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Rtic Cooler Reviews [Rtic 45 Vs Rtic Softpack 20]

Thanks to modern technology and clever design, a modern cooler will make sure you have cool beverages and food for days. At the same time, it will be as lightweight as possible, easy to use and durable. Of course, all of that will be interpreted in our Rtic cooler reviews.

Now we will assist you in finding the best cooler made by this brand and help you understand why this models are the best.

Rtic cooler reviews


  • Able to keep ice up to 10 days
  • Integrated locking system and bear resistant
  • Check Circle
    Up to 3" insulation
  • Built in easy flow drain spouts
  • Check Circle
    Heavy duty rope handles
  • Check Circle
    26.5 x 16 x 25.25 inches
  • Check Circle
    Weight: 25 lbs
  • Check Circle
    36 cans; 40 lbs of ice; 11.25 gallons

RTIC Soft Pack 20

  • 100% leakproof, puncture resistant
  • Check Circle
    Antimicrobial liner to resist mildew
  • Heavy duty nylon shell
  • Check Circle
    Exterior is no sweat, stays dry
  • Check Circle
    2" closed cell insulation
  • Check Circle
    13.5 x 13.75 inches
  • Check Circle
    Weight: 3 lbs
  • Check Circle
    20 cans; 20 lbs of ice; 3.75 gallons

Introducing Rtic Cooler Reviews

1. RTIC 45: Editor’s Choice

This cooler truly has a lot to offer and is commonly considered as one of the best units available on the market today. It also won our hearts and the main reason why we rate it so high is due to several advantages. 

Firstly, the ice retention of 10 days is so cool as most models do not have the ability to retain for that long. This is one of the longest ice retention we were able to find and definitely the main highlight of this cooler. 

Next is their impressive drain holes that will separate the ice easily from water and you get superb latches that will hold the lid at all times.

The overall quality is at the highest level as well and we would like to recommend this particular model to all users who are planning to use it for heavy-duty operations. More cool features are mentioned below.

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2. RTIC Soft Pack 20

First and foremost, the Rtic Soft Pack 20 comes with superior looks and design. It is available in many different colors which include camo, rift blue, strata and etc. Buyers will not have a hard time finding the most appealing, desirable variation. This model is also very popular on the market.

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Buyer's Guide for Cooler Box

If you are looking for hard or soft coolers that don't leak and come with all the benefits and advantages, then you should continue reading this rtic cooler review.

Here is a buyer’s guide that will assist you in choosing the best model for your requirements and help you save money and hassles with so much choices available on the market. Basically, we will reveal how we tested these coolers and which factors must be taken into consideration.


There are a lot of beginners who make a common mistake. They believe that the size of the cooler is the only factor that has to be considered. Sorry to say that it isn’t! First of all, you must understand that there are two common size factors when it comes to coolers. The first fact is better known as volume.

Volume refers to the interior size of a cooler, how many beers, cans or food it can accommodate and it is related but not based on the overall size of a cooler. For example, two coolers of the same size can have a different volume inside.

Another form of the size you will encounter is the overall size of a cooler. This is the size you will see first when looking for a cooler. Better said, these are dimensions of the cooler. They should be considered due to transportation and storage of a cooler.

Soft or Hard Cooler

The chances are high that you will be likely looking for coolers like Yeti but cheaper price and you should remember that Rtic offers a great list of alternatives. But, a more important factor to consider is the design of a cooler. Are you looking for a hard or soft cooler?

Hard coolers are definitely more common. They come with a bigger volume, different sizes and they are suitable for heavy-duty operations. For example, if you are looking for a cooler that will be used while camping for 5 days with your friends, a hard cooler is an obvious choice. Check out our popular cooler brands here.

Soft coolers are completely the opposite. They are designed to be carried by a single person for a shorter period of time and they have a lower capacity. In case you are considering this type of cooler specifically, there are two factors you must take into consideration right now. They are:

  • No leak zipper- Obviously you will want to keep all the ice and beverage inside the cooler at all times. That’s why you will have to get a non-leak zipper. A good thing is a fact almost all coolers of this design comes with zippers that won’t leak.
  • No-sweat design- First models had a common issue that caused them to sweat due to the temperature differences between interior and exterior. Modern models don’t suffer from this issue and they are a much better choice, obviously.


You must remember that ice retention and insulation are slightly different factors. You can get an impressive cooler with superb insulation that has a poor ice retention duration!

The best cooler must come with insulation that is 2-4 inches thick. But, you must consider the lid. As mentioned in most rtic cooler review, if the lid comes with the same thickness of insulation as the walls, the result will be better.

Thinner insulation won't perform well when the temperature is high and it will seriously compromise the ‘’health’’ of the ice and the beverage.

However, there are some tricks you can try to keep your cooler cold for a longer period of time.

Ice Retention

Now you will want to know all about the ice retention. This refers to the time a cooler can maintain ice in its hard form. The duration will vary between 4 and 10 days. There is no need in telling you that the longer the better.

