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How To Set Up A Spinning Reel [Only 3 Simple Steps]

how to set up a spinning reel

You should not be surprised whenever you find a beginner angler learning how to use a spinning reel. Every angler needs to know how to setup and make use of their spinning reel in order to make every fishing trip they embark upon successful. However, learning how to set up a spinning reel or using it can be quite daunting for beginners.

I also had this experience when I first started setting up the reel. I remembered struggling initially but after a few trails and errors, I got used to it. Therefore, it is not an impossible thing to learn and once you learn the proper way, you will get a satisfying reward. 

Of course, the reward would reflect in the number of your fish count. So without any ado, here are 3 simple steps to follow when trying to set up or use your spinning reel.

1. Get Your Setup Items Ready

At this point, let's assume you know the types of fishing rods and fishing reels. You have also acquired the right one. But remember that all rods and reels are not compatible with each other.

In most cases, companies make rods that suit specific reel types. So when making a purchase, choose the types of fishing reels that you know will fit the rod correctly.

Learning how to set up a fishing line is easy. It is something you can do by just reading the instruction manual that come with the fishing tool. Here are some items I usually take with me alongside my spinning reel and rod.

  • Fishing line
  • Fishing Bait
  • Fishing hook
  • A pair of scissors

In fact, before you even consider learning how to use a spinning reel or setup, you need to familiarize yourself with the various parts of reels and rods. Also, make sure you know the difference between spincast reel vs spinning reel.

Watch videos if you can, or read the instruction manuals to know more there is to it after purchasing all your needs. Anyway, to help you understand better, here is how I do my setup.

2. How You Can Connect the Reel and Rod

I will advise you get to know the rod and fishing reel parts before you proceed. 

Then your next step would be to connect your fishing reel and rod together. To do this, ensure the seat of the reel is loosened. And place the foot of the reel into it.

Ensure the foot of the reel enters correctly and make sure to tighten your reel seat. Check if the reel is wobbling after you tighten it. If it does, repeat the process and make sure it does not wobble after concluding this section.

3. Getting Your Fishing Spool and Line into the Reel

You need to have patience when working on this part. It can be tricky, and even expert fish catchers run into problem sometimes. Here are a few steps.

  • Open the reel’s bail and wrap the line firmly around your reel at least once.
  • Tie a standard knot. You line will turn to two pieces around your reel. Tie another one again on the ones that are already there. Use your scissors to trim loose line to an acceptable height and close your bail.
  • Make sure the line is held tight, that is a foot from that reel so there is no tangling, and continue to twist the reel to the point where the amount of line on it is satisfactory.

On A Side Note

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Once you know how to set up a spinning reel and rod, and also attaching the lure, the next step would be to learn how to use a spinning reel. There are videos you can watch to get firsthand experience on how professional anglers are getting it right.

As a beginner, you need patience and constant practice to master it. Now, what happens if your fishing reel goes down during practice. We have written a guide on how to fix your fishing reels if this happen. What you do every day, will become a part of you. 

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