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Why You Should Try Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga [6 Top Reasons]

why you should try stand up paddle board yoga

No one can deny the calming benefits of yoga. At the same time, there's nothing more entertaining than paddle boarding with your friends. Have you ever tried combining these two? Exactly!

Although it's not a new concept, paddle board yoga has just started gaining popularity a few years ago. Today, it's an actual trend, but the main question is – does it really work? What is SUP yoga and why should you try it

1) Refining Your Yoga Technique

Every exercise in the world requires some practice. That's the only way to improve the technique. The same rule applies to yoga. The harder and more unusual it becomes, the better your game will be.

Bringing a yoga stand up paddle board to the game will certainly work on your technique. Furthermore, it implies exercising in a relaxing environment – nothing but water around you.

2) Calming Effects

A proper SUP yoga sequence will add to your calmness for a simple reason. You gain the feeling of floating because that's what you're actually doing. The noise of water tickling the board will make it even better. Yoga itself is meant to relieve stress, but when you do it on a paddle board, the peacefulness of water will take your exercise to the next level.

3) Better Flexibility

Yoga is known to make you more flexible – no doubts about it. Paddle boarding has similar effects because it implies maintaining balance and stability. It works on all kinds of muscles and strengthens them as well.

Combining these two different exercises will provide lots of extra motion while improving your technique.

4) Improving Circulation

Yoga implies being focused on your breathing. Breathing relaxes the body and provides it with oxygen for more efficiency. Since SUP yoga is more intense, results are obviously better. As a direct consequence, it improves the blood circulation.

The same rule applies to relieving stress. Less stress leads to a better circulation as well.

5) Better Balance

Most people might be confused at first - what to wear for SUP yoga session?

You don't need any special equipment, just a board and your regular outfit. A swimming suit can be just as handy. Most importantly, it has to be comfortable and relaxing. Yoga poses are all about maintaining an impressive balance.

Given the water movements, doing it on a board can be more challenging. But then, the harder it is, the better you become.

6) Having Fun

Most importantly, don't forget about having fun. Yoga is also about fun and so is paddle boarding. Mix them up, gain all their benefits, but don't forget to have fun. After all, you're floating on water working on yourself, so it should be exciting enough.


So, still wondering why you should try stand up paddle board yoga? There are obviously plenty of benefits. Sure, you may not necessarily find a paddle board yoga class near you, but you can just as well learn some moves online and have some yoga funs on your paddle board. Click here to check out some cool SUP's in the market.

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