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Who Invented The Crossbow [Taking You Back in Time]

who invented the crossbow

In medieval era, crossbow was a powerful missile weapon in battles. As time passed and fast zoomed into our modern era, crossbow has been one of the favorite pastime activities among those who enjoy putting their focus at the same time seeking adrenaline rush. This hobby is regardless whether you are training crossbow for target shooting, or to go on an adventurous hunting session. But, do you have any idea on the history of who invented the crossbow? Read along to find out.

The History

The crossbow was fabricated by Ch'in of Ch'u in ancient China during the Zhou’s rule in the 700BC. The device was crafted on a level plane mounted bow, with a stock and trigger parts included. The crossbow is gotten from the evenly mounted bow-trap utilized by different civic establishments around a similar time. They had a scope of up to 650 feet.

The crossbow had a terminating system, which was complicated to the point that it would have been incomprehensible for an enemy to decipher how it worked, in this manner diminishing the possibility of replicate the crossbow by threatening technologies.

Peacemaking Tool

The crossbow was not developed as an instrument of war, but rather as a peacemaking tool. It was created to quiet the battling between states toward the finish of the reign of Zhou’s line. The thought was that if somebody showed up with a more advanced weapon, every other person would stop fighting and publicly accept the crossbow.

The crossbow was considered to have made lots of waves around 200BC, to the extent of prompting the Chinese government at that time to impose a law banning the export or smuggling crossbows out of China to another country. This was done to prevent erring enemy countries from imitating China.

Enhancement of Crossbows

Crossbows and trigger systems were delivered massively so much that around 157BC, a ruler named Liang Hsiao Wang, was accountable for regiments that had 50,000 men and a few hundred thousand crossbows. They went further to invent some crossbows that were so big to the point that lots of men were needed to carry it before stylizing it.

What's more? In the eleventh century, some swifter crossbows were created that could fire 20 arrows in just 15 seconds, and this helped the Chinese empire to conquer more battles in the year 1895. It continued this trend until modern weapon outdated it. Nowadays, the latest crossbow looks so much better in design and also comes with advanced features.

War Weaponry

Verifiably, crossbows assumed a noteworthy part in the war of East Asia and Medieval Europe. The traditional bow and arrow had for some time been a particular weapon that required a vital client preparation, physical quality, and skill to work with any level of down to earth productivity.

In numerous cultures, bowmen were seen as different and had unrivaled rank, regardless of for the most part being drawn from the regular class, as their bows and arrows range of abilities was birth related, as applicable to horseman cultures.


It is always fun for crossbow lovers to understand every topics of their hobbies including the history of who invented the crossbow.

Now you know that crossbow had already long-existed in the ancient time as weaponry, but in our era it has turned and become a pastime activity for target shooting and crossbow hunting. In United States, it is legal to own a crossbow, however, the legal issues and rules may vary by states.

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