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Best Bait For Salmon Fishing In The River [2022 Review]

Fishing nowadays has become a way of life for most people, and salmon fishing is an aspect of fishing that definitely catches the eye. Salmon is the common name used to refer to varying species of ray-finned fishes that belong to the Salmonidae family. It contains a lot of nutrients ranging from proteins to vitamins and oil; this is why it's in high demand, especially from those who have a knack for healthy diets. 

Furthermore, fishing for salmon has become one of the most accepted recreational sports known to man. The fact that it’s anadromous makes it an intriguing target for fishers as it lives in both salt and fresh water. Here in this article, we are going to discover the 8 best bait for salmon fishing in the river, hoping to help you in the wide array of selections.

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Why Do You Need The right Bait when fishing for salmon in the river?

Except for a few tricks, fishing for salmons is quite the same as catching any other fish in the river. As mentioned earlier, salmons are anadromous, which means they shuttle between freshwater and saltwater at certain stages of their cycle. It's essential to meticulously study their migration pattern.

Other than studying how they live in their habitat, you also need to employ the use of the right bait. Why is this important? Fishing requires efficiency, and to guarantee optimal efficiency, getting the right bait should be a priority.

Quick Answer: Top Rated Baits For River Salmon Fishing

8 Best Bait for Salmon fishing in the river [detailed Reviews]

1. Fishing Lure Kit by Tbuymax

best bait for salmon fishing in the river

The Tbuymax spinnerbaits are colorful and sturdy. The vibrant colors mean salmon fishes get attracted to them underwater. They are also equipped with life-like swimming properties that make them mimic the swimming actions of a fish entirely. 

One can notice the classic, large blades that have been made to spin like a propeller as soon as the lure gets into motion. These blades also have the capability of flashing and vibrating underwater in to draw the attention of fishes to it. Furthermore, the lures are equipped with sharp hooks that keep the salmon fish in place as soon as it takes the bait.

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2. Smartonly Fishing Lure Set

The exciting thing about this fishing lure set is that it contains several fishing lures that are suitable for both fresh and salt water bodies. The lures are spectacularly designed to mimic bait fishes with their life-like light colors that make them irresistible to fishes in rivers. Their movement and patterns give them a perfect appearance of bait fishes.

The Smartonly lures are also equipped with steel ball-bearing rattles that possess an aggressive movement; this mainly causes the lures to draw the attention of the big fishes to them.

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3. Sougayilang Spinner Spoon Swimbait

This spinner spoon swimbait packs bright and colorful lures as well as sharp fishing hooks that make it super effective and powerful in catching big fishes. The metal blades also emit powerful vibration effects while underwater that draws sufficient attention to it. 

Another essential quality of this lure is the detailed pattern as well as life-like colors that give it the perfect simulation of a fish in the water. It is also capable of swift and smooth diving action as well as life-like swimming movement to provide it with a fish-like outlook. It's quite efficient in catching big fishes due to its sturdy frame and build.

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4. Donql Fishing Lure Set

The Donql fishing lure is a set of durable and sturdy fishing lures that are equipped with sharp treble hooks. This treble hook ensures they are one of the top choice for salmon fishing. They are balanced by a steel ball inside to ensure that they maintain stability and control their barycenter properly even when cast afar.

The lure is also capable of generating rhythmic sound that draws the attention of bigger fishes. Furthermore, the lure has been equipped with 3D eyes as well as other realistic effects and patterns. One truly fantastic feature of the Donql fishing lure is the super-realistic crankbait with life-like swimming movements and its capability to function well in both freshwater and saltwater.

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5. Fish Wow! Squid Skirt Soft Lure

This lure set features a fantastic pack of 5-inch full-size squid skirt lures that are quite efficient in catching bass fishes along with salmons. They have special attractive skirts that jiggle behind like an actual squid. While emitting vibratory waves in the process, these skirts are also capable of glowing in the dark. It is built with quality plastic and features a big eye on its surface that perfectly mimics that of a squid.

The lures are made in different attractive colors that are sure to draw the big fishes underwater. Furthermore, it can be put to use in both saltwater and freshwater.

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6. Sougayilang Spoons Hard Fishing Lures

These lures are quite attractive. They sport extremely shiny and reflective colors that are sure to catch the eye of all the big fishes. The lures are perfectly suitable for different fishing techniques, whether it is casting, trolling, jigging, or even drifting.

