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Loomis Fly Rods Review [The Legendary NRX Lite Trout Model]

G. Loomis has been in the industry of cranking out the finest of fly rods. Countless of anglers have venerated the Loomis rods as among the finest in the market according to the Loomis fly rods reviews. Some of their most excellent products corroborating this belief include rods like the G Loomis IMX accredited for […]

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Temple Fork Fly Rods Reviews [A Solid Rod for Fishing Novice]

For more than two decades now, Temple Fork Outfitters has provided anglers with tools that meet their needs. Their products have been designed to optimize the balance between performance, affordability and to last a lifetime. The Temple Forks Outfitter fishing rod design focuses on high-end performance and power, engineered to the exact standard set by the […]

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St Croix Fly Rod Review [Legend Elite Freshwater Model]

You must be having some serious reasons to purchase a good fly rod now that you are reading the St Croix Fly Rod review. You are probably a genuine fisherman or a fishing sport enthusiast, and you understand that when an “expert” says that fly rod suits you, it is not true. Majority of St. Croix versatile […]

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