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10 Best Bait / Lures For Bass Fishing In 2022 [Review + Tips]

Fish are aquatic animals that possess a lot of nutritional values; it’s easy to see why fishing is quite important to man. Fishing is an age-long activity that transcends time and age. It’s either done on an occupational basis or recreational basis as a form of sports. While there are different known methods applied in fishing, one that is widely accepted is the use of baits in catching bass fish. Bass fish are humongous in size and are usually caught for food or sport.

The use of bass bait is a technique that has been tested and honed to absolute perfection over the years. While baits are quite effective when it comes to fishing, there’s still a need to use the best bait for bass fishing. Baits come in varying form and shapes, and manufacturers are employing innovative technology in the production of some of these baits. Lure baits now have the capability of moving, swimming and even taste like an actual fish.

best value

  • Designed with 8 segmented body sections
  • 3D printing on surface that mimic real fish
  • 2 sharp treble hooks


  • Taste like an actual fish
  • Flat paddle tail that flaps and vibrates
  • Incorporate with lifelike action

Why Should You Choose Baits, Jigs & Lures for Bass Fishing?

It’s easy to assume that fishing is quite fun and simple, but this is not always true. Fishing can prove very frustrating on certain days, especially when you're unable to catch a single fish despite your best efforts. A lot of reasons can be adduced to this futile exercise, but one particular factor that will stand out is the use of wrong baits.

There’s a need to employ the use of the best bait for bass as these baits will attract fish in multitude and you’re sure to go home smiling. So, which bait is the best for bass fishing? We’ve taken the time to compile some of the top-rated models that will surely give you an edge over the others when it comes to fishing.

Quick Answer: Top Rated Baits / Lures / Jigs For Bass Fishing

10 Best Bait for Bass Fishing Reviews

1. Bico Original Jig Lead - best fishing Jigs for bass

best bait for bass fishing

The Bico Jig is perfectly designed for bass fishing. It's easy to see that a lot of work was put into the crafting of this jig as it only weighs just over 3/8 oz. One thing that stands out is the absence of lead in its composition, which makes it suitable for most waters. The jig also possesses a sharp hook that enhances its strength and guarantees security. 

The Bico Original jig also features a standup design on its head which ensures the hook is always facing up. It boasts of one of the sharpest hooks in the market and also has a fiber weed guard that keeps weeds away. It is versatile, and you can use it as a flipping jig or even a swimming jig.

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2.Truscend Bass Fishing Lures - Best Bait for Smallmouth Bass

The versatility and adaptability of this fishing lure mainly set it out. Not many fishing lures can adapt to different water bodies. The Truscend fishing lures possess 3D printing as well as segmentations on their body. Also, their colors have been modified to resemble the natural fishes underwater; this improves the realistic appearance of the lure.

Manufacturers have taken the appearance of the lure to a whole different level with its S-shape, making it appear like an injured fish. This feature especially improves one's chances of catching bass fishes; they are usually more attracted to injured fishes because it is easier to devour an injured prey. Another exciting thing about this lure is its sharp Mustad hook that goes a long way in ensuring the bass doesn’t get away.

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3.YLQM Soft Fishing Lures - Best Lures For Bass

The YLQM fishing lure is built with simplicity and utmost pleasure for the handler being a top priority. It’s constructed with an eco-friendly fishing oil and silicon that gives it a soft feel. It's imperative to note that this fishing oil doesn't smell. This best lure for bass also has a flat paddle tail that enables it to flap underwater. Its paddle tail also vibrates with a loud thump in a bid to entice fishes towards the lure.

This lure also possesses the ability to act in a fishlike manner underwater through its living and breathing simulation. This action attracts the bigger fishes towards the bait.

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4. Sougayilang Fishing Hooks High Carbon Steel Worm Soft Bait

The Sougayilang fishing hooks are made from high carbon steel and guarantee sturdiness and effectiveness for enhanced efficiency. It also has a barb which ensures a tight hold on its catch and also makes sure the fish doesn't retreat. There's also a quality angler gear that increases the handler's chances of getting more fish.

Furthermore, this fishing lure is quite compact in its build, and this quality guarantees mobility. This compactness ensures it can be fitted even in one’s pockets. It is quite ideal for lakes, rivers, and streams and is perfectly suited for either saltwater or freshwater.

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5.XFISHMAN Senko Worms Bass Fishing Lure Kit

The Xfishman is built in a way that sticky and attractive worms are quite difficult to resist by bass fish, and this is very true. This lure is one of the best bait for bass fishing, and it offers a seamless mode of catching bass fish. One can apply it in different ways; you can throw it on the water surface and let it sink or attach it to a hook and watch it do its magic.

The lure’s slow fall, as well as attractive colors, are guaranteed to draw fish towards the bait. It also has a tail wiggle trigger that aids this cause.

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6.RUNCL Topwater Frog Lures

These topwater frog lures are built in such a hyper-realistic manner to attract a bigger catch. Its near-perfect simulation of a frog includes a high-resolution body detail, realistic popping 3D eyes, and topnotch swimming movements. The lures are built with environment-friendly PVC that makes them suitable for any water environment. There’s little to no chance of fish escaping when they are hooked as the hooks possess double barbs to this effect.

Another impressive detail is a weedless feature that ensures weeds and water lilies are not a concern for the handler. The hooks can never go wrong when it comes to positioning underwater as they’ve been designed to have a perfect angle sitting.

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7.YONGZHI Fishing Lures for Bass

The Yongzhi fishing lure is a variety of swimbaits developed to attract Bass fish while underwater. The versatile lure can be used in any water body, from saltwater to freshwater or even shallow water to deep water bodies. Furthermore, they have been designed in such a way that they blend in perfectly into the water body.

