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Top 10 Best Bait For Crappie [Fishing Tips Included]

Crappies are a popular type of gamefish, especially in North America. They have different fishing habits that change with the season, so you can’t only depend on your skill as an angler to catch them.

Any angler worth their salt knows that bait is an essential aspect of fishing that can determine your performance. That's why we’ve brought you the ten best bait for crappie to avoid having unproductive fishing trips. These choices have been thoroughly reviewed, and we’ve added a section for crappie fishing tips and frequently asked questions to help you out.

best value

  • Mimic swimming motion of live fish
  • Bright colours
  • Rhythmic noise design


  • Strong scent and flavour
  • Glows in 4 colours for more attraction
  • Non floating baits

Why Should You Choose Baits for Crappie?

People have been fishing for centuries using a variety of methods, and the discussion is always centered on how we can make it better.

The old-fashioned methods, while useful, are not our only option. Artificial baits have been around for a while now, and there have been improvements made in different areas. A lot of them come with bright colors, flashy tails, and vibrating noises designed to attract more fish. Some of them even have scents and flavors attached.

Quick Answer: Top Rated Baits For Crappie

10 Best Baits for Crappie Reviews

1. Eagle Claw Crappie Jig

best bait for crappie

The Eagle claw crappie jig is a well-known and innovative jig lure with its brightly painted head and feathery tail. It comes in different colors to fit the season and water. The head of this bait is usually painted to resemble a fish head with a big eye on it, and the tail hides the deadly hook attached to it.

You can experiment with its different color combinations to decide the color that best suits your style. The 1/16 and 1/8 ounce sizes are considered the top choice, but the 1/32 ounce size can also be used. Ensure that you use this jig in clear water to avoid getting it entangled in weeds. You will be sure to attract many crappies while using this attractive fishing lure.

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2. Aorace Mini Fishing Lures

These mini fishing lures are quite life-like when they are cast into the water. They mimic the swimming motions of live baitfish perfectly, creating vibrations in the water that attracts big crappie. They come in bright colors, which reflect light and create attractive patterns in the water.

You can get different weights to reach different depths in the water. Because they are small, they move through water swiftly and cleanly. It also has a convincing fish body and a big eye that tricks gamefish into approaching. One pack of these lures have ten pieces with ten different colors so you can have a variety of colors to fit the season and location.

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3. Berkley Powerbait Crappie Nibbles Dough Bait Glow

The scent and flavor of the Berkley Powerbait are guaranteed to bring in fish from every direction with minimal effort. You only have to cast it into the water, and the smell slowly disperses in every direction.

You can use this bait together with your other fish baits to increase your catch rate, especially on days where the fish are not biting. It is also reusable, and a jar goes a long way.

Although you can’t use this bait on a large hook, it can fit in tube baits and jigs since it doesn’t float. The scent is long-lasting, and it has a long shelf-life. Apart from its concentrated scent, the bait glows in four different colors to attract fish.

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4. Norman Deep Little N

This deep-diving crankbait, can get to depths as low as 9 to 12 feet. The tip is perfectly shaped and angled to help it dive down swiftly and stay. This fishing lure is perfect for use when the crappies are in deep water, especially during winter.

If you’re after big crappies, then this bait is for you. The two treble hooks and 2.5-inch length of the lure give it an edge in catching big gamefish of different species, and not just crappie. It also dances in the water to attract big game fish hunting for baitfish. You can experiment with the 83 color choices available to find your perfect fit.

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5. Rapala Jointed Shad Rap 04 Fishing Lures

This plastic crankbait is a plastic recreation of arguably the best bait for crappie from Rapala. Being made of plastic might make it more lightweight and less durable, but this quick diving bait is still effective at catching crappie.

The standout feature of this bait is to release a signal imitating the sound of a “distressed minnow”. This signal is loud enough to hear from a distance, and it doesn’t fail in attracting gamefish. Up close, the lure has a realistic fish design that fools fish into biting and getting caught by the sharp hooks attached to the body.

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6. Crappie Magnet 96-Piece Kit

The Crappie Magnet kit contains virtually anything you’d ever need for a crappie hunting trip. It has a full collection of a magnet and double-cross jig heads, E-Z floats, and bodies. These come in an assortment of colors for proper experiments, giving you a chance to make the best choice for you.

The slab curly tail stays open in the water, and it has a slow motion. It does very little in the water, but it has proven itself to be useful for catching all sizes of crappie.

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7. Strike King Mr. Crappie Thunder Bait

Mr. Crappie Thunder Baitfishing lures are incredibly durable, and they are targeted towards big crappie primarily. You can use them with a jig head for best results. Crappies are attracted by the vibrations created by the tail when in water. The vibrant colors that resemble scales on a baitfish can set off a feeding frenzy in big crappie, bringing them to you.

This bait has bright and attractive colors, and the tail spreads out to attract fish. They are almost 2 inches long, and though they don’t last very long, there are 15 in every pack. These fishing lures will ensure you get a satisfactory catch every time you use them.

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8. Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

The Worden’s rooster tail has been around for over 50 years, yet it still makes the list of the best bait for crappie. It is incredibly efficient, and it always gives satisfaction. The bait has a spinning tail, a blade, and a brightly colored flared tail.

