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10 Best Bait For Walleye Fishing In 2022 [Review + Buying Guide]

Walleye is one of the freshwater fishes seriously cherished by anglers not only for the fun of fishing also for its great taste. If you have never tasted walleye fish stew, you may want to discover a different level of delicacy by going on a walleye fishing spree.

Walleye (Sander vitreus) resides in freshwater and can easily be found in the Northern United States and many parts of Canada. Some anglers may call them as pickerel, and some refer to it as pikeperch. Different names are accorded the walleye fish depending on the location.

best value

  • Lightweight and tiny
  • Tight wiggle
  • Can withstand pressure from huge-sized fish


  • Suitable for deep water
  • Comes with in-built sonic chamber
  • Comes with attached feathers

Why Should You Choose Baits for Walleye?

Fishing can be very interesting and sometimes downright frustrating. This is sometimes due to the behavior of the walleye fish at various seasons of the year. Also, walleye size issues can complicate what could have otherwise been a splendid fishing experience.

When choosing the best bait for walleye fishing, the angler has the option of selecting between live baits or artificial lures. The main issues with live bait are availability and smell. The lures are always available for use and do not smell. Using lures as bait also allows anglers to reuse their lures after securing the hooked fish.

Quick Answer: Top Rated Baits / Jigs

10 Best Baits for Walleye Fishing Reviews

1. Sougayilang Fishing Lures

best bait for walleye fishing

These fishing lures are mainly cranking lures. They are very versatile as they serve as bait in both freshwater and saltwater. The lure is very tricky to the prey. It generates life-like vibrations in the water to draw the attention of walleyes to itself. Many times than not, the target fish bites the crankbait and get hooked.

These lures are made of ABS material and give odorless and environment-friendly fish baits. Due to the availability of about six different color option, you can choose any of the fancy models which appeal to you.

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2. Cordell Wally Diver Triple Threat

Cordell Wally Diver Triple Threat comes with three different color cranking baits which are potent enough to inspire a bite from the walleye. As walleyes get choosy over their food, anglers can sift between the three options until they get the one that eventually draws the walleye in.

They are built with materials strong enough to withstand pressures from heavy fish. Due to their tiny frame and tight wiggle, they sure offer big walleye bites anywhere. For more than a decade now, the Wally Diver still ranks top for its quality lures.

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3. Yongzhi Fishing Lures Metal VIB Hard

When you consider angling at very deep waters, YONGZHI fishing lures metal VIB hard spinner should come in handy. Due to their design, they can slice through the water to reach incredible depths. Apart from their attractive design, they have attached feathers which makes them extra attractive to fish.

The lures are specially constructed to send vibration signal to anglers just as the fish gets to the lure. This feature keeps anglers alert and increases the chance of hooking the desired fish.

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4. Truscend Fishing Lures

Truscend fishing lures bring technology to the bear when it comes to angling. The lures come with catchy 3D design and segmented bodies to make them look so real. The excellent flashing and buzzing feature are sure to lure many fishes into taking a bite. Lures can be charged using USB. Anglers can also get models that do not require charging. The battery of the lure is well protected and out of the reach of the water.

The most exciting part about Truscend fishing lure is their ease of use and effectiveness when hunting smart walleyes. The hooks consist of high-quality stainless steel and can withstand quite a lot of pressure.

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5. Jshanmei Fishing Lures Hard Bait

JSHANMEI hard fishing baits are rigged with two sharp treble hooks. They also come with strong split rings, mesmerizing 3D eyes and pattern which give close to real-life look. Lures can go deeper into the water to locate fish from the 10-feet depth and above. The lures have in-built gravity ball to give stability in the deep and make sounds that will attract fish.

Built for rugged deep water fishing, JSHANMEI hard fishing baits are very versatile. They can be used for angling fish such as Bass, Trout, Walleye, Redfish, and so on.

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6. Lixada Fishing Lure

Lixada Fishing lures come with different sizes of multi-jointed sunfish. From its 3D design to the observed S-swimming movement in the water, this lure mimics the real-life sunfish perfectly. Made of high-quality and durable ABS, anglers can be sure of its sturdiness. These lures can be used and reused for quite a while without any major problems.

Due to their design, they are very versatile. Anglers can use them in both freshwater and seawater. Hence, they are suitable for angling other types of fish apart from walleye. This may include pike, roach, muskie, bass, and trout.

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7. Sougayilang Fishing Spoons Lure

Sougayilang Fishing Spoons Lure are very popular on the market today. They can be used for trolling or casting in both deep and shallow water. The lure looks like the inside of a spoon. It is made of high-quality brass. It is resistant to corrosion, breaking, and bending. 

By flashing lights and wobbling in water, the spoon lure can draw the attention of fish. The noise pallete increases the chances that the spoon lure will be noticed and bitten by the fish. You can do fast or slow retrieves on Sougayilang Fishing Spoons Lure and still get amazing results.

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8. Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait

The Strike King Red Eye Shad is a great lipless crankbait which derives its name from its red eyes which glow when hit by light rays. It comes with good looks and many more exciting features. The hooks are made of premium quality materials. The 3D eyes make the lure attractive to the walleye. It also comes with a built-in rattle which gives prompt alerts, so anglers do not miss their fish.

In shallow waters, it has been proven to perform excellently. Also, as a sinking lure, anglers can set how deep it will sink before retrieve.

