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10 Best Bait For Trout Fishing [2022 Review And Buying Guide]

Trout fishing has gotten more popular over the years, and the equipment has evolved alongside it. There are several bait options for anglers of different professional levels, even first-timers.

Many people prefer to do it the old fashioned way with worms and insects, while some people swear by the more modern spinnerbaits. To help with that choice, we have compiled a list of the best bait for trout fishing for different circumstances and preferences.

best value

  • Irresistible scent and taste for trouts
  • Big nickel hook
  • Great for light wire hook


  • All-around scent to attract different fish species
  • Oil packed for longer shelf life

Why Should You Choose Baits for Trout?

You cannot go fishing without the right equipment, and bait is one of them. Knowing how to cast a line and reel fish in is essential, but you have to get a fish interested in your line. Worms and insects have been used for years, but artificial lures have come up to compete with them.

Many of these artificial lures have something flashy enough to attract trout. Some of them have flashy colors that reflect light, spinners, and attractive scents. These bait aid you in your fishing journey and makes it more enjoyable for you. For a better understanding on trout such as their types, natural behaviour etc, you should check out this article.

Quick Answer: Top Rated Baits / Jigs For Trout Fishing

10 Best Baits for Trout Fishing Reviews

1. Rebel Lures Wee-Crawfish Fishing Lure

best bait for trout fishing

This fishing lure is hands down the most authentic fishing lure from Rebel Lures, and among the top crawfish imitators currently available. You might mistake it for a real-life crawfish, not to talk of the big game fish. It is more effective if you move it around to imitate a real crawfish.

This lure is best suited to mid-depths from 5 to 7 feet, especially in rivers. No freshwater game fish is immune to the attractive look of this lure, and its string nickel hooks help keep the fish attached until you retrieve it.

The best way to use this effective 2-inch lure is to adopt the erratic forward and backward movement of a crawfish and then switch to a gentle and steady motion when reeling it in. Although this lure ends to attract a lot of smaller fish, it is still super efficient for bigger fish.

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2.Berkley Power Bait Sick Fish

Power bait lures are considered one of the best bait available, and this one from Berkley reinforces that belief. With its flexible and lightweight design and bigger hook attached on one side, this lure looks precisely like a wounded fish in the water. This unbalanced design is deliberate, and it contributes significantly to its effectiveness.

Its scent is quite irresistible to trout. If the look of the fish doesn’t convince them to bite, then the smell and flavor will. Also, the bait is available in bright colors and different sizes which takes this bait to the top of any list of trout bait.

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3.Atlas mike's nightcrawler salmon fishing bait eggs

Salmon eggs are a favorite of trout, and they even dive down to search for them. These salmon eggs from Atlas Mike have the added advantage of being steeped in a special nightcrawler oil, that fish can’t get enough of. This nightcrawler oil serves the dual purpose of adding flavor and preserving the eggs.

As an amateur angler, springing for these eggs can help you improve your skills, as the eggs can attract even the most stubborn fishes. These eggs are quite messy to handle and don’t smell attractive to humans, but you will see an improvement in your fishing. You can incorporate this into your fish gear to use as a last resort when you need help to catch some fish.

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4. Canadian nightcrawlers

Canadian nightcrawlers are for anglers who like to go old-school with their fishing. They are live worms that are bred mostly in Canada and shipped to you. They are quite large, primarily since they are mainly used on big game fish, but you can also cut them up to trap smaller fish.

Nightcrawlers don’t live long if you don’t take care of them adequately. That's why you have to attend them as quickly as possible. They can be shipped to you in dirt or paper bedding, so you have to transfer them to a suitable storage container immediately.

Nightcrawlers should be refrigerated between 40-50 degrees to keep them alive and fresh, and they should be used up as soon as possible. You can use them to catch any fish regardless of their size.

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5.Runmind fake soft lures corn fishing bait

Runmind gave us one of the most innovative, non-traditional, and best bait for trout fishing with this realistic corn-shaped bait. It also smells and tastes just like sweet corn, which is unusual, but highly effective in attracting trout. The fishes are attracted to its bright colors, and the taste keeps them holding on to it.

This bait is made with a soft and moldable material. Due to its design, the lure floats on water, making it suitable to clear water. You can use this bait in either freshwater or saltwater. Unfortunately, just like most plastic lures, it can’t be reused. However, it comes in packs of 50, so you get to enjoy it for a while.

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6.Power bait glitter trout bait

This power bait has proven several times to be irresistible to most fish, especially game fish. The strong scent and flavor are infused into its PVC-constructed body to attract fish, thus increasing your chances of a good catch. 

The glitter is painted with Crystalina to reflect light in the water, bringing more fish closer to the bait. This bait has been proven to hold fish up to 18 times more than regular bait, thanks to its durable design that keeps fish attached. You can mold this bait into any shape of your choice. It is perfect for use in shallow water and river banks.

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7.Blue fox vibrax shallow spinner

The Blue Fox vibrax spinner has a life-like fish head and eyes that can fool any fish. It spins from its inline spinner, and it sends off sonic vibrations to attract game fish. The fish head and eye trick the big fish into thinking it is a wounded fish while keeping smaller fishes away.

This lure works best over shallow water under 2 feet, or when the trout are feeding close to the surface. There are holographic designs pained onto the chrome-plated body that reflect light and attract big fish to it. When they finally bite down, the strong and sharp VMC hook doesn't let them go until you have reeled them in. It comes in 6 colors and three sizes.

