality. Otherwise, it will cause injury.

It is always important to remember that regardless of the fact where the projectile hits anyone, it surely does hurt!

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