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How to Use A Crossbow – The General Guidelines

how to use a crossbow

Crossbows are uniquely famous archery shots; they are used by recreational archers as well as bowhunters. In the hands of an expert archer, it is excellent for long range targets and also coupled with that, it is fun to handle.

However, it is essential to know how to use a crossbow in a proper and correct way attempting it. Aside from this, anybody can shoot a crossbow, you don't need to be a zombie killer or be an expert toxophilite to acknowledge crossbow archery weaponry.

The first thing you have to know before shooting a crossbow is: you need a target. This is very essential, and in fact, considered the bedrock necessity of you is learning how to shoot. A practice range of about 20 yards is recommended.

After you get that out of the way, try shooting some bolts with a maximum of about 2-3inches in-between the same area. This will enable you to set your sight when you eventually start shooting the crossbow. However, the timing may, in some ways, vary within 10 – 30 minutes, depending on your perception of proper sighting.

Cocking Aids

Cocking aids is designated to help to cock the crossbow easier. They allow the devices to hook on the device string and upsurge its mechanical advantage. Your trainer will be responsible for helping you learn how to cock the crossbow.

Step-By-Step Guides on How to Shoot a Crossbow

1. Loading the Crossbow

You need to cock per the guidelines of your crossbow’s manufacturer or trainer as the case may be. And if you are not making use of any device, then you’ll need to grasp the string with both hands. Also, you need to understand that your index, middle and ring fingers are fundamentally necessary for handling the crossbow hook. You will also need to use the thumb to support the string while cocking the crossbow.

While supporting the crossbow with one hand remove one arrow from the quiver. Place the dash on the rail. On the jolt, one of the vanes will be an alternate color. Place the odd-shaded blade down so it can slide through the section in the rail. Slide the rush until when it is immovably positioned against the string.

You will know it is correctly placed when the jolt can't slide further and then has a disengaged safety. You will have to pull the string beneath the arrow-retention and the string latches while standing. Also, make sure you maintain a safety position while loading the crossbow. 

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2. Safety Stance

You need to place your leg correctly on the stirrup when loading the crossbow. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure your non-dominant shoulder is aligned toward the target.

3. Preparing to Shoot

Point the crossbow securely downrange and far from any human abode. It is more preferable to practice your archery skill far from any person to avoid hitting them with a stray shot  Place the non-dominant hand at the focal point of the foregrip. Keep your thumb and fingers underneath the crossbow rail.

Place your trigger hand on the hold, warding off your finger from the trigger. Next, put the buttstock against your shoulder. This will align your dominant eye with the target. When you adjust your view to the target, move the line to the "fire" or "off" position.

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4. Draw and Shoot

Before shooting, you should have your eyes set on the target and gradually press the trigger with your index finger to release your shot. Even after shooting, try maintaining steady eye contact with the shot and the target.


It is very important to know how to shoot a crossbow correctly not only limited to safety issues, but it also helps to improve your shooting accuracy.

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