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Romantic Camping Plans for Couples [6 Crucial Points To Consider]

Cuddling near a fire under the stars is a great way to put a spark in any relationship. So, if you are looking to take your relationship to the next level or make a last-ditch effort to save your crumbling relationship, you cannot do much wrong than by planning a romantic camping trip out in the wilderness.

Planning trips can be a tricky business though, as it involves lots of variables and situations that, if gone wrong, can ruin the whole experience for you and your partner. Plus, it can give off the impression that you are not dependable enough.

To avoid falling into the many pitfalls that can emerge during a camping trip, we can help you to make sure that your romantic getaway is a success.

The 6 Important Points To Consider For A Guaranteed Romance

1. Duration

Limit your trip to two days and one beautiful night to remember. Going too long without a shower, a comfortable bed and modern conveniences can dampen even the most romantic of feelings.

2. Destination

Choose a romantic spot for your campsite and make reservations a few weeks in advance, especially if the place that you are planning to go to is a very popular one. Choosing a site on an ocean or lake, in the mountains or the desert canyon can give you that feeling of being all alone among nature that couples feel is very intimate.

3. Isolation

This is optional and depends on where you are planning to go but choosing an isolated location will allow you and your partner to do as you please without being distracted and interrupted by society. Again, this relies on where you are going and whether or not you are adequately prepared for any situation that could go wrong.

Check out some camping tips and be sure to aware of uncertainties that might happen during the trip. 

4. Candlelit Dinner

romantic camping

Consider having a candlelit dinner with your partner to set the mood for the rest of the night. You can spread the blanket out on the ground or on a table and bring out your candles, napkins and silverware. Try to cook for your partner to make yourself look more impressive. If you do not know how to cook and your partner does, help them out wherever you can.

Investing in a portable gas grill is indeed a perfect choice for those who wish to keep mess to minimal. They are versatile, light and easy to transport. Oh yes, if both of you prefer nature-way of cooking style, give campfire cooking a try!

5. Romantic Outdoor Activities

Plan activities to do together during the day that you both enjoy, like hiking, mountain biking, sailing, skiing, horse riding or just plain walking on the beach. Studies have shown that people feel more romantic after they have gotten some exercise during the day. So, do not waste this golden opportunity to get lucky.

6. Camping Accessories To Bring Along

You want your trip to be comfortable and without any hassle, so bring as much accessories as you can. Remember to bring along with you some camping chairs, a table and things you need to cook with.

Food and Beverages

Bring a camping cooler full of picnic food and a bottle of wine, or your favorite beverages. Do remember to bring a dessert as well. You will need your energy with you for all the outdoor activities that you are planning to do. A generous tip from us is to bring more food than you think you will need.


Bring a few extra pillows with you to transform your backpacking tent into a cozy haven that is just for the two of you.

Want to know how to have a comfortable sleep in a camping tent? You should check out this post.

Portable Music Player

Music will definitely set the scene for you if you are going for a candlelit dinner or just want to cuddle and relax by the fire.


Impress your partner with your artistic side by serenading them with a few songs. If you can’t, don’t worry, you can both goof around with the guitar to lighten the mood. 

Warm Blanket

Keep blankets handy to stay warm and you both can cuddle together. The weather can always get a bit chilly during the evening. Check out our reviews on the best camping blankets in the market today. 

Sleeping Bag

Before going to bed, zip two sleeping bags together so you can snuggle and spoon after your outdoor adventures. This conserves heat and keeps you and your partner’s body warm. Alternatively, you can check out sleeping pads too.

Make sure to familiarise yourself on how to setup an inflatable sleeping pad before the trip, even if it may sound simple.

Fire Starter or Matches & Candles

Bring a fire starter to light a campfire for snuggling in front of or light some candles for the romance. That puts a nice touch to the whole trip.

For more essential items to be brought for camping, check out this checklist. You definitely do not want to miss any of these.

Final Thought

A romantic camping trip will cost you time and money. But, is it worth it? Absolutely. The trip will not only be beneficial for your relationship but also for yourself because everyone needs a well-deserved break once in a while.

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