The Sougayilang spoons lure to move in an almost perfect natural manner in the water, and this quality makes them catch more fishes. The lures wobble sideways while in water, thereby creating a sort of a ripple that sends waves to the bigger fishes like salmon. It possesses sharp treble hooks that are sure to keep its catch in position while being pulled out of water.

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7. Shaddock Fishing Spinnerbaits

This jigging spoon is quite efficient in luring and catching fishes like salmon and bass. Sporting a sturdy and compact build, it’s perfectly suitable for casting much distance. Its streamlined body swims sidewards in a wobbly manner that creates multiple waves to attract the big fishes.

It's constructed with premium quality components as well as proper finishes that guarantee its durability even when used in saltwater. The material is tough enough to withstand breaking, bending, and even corrosion. Furthermore, it has a life-like appearance underwater.

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8. FAIGAFAIVA Jigs Spoon

The Faigafaiva fishing lure is an excellent bait for bass fishes and salmon. One exciting feature is its capability to swim high with a kick and superb actions. It can be used in multiple ways; whether it’s being jigged vertically, cast or even trolled, it retains its efficiency.

The lure performs a special wiggling and wobbling movement that sends waves and attracts all of the big fishes. It vibrates when being pulled and flutters when it falls; thereby mimicking a struggling baitfish in a bid to attract predators. Furthermore, it possesses 3D holographic eyes and a 3D texture print on its surface that gives it a perfect impression to a fish.

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Salmon Fishing Tips and Techniques

To make the most of your fishing trips, we’ve gathered a few tips and techniques that will aid you in catching that salmon fish you’ve always desired.

  • Ensure You Have All The Equipment
    It's essential to set out with all of the required equipment for catching salmon fishes to make the fishing trip a successful one. Equipment's range from hooks to baits lines, rigs, and rods. 
  • Pick A Suitable Location For Fishing
    One has to be mindful of the location as this is of utmost importance. Salmons can be found in freshwaters with very deep pools as well as moderately fast-moving ocean currents and big rocks. They usually hide behind big boulders and rocks while resting.
  • Sharp Hooks Are Priority
    The importance of using a lure with sharp hooks when fishing for salmon cannot be overemphasized. Salmons have very thick jaws; it will take very sharp hooks to pierce this jaw. Having a combo of sharp hook and lip grabber when you fish make the whole procedure fairly easy.
  • Employ The Use Of The Right Baits
    Making use of the right bait is of utmost importance as these baits will determine productivity. One must choose the baits that these salmons like. Baits should also have the capability of blending amongst the water bodies. 
  • Pick The Best Color
    Colors are essential when it comes to fishing for salmon. Some colors tend to fade out at specific depths of the water; this makes it impossible for fishes to see them. Colors to be used as bait disguise should be able to retain its qualities at whichever depth.
  • The Timing Matters
    Salmon are not disposed to bright lights, and this is the reason they usually retire to the lower depths of the water during these periods. This makes fishing during overcast a wiser and better idea.
  • Ensure Your Bait Reflects Light
    As mentioned above, salmons usually dwell in the deeper and darker parts of the river. This is why it's essential the bait reflects light in some way so that the salmon will easily spot the source of light and swim towards it.
  • The Drift Technique Fishing Works Just Fine
    This fishing technique involves casting one’s bait upstream and subsequently allowing it to float down to an area where there are salmons.
  • Use The Tide To Your Advantage
    When one is out fishing for salmons, it's essential that one fishes towards the flow of the tide and not against it

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best Live Baits for Salmon fishing?  

There are lots of options when it comes to using live bait, but roe (eggs) have proven to be the best when fishing for salmon in the river.

2. What is the best period To Fish Salmon?   

It’s best to fish for salmons during overcast as they tend to shy away from lights.

3. Are Salmons Freshwater Fishes?   

Salmons are anamodrous fish; this makes them capable of living in both freshwater and saltwater. They are usually born in freshwater (streams and rivers), but they subsequently migrate to saltwater to live most parts of their life. They eventually return to freshwater to lay their eggs.


Picking the best bait for salmon fishing in the river amongst this great list of effective salmon baits proved a bit difficult. However, one thing is clear that the Spinnerbait by Tbuymax truly stands higher amongst its peers. It offers a unique design as well as life-like swimming action underwater. These features make it a perfect target for Salmons. 

The more intriguing thing is its blades that spin like a propeller (like an actual fish while in motion), which sends a series of flash and vibration through the water to the salmon fishes. This fishing lure catches the eye as one of the top rated bait for us. We rate this product 4.7 stars out of possible 5.

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