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9. Lindy Slick Jig

The Slick Jig is specially made for ice fishing. It comes in eight different sizes for anglers. It has a weigh-forward design which allows it to swim off the hole and deep into the water. It is capable of covering more space than many other ice jigs. It also delivers more in terms of performance. It comes in up to ten different colors that appeal to both anglers and fish.

Its frame is made of high quality and corrosion-resistant materials. The hooks are very sharp and strong, so you can be sure that your catch is less likely to slip away. Many users of the Slick Jig also attest to its encouraging durability.

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10. Rapala Shad Rap 07 Fishing Lures

There are quite a lot of walleye crankbaits on the market, many of which are designed to perform best under specific conditions. The Rapala Shad Rap differs from them due to its versatility. It can be used for casting and trolling. It can also deliver whether it is operated to give fast or slow retrieve. Shad Rap 07 can go as deep as much as 11 feet which is good enough to locate a school of walleyes.

This lure is made from high-quality balsa wood. It's catchy design details excellent color combinations and patterns. Anglers may have to test the different lure patterns in their environment to choose the ones that work best.

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Tips and Techniques

Walleye fishing basically requires the knowledge of its feeding habit, location, and behavior during different seasons. So when should you hunt for walleye?

Based on experience, the odds of hooking a walleye increases in the early hours of the morning and during the late afternoon. Walleyes are more likely to go deeper into freshwater at daytime and come around shallow parts at dusk and dawn to feed. So, make sure you bring along a deep sea fishing reel with you if you are fishing during the daytime.

They are also nocturnal fish. They are active at night, and quite a number of them can be caught at this time.

Fishing techniques include trolling, jigging, and spinning. The technique you use depends on your type of fishing equipment and other factors.

1. Trolling

Trolling is one of the best techniques for catching fish, mainly when covering a large area of the water body. It also works when anglers cannot find exactly which spot to locate the fish. In summer, fish tend to be less active, trolling increases the chances of hitting the school fish or pick up a wanderer.

At shallow depths, anglers may find it hard to reach the walleye, but active ones that move up higher can be easily caught when trolling.

One way of increasing winning chances when trolling is to try different depths until one gets one fish hooked. To achieve this, one may need to set baits at different depths and see which one gets hooked first. Since walleyes mostly travel in school, there is a higher chance of hooking another one around the same spot where the first catch was made. One can enhance the effectiveness of the trolling technique by using a trolling motor. A trolling motor makes it easier to locate and catch the walleyes.

2. Jigging

In this technique, jigs are used as a lure to catch the walleye. For walleye angling, Jigs are the most popular lure. It can go deep enough to reach the depths of the walleye habitat. To increase angling success, you can also add live bait to the jig. However, the effectiveness of jigs is dependent on the season of the year.

When in cold water, walleyes tend to be quite inactive. For this reason, anglers lower the jig slowly into the deep water and tap the retrieve gently. In warmer waters, walleyes are more active. They are quite aggressive, so you need to be thorough with the retrieval.

Usually, it is better to let the jig sink deep to the bottom and retrieve with simultaneous twitches and pauses depending on whether the water is cold or warm.

It is essential to keep the line taut after every twitch as the jig sinks. Walleyes often hit the jig while it is sinking. You may not feel the walleye strike if the line is not taut. Pay attention to the line. When you sense different vibration, set the hook. Fishing with a jig demands an immediate response to a very sensitive rod.

3. Spinning

The use of spinner rigs for angling walleyes is quite an old technique and still works well today. However, they have been improved upon. For spinner rigs to be able to reach the depths of the walleye habitat, they need to be weighted. This can be done by attaching a rubber core. Anglers also use the weight forward spinners to hook walleyes.

Weight forward spinners are quite easy to use. You only cast the spinners deep into the waters and test different depths until you hit the walleye school. Once you sense walleye impact, retrieve the line fast enough to secure the catch.

Different Types of Walleye Baits

Apart from the broader classification of Walleye baits into real baits and artificial baits (lures). Each broad category can be broken down into types. The types of natural bait for the walleye fish include leeches.

Lures can be classified into the jig, cranking, and spinnerbaits. A jig bait is suitable if your fishing technique is jigging. If you want to troll, the crankbait is a better option. Spinnerbaits can also be used. The type of bait you choose would depend on the fishing technique you prefer and is suitable for the water you are angling at.

Which Bait Works Best On Walleye?

When hunting the walleye fish, there is no one-cap-fits-all bait that will give continuous magical results. It is greatly depends on factors such as your local fishing environment- the water condition of your area.

We certainly do hope that with our lists of the top-rated baits, you will be able to make decision based on different conditions. Since we specified the operating conditions of each product in this review, making a choice should be easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What line size is best for walleye fishing?  

The average walleye line size is between 8 lbs to 10 lbs. Areas with huge size walleye may use 20 lbs line.

2. Can I use live bait with my lure?   

It depends on the construction of your lure. If the design permits the attachment of live bait, you can add the live bait.

3. Do lures come with a warranty?   

Though not all lures come with a warranty, some do have about a one-year limited warranty when they are newly purchased.


Of all the ten lures or artificial baits listed on this review, Sougayilang Fishing Lures remain the best bait for walleye fishing. Apart from being versatile, these lures offer anglers many options of sizes, types, color, and shape to choose from. We must not forget to mention its ease of operation. A rating of 4.6 should be appropriate if one considers its use.

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