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Top 10 Best Camping Blankets In 2022 [Reviews And Guides]

When searching for camping gear, any outdoor enthusiast understands the importance of getting high-quality products that work for their purpose. This includes choosing the best camping blankets.

It does not matter if you are driving to the top of the mountain or going for a campsite near a river, taking with you the best gear to keep you comfortable and warm is a must. As you are outdoor, the temperature lowers down at night, and you need to bring camping blankets to keep you warm and protect you from exposing yourself to the elements.

To help you find the best blanket we have reviewed 10 of the best outdoor blankets. And for those who wish to jump straight to the final verdict, here is a quick recap of our top picks.

best value

  • Temperature rating of 35°F
  • Hollow microfiber insulation
  • Has a shaped, elastic footbox
  • Space saving gear loft organizer


  • Has a temperature rating of 15°F
  • Perfect for 3-season outdoor activities
  • Provides enough comfort
  • Comes with strap for extra secure

Top 10 Blankets [Table Of Comparison]

We have designed a comparison table below for your easy reference. However, it is important to note that the positions are in no particular order of importance. 

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Mambe Extreme Weather Blanket
Available Sizes: Small & Large

Dimension (Small): 48 x 58 inch

Dimension (Large): 58 x 84 inch

Made : Polartec classic 300 fleece


Price: $$

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Rumpl The Down Blanket
Available Sizes: Throw / 1-Person/ 2-Persons

Dimension (1 Person): 54 x 80 inch

Dimension (2-Person): 88 x 84 inch

Made : Synthetic 600 fill down insulation

Temperature Rating : 40°F

Price: $$$$

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Voited CloudTouch Travel Pillow Blanket
Dimension: 54 x 80 inch

Made : Recycled 20D ripstop REPREVE + Cloudtouch fleece

Temperature Rating : 46°F


Price: $$

More Details

Therm-a-Rest Apogee Quilt
Available Sizes: Regular + Large

Dimension (Large): 58 x 80 inch

Dimension (Regular): 48 x 78 inch

Made : Hollow microfiber polyester eraLoft synthetic

Temperature Rating : 35°F

Price: $$$

More Details

ZEFABAK Puffy 600 Fill Power Duck Down Cloudlet Blanket
Dimension: 54 x 80 inch

Made : 20D ripstop nylon


Price: $

More Details

Eagles Nest Outfitters Spark TopQuilt Blanket
Dimension: 50 x 80 inch

Made : Ripstop nylon shell, polyester fiber fill

Temperature Rating : 40-50°F


Price: $

More Details

Voited Ripstop Pillow Blanket
Dimension: 54 x 80 inch

Made : 20D ripstop REPREVE, 3D featherlight fiber insulation

Temperature Rating : 55°F

Price: $$

More Details

Therm-a-Rest Corus
Available Sizes: Large + Regular

Dimension (Large): 52 x 80 inch

Dimension (Regular): 48 x 76 inch

Made : 650-fill power Nikwax treated hydrophobic goose down

Temperature Rating : 35°F

Price: $$$$

More Details

Paria Thermodown 15 Degree Down Sleeping Quilt
Available Sizes: Long & Regular

Dimension (Long): 57 x 84 inch

Dimension (Regular): 56 x 78 inch

Made : 20D ripstop nylon shell, 320T polyester pongee, high loft 700-fill power down

Temperature Rating : 15°F

Price: $$$$

More Details

Pendleton Yakima Mineral Umber Camp Blanket (Twin Size)
Dimension: 66 x 84 inch

Made : 86% wool + 14% cotton

Price: $$$$

More Details

10 Best Camping Blankets Reviews

1. Mambe Extreme Weather Camping Blanket

best camping blankets

Mambe Extreme Weather Outdoor Blanket is one of the sought after blankets and is designed mainly for colder weather where keeping the body heat is essential. This blanket is a combination of emergency blanket technology, durability, and comfort. You will be amazed how this blanket performs. Warm fleece on one side and a waterproof blanket made of nylon on the other side.

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2. Rumpl The Down Camping Blanket 

The Rumpl The Down Blanket is made of high-quality material similar to the one being used in making insulated jackets. This blanket will keep you warm all winter long.

This camping blanket is made from ripstop nylon 20d with 3D hollow fiber synthetic insulation. Transporting it is easy thanks to its stuff sack. This blanket is available in single or double person. Because of its DWR coating, it is resistant to odor, pet hair, dirt, and other debris.

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3. Voited CloudTouch Travel Pillow Camping Blanket 

This product is not just a pillow. You can expand it and use it as a camping blanket. You can fold and pack it into a sleep sack and spread it to become a waterproof cape. This versatile pillow blanket camping gear can also be used as a throw for your couch. 

The Voited CloudTouch outdoor blanket is made from Ripstop REPREVE fabric from recycled plastic bottles, so it is eco-conscious and tough.

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4. Therm-a-Rest Apogee Quilt

This is a spacious sleeping bag that can keep you warm as it provides a ton of comfort. It is available in two sizes, the large and the regular size. Its lightweight design is due to the Hollow microfiber polyester eraLoft that insulates the interior. The Therm-a-Rest Apogee microfiber fill keeps it warm, lightweight and easy to pack.

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5. ZEFABAK Puffy 600 Fill Power Duck Down Cloudlet Camping Blanket

The down blanket by ZEFABAK is not just an outdoor camping blanket, but you can also use it at home when you want to stay warm on the couch. It is lightweight and puffy thermal efficient and regards as the best travel companion that fits in any purse or small backpack.

