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Fenwick HMG Casting Rod Review [A Well-Balanced and Sensitive Rod]

For experienced or expert fishers, finding the right casting rod is easy. However, there are still some who ends up buying the wrong one. What they thought to be a good fishing buddy will only make their fishing adventure a disaster. 

fenwick hmg casting rod

This Fenwick HMG Casting Rod review can help you in finding the perfect fishing gear for your next adventure. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this casting rod.

Our Rating
  • Solid handle.
  • Sturdy & Durable.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Versatile.
Fenwick hmg casting rod review

The Benefits of This Brand

For those who are not aware, Fenwick was the first brand to offer graphite casting rods and the first brand to sell a high-end fishing rod. The company was launched in 1973 since then they forever changed the industry. 

For more than 40 years, the company has been providing quality and top of the line fishing rods. The Fenwick HMG rods have a medium-fast movement that helps in keeping the line steady when air blew hard. It also pin-points precise casting near and at a distant location. The rods are recommended for panfish, bass, trout and other fishes anglers choose to pursue.

The company offers 6 models 7-foot for small water, 3-weight that is around 3 oz. heavy to the 9-ft, and 8-weight for bulkier tasks. The rod has a bigger diameter stripper guide as well as double foot snake guides, an anodized aluminum dual lock real seat, rod butt with hook eye and an “AAA” grade cork handle. Their rods also have a rod tube covered with partitioned cloth to keep it protected during transport.

Fenwick HMG Casting Rod Review

This Fenwick HMG casting rod review includes the different features of the product. These attributes define the Fenwick casting rods quality to make it stand out among other fishing rods. Below are some of the critical features of these rods.

Key Specifications

  • Guides: 10 + tip

  • Length: 6’6” to 7’-6”
  • Line weight: 3/8-1 oz.
  • Lure weight: 8-17 lbs.
  • Material: High Modulus Graphite
  • Power Rating: Medium
  • Rear Handle length: 10.75."
  • Rod Weight: 4.8oz
  • Taper: Fast

TAC Handle for Better Grip

Fenwick HMG casting rod features a fullback grip made of TAC, a foregrip that acts as a reel seat locking system, and EVA foam. It has a smooth and clean build. Besides, this model makes use of Fuji’s SKT, and its split casting reel seat is covered with soft rubber.


This fishing rod is designed with a moderate-fast taper, meaning it takes some time for the rod to load and unload as compared to a conventional fast-powered rod which only means a fraction of a second. You need to make a cast or two to dial into the way this rod's blank on a cast, and from there it will perform consistently. Because of the rod's length, HMG rod is a nice stick that can pitch jigs as well as soft plastics.


For most anglers, they would actually prefer a fast or extra-fast tapered rod for bottom contact or vertical bait technique. This is because faster taper blanks tend to transfer vibration more efficiently.

However, Fenwick HMG is still doing an excellent job despite its moderate taper. Probably it is due to the rod's medium power since lighter-powered rods tend to provide more feel for what is going on on the other end of the line. 


The Fenwick HMG is rated as a medium-powered rod. Its rod has a responsive tip, and upon contact with one pound of pressure, the curve flattens out and shows a more pronounced backbone.

After taking the stick out of the water, there will be a handful of fish. Its power curve is very smooth, and its moderate-fast taper was quite forgiving which makes it perfect for moving baits.  

Design and Ergonomics

Fenwick HMG is known as one of the most comfortable sticks in the market. But one thing worth noting is the diameter of the rear grip. Some anglers prefer a thicker/wider handle to hold because they think that way is more comfortable and may not love the grip of the Fenwick HMG casting rod.

With its innovative features that are very vital to fishers of different expertise, the Fenwick HMG can provide them with excellent quality fishing. The materials used in making this rod offers the anglers an increased level of performance.

Also, its carbon veil technology that shields graphite makes it even more durable and sturdy. With its 4.2 ounces mass, the users will not have issues with balance. Your hands are supported when a fish strikes thanks to its extended Fuji reel seats. All you need know is the best reel to make this fishing experience perfect.

Price and Effectiveness

One of the best attributes of Fenwick HMG vs. St. Croix Premier is the price. It is a bit cheaper as compared to the other product. Fenwick HMG is a good quality stick because of its power and taper combination. The product is very active in different situations from bottom contact to moving bait.

In some situations, Fenwick HMG casting rods maybe powerless when trying to catch a bigger sized fishes. However, its medium action managed to make up for this lack of power. The spine might arc against a bigger fish, but it is strong enough and will not snap into pieces because of its carbon veil technology feature. This casting rod works best with spinnerbaits and crankbaits, but you can also use it in different bass fishing.

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The Pros and Cons


  • It is very sensitive that enables the fishers to feel even the slightest movement of fish on the crankbait
  • It has a variety of handles depending on the user’s preference
  • This fishing rod is well-balanced
  • The grip able to work best for both wet and dry season
  • You can use it for any bass fishing method
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It lacks the necessary rod power to catch a more aggressive and heavier fish
  • It is a bit stiffer as compared to usual-light rods

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the Fenwick HMX casting rod and HMG fishing rod?

When it comes to sensitivity between Fenwick HMG and HMX, HMG is more sensitive. Fenwick HMX casting rods are well-crafted from a combination of carbon fiber to provide incredible balance, power, and sensitivity.

However, we find Fenwick HMG sensitivity is much better than Fenwick rods HMX.  Also, HMG has a limited lifetime warranty while the HMX has only 5 years’ limited warranty. All the Fenwick rods are made to meet the angler’s preferences in different fishing applications.


2. When comparing Fenwick HMG vs. Eagle, which is cheaper and worth buying for?

Fenwick HMG is cheaper than Eagle. Also, HMG is more reliable than Eagle when it comes to sensitivity. But both rods are well-balanced and lightweight. The price could be a deciding factor when buying a casting rod, but you need to consider other features as well.


3. What is the difference between Fenwick HMG and Fenwick Eagle?

The main difference between the two casting rods is found on the handle. Fenwick rods HMG are made of TAC and EVA foam. The Fenwick Eagle handles are made of cork and EVA foam. The Eagle handles can sustain lingering warmth in chilly weather. This means that this casting rod is more comfortable and warm to hold. Thus it is recommended on colder days.

4. Are all the Fenwick rods warranty the same?

No, some rods have a 2-year limited warranty, others have a 5-year limited warranty, and some have a lifetime warranty.

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Fenwick HMG Casting Rod

Our Rating

We hope that this Fenwick HMG casting rod review has helped you in deciding whether this model is worth buying for or not.

With the great features enumerated above, it is safe to say that this product is recommended for any angler, beginner or professional. When it comes to effectiveness, this rod may be underpowered when dealing with larger fishes. However, there are many features listed above which makes this casting rod much better than others. Fenwick fishing rod is very versatile. Our rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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