The exciting part is its swimming action while underwater, which it does at any speed required of it. The ribbed, as well as tapered body design, also contributes to its disguise underwater. While the tapered body protects its hook, the ribbed body distorts its shape and gives it a more natural outlook.

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8. Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait - best largemouth bass lures

This bass lure is a result of a Collaborative partnership between Strike King Company and Kevin Vandamme, who is a veteran fishing champion. Kevin Vandamme has designed these baits in such a way that they can adapt to different situations. The product offers a significant amount of quality, just like other Strike King spinnerbaits. 

The bass lure also features varying naturalized colors on its skirt that further enhances its attraction to bass fish, especially to catching pre-spawn largemouths. This product also comes with a premium quality hook.

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9.Yoshikawa Bait Wiggle Worm

The good thing about this lure is that it’s perfectly suitable for drop-shotting. It is a weightless and weedless rig as it aids in capturing bass fish seamlessly. One of its standout features is the presence of a wiggle tail on its surface. There's also a strong scent that's sure to lure any bass fish that comes around it. Furthermore, the round head of this bait gives it a perfect disguise that aids its effectiveness underwater.

Designed with quality materials, the Yoshikawa bait packs efficiency and durability in one small body. It boasts of several impressive features that will not only improve your chances of catching lots of big bass fish but also other water elements.

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10.Strike King KVD 1.5 - best bait for spring bass

This is another design of bait built to perfection by bass champion Kevin Vandamme who has taken time to put all of his bass fishing experience into its design. The crankbait has an erratic action while underwater, which helps in attracting shallow bass fish.

Its high buoyancy also makes it one of the best bait to be used in shallow water. Furthermore, its square bill design also aids in generating lively deflections underwater, which enhances its capability of reaching the handler's preferred depth in no time. The lure is also equipped with two very sharp treble hooks.

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Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

Here are some of the best bass fishing tips that have been tried and tested by professionals over the year and proven quite effective.

  • Shredded Worms Are Quite Effective
    Many times when we take our plastic worms to the riverside for fishing, they get shredded during the process. Notwithstanding this setback, torn or shredded plastic worms are usually effective because Bass fish tend to prefer wounded preys. 
  • Color Shading Is Important
    Varieties of red or pink color are usually a good target for bass fish especially in shallow cover with stumps of grass backdrop. It's generally great to use crankbaits that have redheads. The bright red color gives the bass fish an impression that the bait is an injured fish.
  • Your Hook Should Always Stay Sharp
    One thing about Bass fish is that they usually have boney jaws and it takes a very sharp hook to pierce this jaw. Hence, there's a need to sharpen the hooks after every catch to maximize efficiency.
  • Take A Clue From Your Capture
    Bass fish are fond of spitting out whatever they feed on after being captured. It's essential to observe the color of the substance to know what color of hint the bass will get attracted to.
  • You Should Face The Direction Of The Wind
    Overtime, bass fish, have been discovered to swim with the ocean current. There's a need to keep a distance between yourself and your bait to avoid fatality.
  • Spring Is The Best Season To Fish In Shallow Areas
    Bass tend to hang around spawning beds in the spring. Therefore, it's imperative to focus on shallow areas. The bass fish tend to house their eggs around coves and pockets in this area because such areas are safe from wind currents.
  • Baits Are Seasonal
    The time of the season determines what kind of bait to use when fishing. For example, the bass takes crawfish in the early parts of the year. This means that whatever bait one's going to use should be modeled on what they like to eat at this period.
  • It Is Important To Throw The Jig Several Times
    Bass fish usually require to be lured out of their cover, so it’s necessary to shake the bait multiple times.

For more understanding on bass fish such as the varieties, their natural behaviour, check this out!

Other baits for different Fish species:

4 Different Types of Bass Baits

1. Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are quite ideal when a large area of water needs to be covered within a short period. Another exciting feature of spinnerbaits is that they are weedless and can function at any depth of water.

2. Plastic Worms

Plastic worms are perfect imitations of live prey and deliver stunning results to this effect. They look, smell, taste, and even feel like actual worms. Bass fish are usually very attracted to these plastic worms, especially when they appear lifeless.

3. Bass Jigs

Jigs are probably the most versatile bass lures ever used. They come in varying sizes and one can use it in varying conditions at any season of the year. They can be used when there's a need to cover a body of water, whether it's the shallow brush or deep humps.

4. Topwater Baits

These fishing lures have been designed to cause a ripple on the water surface, thereby creating popping sounds. The lure also splashes the water in the way of mimicking an injured fish. All of these actions lure Bass to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the best bass baits for ponds? 

These may include worms, jigs, spinnerbaits as well as crankbaits.

2.What is the best Jig for bass? 

Jigs are quite effective baits because they often lure the bass to eat. Some of the best jigs include Arkie Jigs, Football Jigs, Skirted Jigs, Swim Jigs and Punch Jigs.

3.What are Skirted Jigs? 

Skirted Jigs are baits built to mimic crawfish through their design. Furthermore, skirted jigs are now so versatile that they could even take the shape of bluegill, shad, and most other creatures' bass fish love to eat.

4. Do baits damage fish’s jaw?  

This depends on the angle of the bait and how much force one spends in retrieving the jig. Bass fish tend to have very bony jaws which limit the damage caused.


Choosing the best bait for bass fishing amongst this long list of sophisticated baits is an arduous task. The BiCo Original Jigs stands out due to its versatility and efficiency in catching bass, ideal for flipping, skipping, or as a swim jig, . Other than that, it is made of lead-free material which is extremely safe for environment.

What is more intriguing about this bait is it is personally handcrafted and assembled by the creator, Bill Quattrucci Jr to ensure optimum quality. All of these things make it a very easy pick when it comes to fishing for bass.

Hence, we would rate this product 4.7 stars out of possible 5.

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