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Orca Cooler Reviews [Orca 58 Vs Orca Realtree Max 5]

Portable coolers are more important than you can imagine. They are essential during the summer while you go on travelling, road tripping, outdoor nature activities and many more. That’s why you are going to need the best one that should meet all your requirements.

Here we will be focused on Orca cooler reviews, followed by the buying guide to purchase a cooler box, and also a comparison between Orca and the well-known brand, Yeti.

Orca cooler reviews


  • Roto molded construction
  • Integrated insulation
  • Check Circle
    58 quart storage capacity
  • Easy flow drainage spout
  • Check Circle
    Flex grip handles are extendable
  • Check Circle
    Lid gasket
  • Check Circle
    27 x 20 x 24 inches
  • Check Circle
    Weight: 32 lbs


  • Max load of 28.5 lbs
  • Shoulder straps are padded to provide comfort
  • Check Circle
    Cross chest adjustable T-strap
  • Textile - Denier double TPU
  • Check Circle
    FDA food grade, BPA-free and anti-microbial
  • Check Circle
    Insulated inner walls: 28mm tough Meta-Polymer

Our Top Picks Orca Cooler Reviews

1. ORCA 58 Quart Cooler - Editor’s Choice

This tested orca cooler is simply the best cooler you can find today. It is also the one we liked the most and we believe that you will share the same perspective. The main reason why it stands out from the crowd is the fact that it is a high-end cooler that comes with all the essentials you need.

First of all, it is made of dual roto-moulded construction, making it is extremely durable. You can also have it in different sizes and different colors.

The lid comes with a gasket so the seal is 100% at all times. This will have a huge effect on ice retention, making sure you have fresh and cool beverages at any given moment. The cooler is based on the latest technology and comes with a few advantages that will be mentioned below.

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2. ORCA Realtree Max 5 Podster

Instead of a conventional cooler, the Orca Podster is a backpack cooler. The design is different and the practicality is its main advantage. It is convenient to carry around especially if you are looking to pack for a day trip, without needing the helps from others. 

This orca cooler is well-made and comes with a strong design. It also comes with 3 years of warranty which is impressive and suggests that this is a well-made, highly durable model, designed for heavy-duty operations.

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Cooler Box Buying Guides

Cooler sizes, design, color, and so many other factors should be considered when looking for a new model. All of this suggests that you are going to need a buyer’s guide for finding a cooler that is just ideal for your requirements. Alternatively, you can also check out our verdict on the best coolers for camping. We have done all the homework for you.


Obviously, when looking for a cooler, the size is the first factor to consider. However, there are two forms of size.

The first one is the size that can be used for storing beverages and food. This is the volume of the cooler and it is probably a more important form of size. You should always get a model that is slightly bigger than all the foods and beverages you are planning to carry. This is a nice trick you will find useful.

The second form of size is the actual size of a cooler. How much space will the cooler occupy when stored or when located at the back of a car. Keep in mind that usually hard and coolers with thick insulation will occupy more space and they are also heavier.


Design can be a factor as well. If you are always looking for modern and high-end equipment, you will want a cooler that looks great. However, most of these coolers look simple, so the design is generally not a factor to consider. They are simple at the first sight and the only way to make a cooler stand out from the crowd is to use accessories.

Insulation Thickness

This is the next main thing to consider. The thickness of the insulation can make a massive difference in how long the foods and beverages will stay cool inside a cooler.

Always go for a model that is packed with thicker insulation. It will make the foods and beverages so much better after a longer period of time. However, bear in mind that the thicker the insulation is, the heavier your cooler will be.


How you are going to carry your new cooler? Obviously, you are going to use handles, but which ones. All coolers come with one of the following handle types.

The first type is side handles. They are the best choice when you will carry a cooler with a friend. They are also reserved for the biggest coolers.

Lid handle is another option. They are reserved for medium-sized coolers and they are useful when you are planning to carry the cooler all by yourself. However, these handles are not very practical and over time they can cause a cooler to be flimsy and damaged.

And the last one is shoulder straps from a backpack cooler. It is essential to take them into consideration if you are planning to carry a smaller backpack cooler over a shorter distance. Also, these coolers are the best choice when the space for carrying them is limited.


Yes, certain cooler box comes with wheels but they are usually used for bigger models and trust us, they make a huge difference. Users will be able to move a cooler easier and they won’t feel the weight of it.

Beside the wheel presence, you will also have to consider their size. Bigger wheels are more practical and allow for you to move the cooler on uneven terrain.

External Storage

External storage can be divided into cooled or un-cooled space. Obviously, Orca models offer massive cooled space inside and additional space for items on the exterior of the cooler. We want to add that external storage is usually reserved for other items, besides food and beverage which doesn’t have to stay cool. For example, a knife, bottle opener and etc.

