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Echo Fly Rods Reviews [A Perfect Rod for Fishing Newbies]

You must have come across good recommendations if you have read some Echo fly rods reviews online or in various blog posts. The Echo Fly rods offer decent accuracy thanks to its action and power. Amidst the many fly rods options available in the market, Echo appears to have hit the ball out of the back with its new product - the Echo Carbon XL.

As other highly publicised rods retail for up to $1000, the echo fly rods sell for at a much lower price. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this fly rod.

The echo carbon XL fly rod REview

Our Rating
Echo fly rods reviews


The Echo Carbon XL is an inexpensive, true performer. It offers the 4-piece travel design, which has been the subject of discussion for those wishing to purchase trout rods. This rod is designed to be airy light from 2wt to 6wt line with medium fast action. It is highly suitable to cast in any fishing situations.

The fly rods performance is usually pegged to its power and action. Power is witnessed when the fishing rod is under load. The 6wt echo fly rod is designed to withstand bigger fish weight by throwing bobber rigs speedily with accuracy to keep the bigger fish pinned down.

The 2 wt. delicate rods on the other hand are a bit brittle but good for performance. Their light tipped makes it suitable to catch picky trout during your fishing excursion.

Additionally, this echo fly rods grip style orientation is for fresh waters. Even though you can also use it for saltwater, it is primarily meant for freshwater fishing. To increase the durability of the rod, it is important that you clean it appropriately after usage, especially when used for saltwater fishing. The best news is, the echo fly rod warranty will last you for a lifetime.

What makes this Fly Rod stands out?

  • A medium-fast action rod suitable for beginners
  • Great stability in fishing line management and control
  • 4 piece travel design, easy to bring around
  • Great value and reasonably priced
  • Lifetime warranty


Action: Medium-Fast

Line: Available from 2wt - 6wt

Available Models: 6

Available Length: From 7.3” to 9.0”

Weight: From 2.7 to 3.7 lbs

  • 2-6 weight line

  • From 7 ft. 3 inches to 9ft. 6 inches length
  • Has four sections (four piece travel design)
  • Perfect for medium-fast action
  • Used for freshwater fly fishing

Medium-Fast Inexpensive Rod

While the majority of Echo fly rod reviews would not agree that the Echo Carbon XL fly rod isn’t typically fast enough, its speed is good enough for its price. 

Speed compares favorably with other rods of $300 plus. Even though the rod is for fishing newbies; the experienced fisherman would not notice that he is using a lowly priced Echo Carbon XL fly rod.

Additionally, the echo fly rod will give the fisherman casting feedback that the rod is loaded and ready to be thrown forward. With the excellent feel, the cast feedback and reasonable speed, it is joyful to cast and fish with the Echo Carbon XL fly rod. If you want to look for more options, you can check out other brands of fly rods here.

Casting Easily in All Situations

For the Echo Carbon XL, it doesn’t matter where you want to fish. You may like to fish a lot of dry dropper rigs or fishing dry flies in light dropper set up; the rod has been designed to benefit these ranges. Just a sneak pick view of the models; the 7’3″ 2 weight is ideal for the fisherman fishing in a small stream, while the 7’6″ 3 weight does better with the dry dropper rigs.

The precise roll cast accuracy aspect of these models is just amazing. Additionally, they are just the right size for small streams, but it can get to medium waters as well.

The model 8’4″ 4 weight with medium-fast action is an excellent tool for long shots. This is a fun rod to fish with which you can subdue 20+ fishes.

For a little larger streams, the 9’0” 4 weight rod is just perfect for the task. If you are interested in nymphing as well, this gear mends well easily. At the same time, it picks up a line appropriately in fairly Lager Rivers, if you’re fishing some faster stuff.

Talking about the model 9′ 5 weight and 9’ 6 weight, the first one is a good for trout fishing especially when you are targeting the trout traveling in a particular direction. The latter is versatile for cutting through the wind. As a result, they are sturdier to fight big fish as well as for throwing the bigger flies downstream.

User-Friendly Fast Action

The quick actioned Echo Carbon XL fly rod typically works well with every angler's casting style. Beginners will find easy time learning with this fishing companion before they jump for much more expensive rods. Even for the avid fishers, this fly rod is by far easier to cast than thick streamer sticks or any other delicate trout rods.

The 100% graphite rod is firmer and stiffer with almost a quarter of the top part flexing under the immense pressure of big bugs and streamers. The crispy bottom transfers power throughout the shaft giving necessary feedback for any angler to quickly pick up the fly rods casting rhythm.


With the new Echo Carbon XL model fly rod you can cast effortlessly throughout the day without getting fatigued. Tim Rajeff designed this rod by shading almost 10% weight of the previous rod to achieve the casting action anglers needed. The lightweight design makes it easy to cast aiding.

Good Control Line

Its lightweight design doesn't compromise the fly rods torsional stability. Seasoned anglers know the importance of this stability in fishing line management and control. The Echo Carbon XL soft action tip tracks much more than expected.

With this action, you don't have to worry about your leads going too far left. Also, the power of rod will give you good line control over longer mends thrown into complex streams. Just make sure you know how to use the fly rod properly to get the maximum result.

Other Convenient Devices For Fishing

The Pros and Cons


  • They use lightweight, simple foot guides
  • They are relatively faster comparing with the other expensive trout rods
  • The models are designed considering different situations
  • They are suitable for casting small, medium and large dry flies
  • Versatile for catching more fish because of accuracy
  • Stiff, brittle free and long lasting
  • Offers great value for money


  • Meant for inexperienced fishers trying out their luck in fishing for food or as a sport

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Echo Carbon XL come with a warranty?

Yes, the Echo Carbon XL comes with lifetime warranty.

2. The Echo Carbon XL sounds too good for the price, why?

The Echo Carbon XL compares favorably with other trout rods for up to $1000. Yes, this is a master of everything; nymphing, small and medium dry flies to bigger creeks. But that does not mean it should be expensive.

Remember, constructing a good fly rod does not need expensive or more materials like we have been forced to believe by other costly rods.

3. Is the Echo Carbon XL worth the value of my money?

Yes, because you can do every kind of fishing activity with it. Besides, you can choose your color. It is also durable and doesn’t break up easily.

4. What is unique in Echo Carbon XL?

This model is a four piece design, highly suitable to bring along while you are traveling. It comes with a sock and case, embossed with customized Rajeff sports anodized alumiunum reel seat with a cutaway design. All you have to do is make sure you pair it up with the best fishing reels


Echo Carbon XL Fly Rods

Our Rating

At a lower price, the Echo Carbon XL fly rod is a great fishing accessory to buy. Its casting abilities regarding ease of and accuracy are above average. The casting feel is excellent as well. 

This is a good rod for beginning fly fisher. The cast feedback mechanism and most importantly its versatility to work well in every condition makes it a great innovation with a reasonable price. Our Echo fly rods reviews rate the product  at 4.4 stars out of possible 5. 

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