One good thing about this bait is that it is not limited to crappie, and it can catch a lot more species of gamefish. The flared tail hides the hook, and it spins against the blade to create vibrations that lead the fish to them. You can improve its alluring properties by picking an attractive tail color from the diverse list.

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9. Sportsman Supply, Inc. Bobby Garland Baby Shad Crappie Baits

Bobby Garland has been making a lot of good products, and this one isn’t exempted. The shad crappie baits are excellent at what they do, which is catch loads of big crappie. Although they are made of plastic, they can still take a lot of abuse.

These baits have ten different color schemes with the baits having two-toned bodies. This color gives it the look of live bait when it is in the water. They have shapes that are uniquely designed to squirm and flap around in the water to mimic baitfish. The rounded head helps it maintain its movement and depth in the water, and it also looks a lot like a minnow in the water.

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10. Sougayilang Fishing Spoons Lure

These spoons are very versatile and unique in their use. They can be used to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish, and you can catch several types of gamefish with one lure, and you have 29 more to use in case of damage or loss.

You get the best results from these spoon baits when you use them with a jig or a floating lure. The wriggling action of the lure accompanied by the noise make it enticing to gamefish. This lure is made from the best quality materials, and it doesn’t rust, bend, or break easily, ensuring that you get your money’s worth.

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Crappie Fishing Tips and Techniques

Before you go fishing for crappie, you have to familiarize yourself with their feeding habits, locations, etc. Knowledge of their habits during the different seasons also matters because they tend to change them every season. These are some tips that can help you improve your crappie game, no matter the season.


  • Go For Shallow Water
    Spring is spawning season for crappie, so the best bait for crappie in this season is the shallow-diving or floating bait. The male fish enter the shallow water first to dig nests near foliage, followed by the females
  • Find Nesting Sites
    After the females choose a mate and lay their eggs, the males stay there to protect their offspring. So the best place to pitch your tent is during this season next to a nest


  • Go For Deep Water
    The heat of summer is felt by all, including crappie, and this drives them to seek deeper water to avoid being in the sun. Get deep-diving bait because summer is a hard time to hunt for crappie
  • Adopt Accessories
    Extra accessories such as fish finders and trolling can aid in your search for the elusive crappie. Don’t hold out on accessories if you want to make a good catch
  • Scout Ahead
    The popular nesting sites that you’re aware of may be empty, so you have to take some time before the hunt to find some likely hiding spots for the fish
  • Fish At Night
    Most crappie will come out at night to avoid the burning sun, so this is the best time to get them. You don’t have to wait till dark; you can step out by late evening to get a good head start


  • Get Good Bait
    During fall, the water is generally the same depth everywhere, so finding crappie can be hard. During this season, your lure can make all the difference. Go for baits that have a high catch rate and unique features to attract fish. Scented baits are also the right choice
  • Fish At Night
    Crappies usually come to shallow water at night to hunt for food, so you will probably have more luck fishing at night
  • Use Minnows
    Fall precedes winter so the fish would be searching for food to store, especially minnows. You can use live bait or realistic minnow baits for the best results.


  • Ice Fishing
    Crappies don’t hibernate during winter so they will most likely be active. Ice fishing is the best method you can use to get fish if the water is completely frozen. You can search for areas with southern exposure to increase your chances of getting fish
  • Use Sonar Equipment
    If you decide to go ice fishing, then you will most likely need sonar equipment to help you catch fish. They can help you locate their hiding spots

Different Types of Crappie Baits

Catching crappie is not a difficult task on its own as long as you have a good amount of skill and the right bait. Here are the three main types of bait used to catch crappie.

  • Jigs
    Jigs are considered the best bait for crappie so far. Experienced anglers tend to go for 1/8 ounce jigs, especially floating jigs. You can use them with live bait in shallow waters for the best results
  • Lures
    Lures can be crankbait, tubes, or spinnerbaits. They are very versatile, and they are also useful. Many lures can imitate the sounds, taste, and movements of live bait
  • Live Baits
    Live bait can include anything the fish eat from insects, worms, to small fish. It is crucial that you only use live bait that is gotten from the same river from which you’re about to fish

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the best season to catch crappie?   

Spring is the season where you will find the most crappie in shallow water. However, if you have good fishing skills, you will be able to find crappie no matter the season.

2. What is the best depth to fish crappie?   

The depth at which you will find crappie depends on the season. You can find them in shallow water during spring, and also at night. However, during summer, fall, and winter, they tend to go deeper.

3. Can I catch crappie in murky water?   

Yes, depending on the type of crappie. Black crappie favors clear water, but white crappies don’t usually have such reservations.

4. What is the best color for my jig?  

Your jig color should be decided by the kind of water in which you’re fishing. Experts say you should use bright colors like white and pink in clear water, and darker colors like black in muddy water.

Other baits for different Fish species:


After a detailed examination and review of the ten products, our top pick is the Eagle Claw Crappie Jig. This feathered jig is easily the best bait for crappie you can find. It is innovative and efficient, with a reasonable price and a durable body. It is also reusable and can save you a lot of money.

Our next recommendation would be Berkley Powerbait Crappie Nibbles Dough Bait Glow. The best thing about this bait is its ability to pull in fish from all directions without any effort. Another advantage is that you can use it with other types of bait to improve your experience.

The other products are good in their ways and work excellently in different scenarios. Think about your needs and filter your options accordingly.

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