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Ice Fishing Locations [Top 10 That We Highly Recommended]

If you are an ice fishing enthusiast, you definitely do not want to miss out the best places to ice fish. Below is the lists of the 10 best ice fishing locations among ice fishers across the globe.

10 Best Ice Fishing Locations

1. Ontario - Lake Simcoe

The lake is one of the most popular places for ice fishing across the planet and the best one in North America. It is also the place where the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship is held. It is large and completely oriented towards the fishermen, which makes it the best possible location to visit.

2. Saskatchewan - Lake Diefenbaker

The place is extremely popular among ice fishing fishermen and one of the most rewarding in the world. You can fish plenty of different fishes and you will have a great time. Just don’t expect too much. Here are all focused on ice fishing!  

3. Vermont - Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is an extremely popular destination. It is located between the United States and Canada. It is also known to be the most popular place of this kind in the United States.

4. Ontario - Lake of The Woods

Despite the fact we mentioned this lake is located in Canada, it is shared with the United States. It can also be accessed in Minnesota, so you can enjoy from multiple locations. It is more than just popular among professional and beginner ice fishing fishermen.

5. Sweden - River Lule

The river is located near the Lulea, a city. It is a common fishing destination in the country and in Europe. We definitely want to recommend it for those who want the most.

6. North Dakota - Devil's Lake

Besides the interesting name, the Devil’s Lake is a popular fishing destination. It is considered to be one of the best locations for fishing in general, in the United States and the one that has to be on our list.

7. Yukon - Kathleen Lake

The lake is located in the United States and it is appreciated for impressive amounts of trout. You definitely should visit it if you want to catch trout.

8. Montana - Fort Peck Lake

The Fort Peck Lake isn’t actually a lake. It is considered as a reservoir and it is reasonably big. The main advantage is in the ability this place is well-known for plenty of different fish you can catch. Just some examples are trout, pike and etc. We must add that the place is known as a heaven for all ice fishing fishermen.

9. Wisconsin - Lake Winnebago

The lake is popular among fishermen from the United States and Asia. It is rich in fish and it offers a great experience.

10. Greenland - Ammassalik

Ammassalik offers a completely different fishing experience than any other location on the list. It is rich in fish, fjords and it is hidden in the countryside. Not a single person will know you are here, which can be the most impressive reason to visit this lake.


These are the best 10 locations in the world for ice fishing. Each one may be the best for you depending on your requirements. However, it is vital to check the local weather and geography in order to know what to expect. Make sure you come up with a checklist before departing to your ice fishing location.

To help you in your activity,  it is recommended to invest in a great fish finder so that you it will ease the process of looking for fishes. Oh, and if you are looking for great ice fishing tips and techniques, check out this post.

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