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6. Eagles Nest Outfitters Spark TopQuilt Camping Blanket

The ENO Spark Topquilt camping blanket is a perfect lightweight option for outdoor camping; it is available in different colors and made of durable parachute nylon. It is a bit heavier as compared to others, and you can sleep comfortably because it is spacious. An average to a small person can fit perfectly on this hammock.

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7. Voited Ripstop Pillow Camping Blanket 

The Voited Ripstop Pillow Blanket is designed to meet the warmth needed by campers during cold weather. It is made of 20D recycled eco-friendly ripstop repreve fabric.

This versatile camping blanket can be converted to a pillow, a wraparound poncho or a sleep sack. It is lightweight and can be packed small for backpacking, festivals, hiking, and picnics.

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8. Therm-a-Rest Corus

The Therm-a-Rest Corus temperature rate is 35 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect choice for summer, fall, and warmer spring trips. Although it is an ideal option for cold sleepers or during freezing nights, the Corus has some features that make it the best option for ultralight comfort.

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9. Paria Thermodown 15 Degree Down Sleeping Quilt 

If you are in search of a versatile sleeping gear in your next backpacking adventures, you need a Thermodown 15 Degree Down Quilt. Paria Outdoor Products make this model, so you are assured that the product is made of high-quality materials for all those who want to enjoy the outdoors. If you want, you can pair it with an inflatable pad.

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10. Pendleton Yakima Mineral Umber Camp Blanket (Twin Size)

This twin wool camping blanket by Pendleton is warm and is designed to deal with the demands of the outdoors. It is considered one of the best wool blankets for outdoor camping. It is made of 86% wool and 14% cotton and measures 66” x 84” inches as twin size.

It includes a leather strap carrier, and you can choose from different colors and patterns. You will be amazed by its vintage style that is perfect for both contemporary and rustic settings.

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Buying Guides of Camping Blanket

With the emergence of hundreds of various types of camping blankets available in the market today, choosing the right one is quite a hard task. However, if you keep in mind that following factors, you will be able to select the perfect blanket for your next adventure easily.


This is one of the vital factors that you need to consider before deciding which warm blankets for camping to purchase. If you intend to use it in trekking or harsh camping, then look for the one with tear resistant fabric. But, if you plan to use it in a picnic or parks trips, you can go for a less expensive one that will still provide your needs.

Size and Portability

If you camp out with your family or friends and you will be sharing the blanket; it is best to choose the one that is big enough for all. We would definitely recommend bigger size blanket for couples who love to snuggle to each other, create more intimacy during your romantic camping trip.

Some camping blankets are quite large and still, you can fold it down to a smaller size. However, if you are camping alone, you can choose the smaller one but large enough for one person to sit down and relax.


If you intend to use the blanket in different kinds of environment, you should focus on this factor. Most blankets are waterproof and durable. You need to check on other features such as corner loops and sand pockets if you plan to use it in a windy environment. Check if it is made of tear resistant fabric material.


Some people may develop allergies towards certain types of fabric. More often the synthetic fabric (nylon, polyester) may cause reactions upon skin contact, however there are also people who are allergy to natural fabric such as wool due to lanolin oil. 

Pre-wash the blankets prior use is a good prevention, to wash away the leftover chemicals additives. There is also an option of hypoallergenic camping fleece blankets available on the market.


Check what type of warranty the manufacturer is offering. Make sure that you choose the one that provides the best warranty, so you are assured that you will be using it for many years.


This is very important particularly for those who are budget conscious. The price of a camping blanket will depend on many things like quality of material it is made of, stakes for pinning your blanket to the ground and sand pocket.

For blankets, without stakes, they usually cost less than $20. If you do not have any plans of camping out in a windy condition, you can go for blankets which do not offer extra features like stakes and sand pockets.

Other Features

Some camping blankets come with other convenient features such as stitch patterns to fold the blanket easily, sand pockets and built-in ground stakes. These features are quite helpful if you want your camping blanket as versatile as possible, but you should have some extra cash for that.

Types of Blankets

Generally there are 4 types of blankets available on the market.

Pocket Blankets

If you want an ultralight and compact camping blanket, getting a pocket blanket is a good choice. This type of blanket is known for its unique portability. It is versatile and perfect for the various types of environments. You can bring it while trekking since they occupy small spaces on your backpack and are very durable.

Sleeping Bags

This is the most commonly-used camping blanket. This cocoon style blanket works to surround your body and provide protection from harsh weather and other elements. Most of the time cool temperatures radiate upward. This type of blankets will keep you warm from your feet to your body. On top of that it is also water resistant.

Emergency Blankets

If you are not familiar with this, it refers to the aluminum foil looking blanket that is usually included in first aid kits. It is made of Mylar as you can fold it to a small size and can easily fit just about anywhere. However, this type of blanket is used for an emergency only, and not recommended for long term-camping.

Cold Weather Camping Blankets

If you have plans of going to northern areas or intend to camp during off-seasons, you will need a blanket designed for cooler temperatures. Most of the time these blankets are made of fleece or wool. These fabrics are rugged and best at insulating temperatures, even when wet.


After reviewing the top 10 camping blankets, we find Mambe Extreme Weather Blanket as the one that possesses the best features. It could be a little pricey, but the quality of material used on manufacturing it is worth it. The warmth it can provide is incredible, and you can sleep comfortably on it without worrying of getting freeze during extreme cold condition. We rate this product 4.8 stars out of possible 5.

We hope this post was able to help you find the perfect camping blanket for your next adventure. If you find this top ten best camping blankets review helpful, feel free to share this post with others, or you can comment below.

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