Casting Rod Category And Reviews

Casting rods are more than just complicated to master, but once you do, its possibilities are endless. These rods are always reserved for professionals and advanced fishermen who knows what they are doing.

This category will help you understand more on casting rods. You can also check out our reviews and best models below.


Benefits Of Using Casting Rods

What are the advantages of a the casting rod? The biggest advantage is related to its ability to catch a bigger fish. 

These rods can withstand a higher load and can be used for more demanding operations. They also have much lower friction, hence the guides will last for a longer period of time compared to spinning rods.

Spinning Rods Vs Casting Rods

In order to understand the difference, let us first talk about the spinning rods. First of all, they are more suitable for beginners as they are easier to use and are far more cheaper.

All spinning rods have guides that will face down when you fish. While fishing, the rod and the guides will point towards the water. When you catch a fish, the rod will bend towards the water. Your stronger hand will be on the rod while the weaker one will be on the reel.  Do check out this post also to make sure you are getting the right fishing reel.

Casting rods on the other hand, are completely the opposite of spinning rods. The guides and the line will be pulled in the opposite direction. It may look unnatural at first but for this reason, it actually allows us to catch bigger fish. The guides are more durable as well and there will be lower friction experienced during fishing. 

The main difference here is that spinning rods are normally designed for beginners. Casting rods, on the other hand, are more suitable for advanced users and for serious fishing. Do check out our post on spinning rods vs casting rods for a more detailed explanation.