External storage that comes with a cargo net is very useful. It will make the overall use of a cooler so much better and you will get added space for all your items.


If you live in an area where rains are frequent, you are definitely going to need a waterproof cooler. Not all models are rated as waterproof units, so keep that in mind. As a matter of fact, most models will have a hard time preventing water from reaching inside the cooler.

Obviously, Orca coolers are designed to meet the toughest challenges, so you won’t find any waterproof issues here. They are tested in the real world and in real-life applications.


Color is an essential factor to consider. For instance, if you go hunting and you need a cooler, you will need a gray or camo color, just so you stay undetected.

On the other hand, if you go camping, you will need a bright color. Good news is, Orca coolers come in many different colors. You won’t have a hard time finding the color you like.


Precisely accessories are something that makes a cooler special. If you are considering an Orca model, there are a lot of different accessories to choose from. These may range from bottle openers to solar chargers with an LED function.

In essence, accessories can make a cooler so much better and more appealing to use. But, you are going to need a model that is compatible with many accessories out there. Some coolers can be paired with just one, while others come with dozens of accessories. This is a factor that should be checked prior to the cooler purchase, just so you know which model is a more suitable version.

Orca VS Yeti - Which One Suits You?

Both companies, Orca and Yeti are popular and well-known when it comes to coolers. Both offer premium models and they are reserved for users who know what they really want. However, there are actually quite a fair amount of differences between these two.

Yeti is an older brand among these two. They have been with us since 2006 and they are the first to present the roto-moulded cooler. For more info on yeti coolers, check out our yeti cooler reviews.

 Orca stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America and they are a newer brand. Orca have been on the market since 2012 and are made in the United States. 


If you are thinking that the price is a massive difference, you are wrong. Both of these coolers cost similar and you will be able to save only $10 or less.

The same goes for the quality. Both brands offer high-quality coolers of the modern generation that are used by millions of people, all over the globe.

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Ice Retention

Obviously, one of the important factors when looking for a new cooler is the ice retention. Here we can see a major difference. Yeti coolers were the first on the market to offer ice retention which can last up to 5 days, which was a massive improvement compared to models which were able to do so for 24 hours only.

Even today, Yeti makes some of the best coolers on the market with impressive ice retention duration. However, Orca is slightly better. The coolers made by this brand can hold ice for 7 days even when the temperature is higher. That’s why we believe that ice retention is a massive advantage of Orca coolers.

We tested both coolers in different situations and Orca models performed better. Obviously, both of them are above the average.

The reason why Orca coolers perform better is their insulation. Yeti offers 2-inch thick wall insulation and the lids that have 3 inches thickness. Whereas Orca offers 3 inches s insulation on both the walls and the lids, so the ice and beverage are much better insulated from the outer world.

You would believe that Orca models are much heavier, but this isn’t the truth. For example, Orca 40 qt cooler weighs 23 pounds, while Yeti with the same capacity weighs 22 pounds. As you can see, 1 pound of added weight isn’t much different.

Want to know some tips on how to keep your ice from melting too soon in a cooler? You should check out this article.

Sizes and Design

If you are looking for the Orca cooler,  you will notice that there are a few models out there. In total, there are 6 sizes to choose from. They start from 20 qt and they range all up to 120 qt. This is a decent result and it will be sufficient for most of you, especially if you know that the most coolers purchased today have the size between 20 and 70 qt!

Yeti is much better in this case scenario. They offer 13 different sizes, ranging between 22 and 350 qt. As such, they are more likely to offer the cooler of the size you actually need. Also, if you are looking for an extremely big cooler, Yeti has it covered.

When it comes to the color range, the situation is completely different. Yeti has 3 colors available and regardless of the fact which size you choose, these colors will be available. Then we can see that these three colors are white, gray and blue. There are no more specified, more versatile options to choose from.


The last factor we will mention in the comparison here is the list of available accessories. Yeti has a few of them available to the potential owners. These accessories include the bottle openers, cup holders and etc. Usually, these accessories are small and affordable.

Orca, on the other hand offer plenty of smaller accessories, like the ones you can see offered by Yeti. But, you can get a full wrap around your cooler which will hold all the possible accessories you are going to need.

In addition, they also offer some of the most advanced accessories, like the solar charger with LED light. Orca coolers accessories are also very affordable.  


ORCA 58 Quart

Our Rating

In the end, all we can say is that the ORCA 58 Quart Cooler is the best model here. Of all orca cooler reviews, we have given this model the best rate with 4.9 out of 5 stars. We especially liked the design, the handles, and the cargo net.

Of course, the compatibility with the accessories, the added strength and attention to details should be mentioned as well. The bottom line is that you will be more than just satisfied with this cooler. After all, it has it all.

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