Always look out for a cooler with a longer ice retention due to the fact you never know when you will need an extra period of ice retention.


Construction these days usually comes in the form of roto-molded. It is an excellent technique that has been used for some of the most popular coolers on the market. Even the best small cooler you can get will be made with this technology. It makes the coolers stronger, without adding unnecessary weight.

You should also consider the facts that the construction should make sure your cooler will stay in perfect condition at all times and with different usages.


We won’t be able to make a difference when it comes to the materials popular brands use these days. All we can say is that you should consider a model that is BPA –free that is made of the same materials for the human health and that’s it.

Majority of the popular brands offer precisely this, so it may be a useful factor only if you are looking for a low-end cooler.


Always pay a close attention to the warranty your new cooler comes with. Look for 5 years or longer if you are getting a premium model like the one in this rtic cooler review.

Drain Spouts

Drain spouts have a massive role in all of these. They should be easy to use, durable and they must NOT leak. If you have a leaky drain spout you will have serious issues. Look for drain spouts that come with rubber seals.


Latches are small, soft elements that will hold lid at the place at all times. Orca models come with latches that look like a whale’s tail. Rtic models have regular latches. The main point is to remember that the latches must stay strong, easy to use and they must not lose their strength after some time.


Coolers with wheels are very captivating right now. They make the usage easier and they are better if you are looking to move a cooler all by yourself. Sadly, there are not many models that come with this feature and you will have to pay a lot of attention into finding one.


Handles do make a difference. You are going to need comfortable handles that will make carrying a cooler easier. They also must be durable.

Look for units made of nylon, rope or heavy-duty materials that will last for a decade. Also, pay attention to the comfort handles offer when used

Rtic Compared to Other Brands

1. Rtic Vs Yeti

One of the most common questions you will have to ask yourself, is there a difference if we compare Rtic vs. Yeti? In the shortest explanation possible, yes, there are a few differences. But first, we must mention that both brands offer similar sizes of the coolers. The most common ones are 24, 45 and 65 models. However, Yeti also has 35 models which makes a transition between 25 and 45 less severe.

Both of these brands use roto-molded technology, freezer grade gaskets and above average insulation. On the other hand, we can see that Yeti generally has slightly better insulation.

Rtic is a popular brand due to the fact it offers a superb mixture of the price and quality. It is also slightly better when it comes to capacity, and in general, their coolers have better capacity.

The bottom line here is that Rtic makes more affordable coolers that are decent to use and offer a great quality. Yeti is more expensive, but they come with a better insulation, more features, and even better quality. Click here if you are interested to know more about the Yeti brand.

2. Rtic Vs Pelican

This comparison is quite interesting. There are more similarities than differences and both Rtic and Pelican are very well-known brands. However, Rtic is a slightly more popular brand due to more marketing.

There are still some minor differences though. For example, Pelican models are better when it comes to iced retention, but the difference is quite minimal. They are also not available in many sizes though so you will have to make a compromise.

Both of these brands offer great prices and values for money, so there is no major difference here.

3. Rtic Vs Orca

Both of these brands you see here are very popular, they are known for offering premium models and superb durability. If we do a detailed analysis, we can see that Rtic offers a slightly better ice retention. As a matter of fact, most Rtic cooler review concludes that this brand actually outperforms most of the other brands of coolers.

The available range when it comes to hard coolers is almost identical. Orca has 6 models in the offer, while Rtic offers 5 models of various sizes. Rtic is slightly better in the soft coolers department. Some of the well-known best soft coolers are made by them.

The handles of both coolers are strong and durable, even though they are made of different materials. Rtic coolers come with rope handles which are capable of meeting heavy-duty operations. On the other hand, handles of Orca coolers are made of nylon. Latches are made of silicone in both Rtic and Orca, but the latter has a unique design that looks like a whale’s tail.

When it comes to price, Rtic are more affordable than Orca and they generally offer the same durability and similar design. As such, Rtic models have a slight advantage compared to Orca, especially if toughness and ice retention are the main factors for you. If you want to know more about orca, check out our orca cooler reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is RTIC better than Yeti?

Both RTIC and Yeti are known for making some of the best coolers available on the market today and they are top of the line manufacturers.

2.Do RTIC coolers keep things warm?

Yes, RTIC coolers will keep your food and beverages cold or hot for a couple of days, depending on the outdoor temperature.

3.How long does RTIC cooler hold ice?

RTIC coolers can hold ice for 10 days almost regardless of the exterior temperature. It must be closed during that time.

​4. Is There Any Other Way To Keep Ice From Melting So Soon?

Yes, there is! You may check out this article that provides some useful way to keep your ice from melting.


Rtic 45

Rtic Soft Pack 20

Our Rating
Our Rating

In our opinion, the best model on our list is the RTIC 45 Cooler. This model is the most durable, the best-made and it comes with all the essentials a new owner will ever need.

We have to give it 4.9 out of 5 stars rating and we believe that of all Rtic cooler reviews available at the moment, this model still deserves the most attention. You are going to love the capacity, the bear resistance feature and a lot more.

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