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Nemo Tent Reviews [Dagger Vs Hornet – Which One Is Better?]

One of the most important things you should not forget if you are planning for a backpacking trip is a tent. Your shelter will protect you against insects, wild animals, and the weather. Choosing the perfect backpacking tent may not be that easy. Some people end up buying the wrong one with features that are unnecessary.

When it comes to backpacking tent, campers would generally choose the one that is versatile, reliable, durable, lightweight and affordable. There is one brand that fits these qualifications - The Nemo tent. This post will review two of the best Nemo tents in the market today - the Dragger and the Hornet. After reading these Nemo tent reviews, you will be able to decide on the right backpacking tent for your next adventure. 

For those who wish to jump straight into the final verdict, here is a quick comparison on the mentioned Nemo tents.

nemo dagger vs nemo hornet [comparison table]

Nemo Dagger Ultralight

  • Floor Area: 31 sq-feet
  • Floor Dimension: 90 x 50"
  • Center Height: 42 inch
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Frame: 1 Hubbed Aluminum DAC featherlite NSL 9.6+9+8.55 mm pole
  • Freestanding

Nemo Hornet Ultralight

  • Floor Area: 28 sq-feet
  • Floor Dimension: 85 x 51 x 43"
  • Center Height: 40 inch
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Frame: 1 Hubbed Aluminum DAC featherlite NFL 8.7 mm pole
  • Semi- Freestanding

Detailed Nemo Tent Reviews

1. Nemo Dagger 2P

Nemo tent reviews

The Nemo Dagger 2P Ultralight Tent is one of the more sought out backpacking tent. It can fit one or two people and is known for being ultra-lightweight. It weighs only around 3lbs. The complete pack of Nemo Dagger can be packed and carried in a Divvy stuff sack. The video belows shows why this model is one of their best sellers!

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2. Nemo Hornet 2P

Another popular Nemo product is the Nemo Hornet Ultralight Tent. The manufacturer of Nemo makes sure that their product weighs less and will not add a burden to their backpack. The video below will show you why this model is popular among backpackers.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lightweight Backpacking Tent

In determining which of the two styles of Nemo tent will suit you best, the criteria below are something you should consider.


The first factor you should consider when searching for a tent is the weight. Keep in mind not all tents that claim to be lightweight, weigh less. You need a lighter tent since you will be carrying it on your back. Some lightweight tents are not as durable as the heavier tent. When dealing with ultralight tents, you need to be very careful when setting them up and storing them after using them.

Ultralight tents are more costly. When comparing tents, you will notice two different weight specs. One is the minimum trail weight which is the weight of the tent, poles and flies only. However, you will also need a stuff sack, a footprint to protect the bottom of the tent and stakes.

Number of Doors

Tent with two doors is more convenient if you are camping with someone. However, if you are solo camping or camping as a couple, a single door tent is enough.

With two doors you don’t have to crawl around and pass through your companion to get out since you can go outside using the other door. You will also have a separate vestibule to keep your things which helps you in organizing.

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Capacity / Interior Space

The number of individuals sharing the tent and their height should be considered when checking out the interior space. Most of the 2-person tent is too small for two people. If you will be camping with your partner and it is okay with you to have a tight place, then you can choose any of the two-person tents. But if you will be sharing it with your friends who are 6-footer then we would advice you to go for the one with spacious interior for extra comfort.

Some of the things that you need to focus on are the interior floor area, check if it has a tapered design and if there is enough space for you to sit and move around in case you get stuck inside because of bad weather.

Seasonal Rating

Most of the backpackers prefer a three-season tent which is designed well in moderate weather during summer, fall and spring.

In case you are camping on heavy snow or in extreme, weather conditions, it is best to choose a 4-season tent. The 4-season tents have minimal mesh and retain heat better. However, the lack of ventilation can make the people inside feel stuffy.

Free-Standing or Tarp-Style

The free-standing tent has poles to support it. This kind of tent is easy to set up and can be pitched anywhere, which makes it more popular.

The tarp-style tent is set up using trekking poles to support the tent and by tying the guy lines to rocks, trees, and others to get it taut. This type is lighter because they do not have poles. The setup is pretty simple for most beginners.

Wall Construction

The majority of the backpacking tents are double-walled. This only means that it comes with the actual tent as your protection and a separate rain fly that is attached to the outside of the tent. Double-walled tents have better ventilation and less condensation due to airflow.

The single-walled tent, on the other hand, is weatherproofed without the need for a rainfly, and it will help you reduce some weight. This type of tent has no mesh and no windows. The downside is it can cause condensation during the wet season. Hence, this type of tent is recommended for dry and cold conditions.

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The Nemo Hornet and Nemo Dagger are two products recommended for solo or two campers. When it comes to interior space, the Dagger is more spacious than the Hornet. For couples who do not mind a tight squeeze, the Hornet Ultralight Camping tent will be perfect for them. But if you and your companion want bigger space so you could move around and place your things orderly, Nemo Dagger is more preferred.

Both tents weigh less without compromising the quality and strength. Most of the tents belonging to this weight class have a single door, but these Nemo Tents have a 2-door system which makes it more convenient. Both are excellent two-person camping tent; your decision will depend on how light and spacious you want your shelter will be.

All in all, we hope that our Nemo tent review is able to help you in deciding which backpacking tent to go for.

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