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8 Best Fish Lip Grippers In 2020 [Review + Buying Guide]

Dedicated anglers who regularly practice the catch and release method of fishing can probably point out a few scars that came from trying to wrangle a particularly aggressive fish. But, with the introduction of fish lip grips, there is no need to put yourself and the fish in harm’s way.These small but handy tools will […]

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Best Fishing Rod for Striped Bass Of 2020 [Top 5 Reviews]

Fishing is a beloved sport and pastime for a large chunk of the population. Your fishing equipment, especially your fishing rod, makes your fishing trip successful. Your fishing rod controls your casting, weight of your catch, and even the position and performance of your fishing reel and line.The best fishing rod for striped bass offers […]

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10 Best Surf Fishing Cart In 2020 [Buying Guide Included]

Surf fishing gears are essential to ease the task of fishing. However, at times, using it might seem awkward as you may have to haul coolers, bulky fishing rods, tackles and fishing reels from one spot to another. To save yourself from the inconvenience, investing in the best surf fishing cart seems like a promising […]

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Best Tuna Fishing Reels To Buy In 2020 [Our 10 Best Picks]

One wonders how big tuna fish can get. In the depth of the sea, tuna can be quite tricky and challenging to fish to catch, especially when the reel does not measure up in terms of specification and performance. You know how funny fishing can get, especially when you lose a hooked tuna fish as […]

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10 Best Bait For Walleye Fishing In 2020 [Review + Buying Guide]

Walleye is one of the freshwater fishes seriously cherished by anglers not only for the fun of fishing also for its great taste. If you have never tasted walleye fish stew, you may want to discover a different level of delicacy by going on a walleye fishing spree. Walleye (Sander vitreus) resides in freshwater and can […]

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Best Bait For Salmon Fishing In The River [2020 Review]

Fishing nowadays has become a way of life for most people, and Salmon fishing is an aspect of fishing that definitely catches the eye. Salmon is the common name used to refer to varying species of ray-finned fishes that belong to the Salmonidae family. It contains a lot of nutrients ranging from proteins to vitamins […]

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