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8.Berkley power bait power honey worms

Berkley power bait power honey worms are soft and moldable, and they are made to imitate the larvae of the many insects that live on and around the river. These worms are uniquely suited to catching trout and panfish, but they can also attract a few other game fish. 

They are made with a synthetic material that mimics the soft and malleable bodies of insects, although these honey worms come in a bright red color. The bright color adds to their appeal, as trout especially love bright reds and oranges. You can use this bait when you are ice fishing or fishing over clear water. The worms are quite long, so you can cut them into the desired size and stick them onto your hook.

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9.Fishing lure spinnerbait by tbuymax

The life-like swimming motion of this bait makes it one of the best baits for trout. Tbuymax gives us a genuinely innovative design which is a modern take on how we see and use spinnerbait. The lure spins from an inline spinner, which has blades that are positioned as propellers.

These blades create flashes of bright colors and vibrations that mimic the movement of small fish, thus attracting the big fish. It also has bright holographic colors that make it attractive, mainly when they reflect the sunlight. This spinner has a sharp treble hook that can prove deadly to game fish.

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10.Mepp's comet mino

The bait from Mepp's comet is centered on its ability to mimic small wounded fish when it is dropped in the water. This bait is tailored towards big game fish like trout and panfish, and it is very effective in catching them. It has an airbrushed body with bright and attractive colors that keep fish interested. 

When it is put in water, this bait moves like a small fish. It creates vibration in the water while reflecting light over its bright colors. The hook is sturdy and sharp, and it can keep a fish attached until you're ready to reel it in. You can even join the hooks together to strengthen them against bigger fish.

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5 Trout Fishing Tips and Techniques

Trout fishing is enjoyed by many as a fun activity or a serious way to catch their food. Whatever the reason for your trout fishing is, getting good and fast results with fewer efforts is always welcome. We have compiled some tips that can help you maximize the time and effort you spend on this exciting activity.

Scout Ahead

Before you embark on your fishing journey, it is best to scout the area at least a day before you intend to fish. This will help you locate functional areas where you can find an abundance of fish. You can also find spots that may pose a problem eventually. The best option is to scout around the same time you plan on fishing. 

Bright colors attract trout

Trout can identify colors, especially on sunny days with plenty of sunlight. Always stick to realistic colors that resemble those of the prey that trout eat. Most trout are good with salmon eggs, but some of them prefer certain colorful fishes, crawfish, as worms. Fluorescent colors work well also but make sure they match well, or they may be ignored. 

Target shallow pools and sluggish water

Shallow pools tend to have a slow-moving current which is what trout prefer when feeding. Most trout lures float or work less than 7 feet from the water surface. A fast current may also hinder the effectiveness of your bait. 

Cause vibrations with your bait

It is vital that when you're trying to attract fish, you shake your bait to imitate the movement of small prey. Those vibrations alert the fish to the presence of possible prey, which gives you an edge over it. 

Don’t be afraid to use scents

A lot of bait already come with scents, but you can get a topical scent to apply on your bait. Scents can attract fish from a distance, which is suitable for amateurs. You can also use them on those days that the fish aren't biting much.

Other baits for different Fish species:

6 Different Types of Trout Baits

Trout fishing has evolved, and the bait options are not as limited as before. You can explore a lot of options in the market, before picking one.

  • Baitfish
    Smaller fish are usually used as bait for bigger game fish. You can decide to use actual fish, or get an artificial lure.  
  • Spinners
    Spinners are flashy lures that spin in water to imitate fish. They usually have one or two hooks attached that hold the fish for you. You can use spinners along with side scents and flavors.
  • Crickets
    Many fish species eat insects that hunt over rivers, including some species of trout. You can study the behavior of the fish in your area of fishing and use their prey as bait.
  • Worms
    Worms are among the original bait used in fishing. Nowadays, you can buy worms in bulk to keep in your refrigerator or use artificial worm lures to catch fish. . 
  • Fish Eggs
    Trout love fish eggs, especially salmon eggs. You can buy real salmon eggs, or buy a lure that resembles the eggs. As long as they have the same color and scent, they will do the same job.
  • Marshmallows
    Many people don't know that marshmallows can be used in catching fish. The popular ones have bright colors that can attract fish. You can also apply scents to increase effectiveness.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To store live bait (worms)?  

The best way to store bait worms is by putting them in dirt or paper bedding and leaving them in your refrigerator. Ensure that you store them at a low temperature between 35 to 45°F.

2. What is the difference between power bait and gulp?  

Power bait is made with PVC material mixed with oil resin, while gulp is combined with a water-based resin. Both of them contain scent, but power bait is tougher, and it holds fish better than gulp. Meanwhile, gulp spreads its scent farther and faster than power bait.

3. Do trout eat fish eggs?  

Yes, they do. Trout are known for hunting salmons to eat their eggs when they lay them.

4. How can I make my trout bait more attractive to the fish? 

The best way to make your bait more attractive to fish is to add scent. You can buy scents and apply to your bait before use.


After a thorough investigation of the ten bait options listed out in this article, our best bait for trout fishing is the Rebel Wee-Crawfish Lures. It is easy to use, durable, and certainly look like a real crawfish, just perfect to attract the attention from trouts. We rate this product 4.6 stars out of possible 5.

Our top budget pick is the Sick Fish from Berkley PowerBait, which is also famous for rainbow trout. An honorable mention is the Canadian Nightcrawlers. These worms are for those that are old-fashioned and appreciate a good challenge.

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