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Fenwick Fly Rods Reviews [Why Pick The AETOS Model]

In a bid to give a concise and beneficial Fenwick fly rods reviews, we thought it’s best to take a quick dash into how it all began.

Here is a story of a quest to produce matchless, durable and quality rods for fishing beg. It started in 1952 and over a period of 50 years, where a group of avid anglers and five businessmen established Fenwick Fishing Rod Company which continued to create dynamic fly rods with much focus on new ways to fish.

The company kept accepting changes in the technology and kept advancing to provide their customers the world best fishing rods. Anglers are continually searching for the best fly fishing rods at the most affordable prices. These fly fishing rods are made to meet the specific need of every user. 

Fenwick Aetos fly rod

This review covers the specifications, appearance, performance, capability and most essential characteristics of the Fenwick AETOS. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this fly rod.

Our Rating
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Value for Money
  • User friendly & Accurate
Fenwick fly rods reviews

Popularly known as “the most thought-out fishing rods in the world,” Fenwick fly rods satisfy emotional needs as much as it does to your physical needs. The fantastic synergy between weight and carriage makes for an enjoyable experience. Each model is focused solely on ease of maintenance and longevity.

Fenwick Fishing Company is the pioneer of the very first set of all graphite fishing rods. However, the famous fiberglass fly fishing rods rounds around providing new ways of having an enjoyable fishing experience. Both have successfully erased the old wood and bamboo models with ease of use and resistance against corrosion.

Fenwick Fly Rods Reviews

Fenwick AETOS fly fishing rod offers the best performance, when it comes to fishing. Nothing beats a fly fishing rod made out of the most excellent quality.

Key Specifications

  • Maximum performance contemporary tapers 

  • Useable in both freshwater and saltwater without fear of rust
  • Available in switch and Spey models and are therefore adaptable to any geographical area
  • It’s a 4-section 5-weight fishing rod
  • Deep blue color with carbon flame tones
  • Gunsmoke stripper guides with larger thicknesses and double foot gun smoke snake guides
  • Aluminum anodized double uplock for reel seat; down lock on Spey models
  • AAA-grade lock for safety and comfort
  • Custom cloth covered rod tube + bag for easier transportation (travel-friendly)
  • Product dimensions: 35×4×3 inches respectively
  • Total weight: approximately 2.6 pounds
  • Rod length: 10’
  • Graphite blank

Durable Material

The material of Fenwick fly rods is of the most exceptional quality. The rod is made of graphite which lends durability to it and weighs lesser.

Fenwick AETOS fly rods are suitable for various line preferences thereby meeting all kinds of fishing requirements. Good-sized trout which will wreck any other rod probably made of inferior material emphasizes strength for Fenwick AETOS rods.

Imaginative prowess and continuous hard work birthed the AETOS rod. It is readily usable with reels and anglers hence producing maximum results. For more good fly reel choices, click here.

Sensitivity and Brittleness

As far as we’re concerned, Fenwick AETOS fly rods are not brittle. They are just built to last long, and this erases brittleness. The hand carve is skin friendly. You will comfortably handle an AETOS all day and fear no bruise or cut.

Sensitivity is second to none, readily usable in every fishing situations. Robust and reliable as a result of its cast prop.

Design and Build

Every one of the AETOS series models is artfully and carefully created. Fenwick AETOS is therefore not an exception. It is built as a distinctive model owing to its color and outstanding value. Their unbeatable low weight allows for easy control, usage as well as fast retrieval.

Anodizing with aluminum reel coverage and AAA- grade cork is also a common feature for all models. Deep concern towards protection for the user is the sole reason for double up –double lock function. It’s safer, secure and built to last longer.


Fenwick fly fishing rods performs at a scale of 10/10. Light casting gives accuracy. Handling generally provides a sense of balance as it is light to handle. The rod retains its neutral locus when bent.

Fenwick AETOS rod has a powerful reflex. When under compression and in need of speed, it is your best pick. Easy loading, better control, and sensitivity is its main strength. As your skills increase, the rod’s performance also increase.

Cast Difference

Not everyone will fish in a large environment. Others may prefer a stream. The fast action attributed to Fenwick AETOS rod still suffice. At a range of 20-40 feet, the AETOS performs like a wonder. This cast range is achievable by using a rather light tip/touch on the base of the rod’s handle.

For medium and long cast (40-60) and (60-80) respectively, you only need to trace your control down the handle. In fact, it will seem to move in its own accord.

Launching brings a whole sense of power as casts feel light yet accurate and effortless.

Cork Grips

Fenwick AETOS fly fishing rods employ the standard methodology used by most lightweight rods. Reverse well is employed for larger bass, steelhead, and an extensive handgrip space. An extended grip space is more room for a fighting position when holding a bigger catch.

The two-handed spey design on Fenwick AETOS rods have these additions.

Rod Blanks

Fenwick AETOS rod blanks are artfully colored dark blue with carbon gray pecks to emphasize the design. Surrounding the ferrules are darker but similar color pecks. There are noticeable alignment marks to allow precise casting strides.


Fly rod prices are usually as important as picking the best, but quality always overtakes quantity. Fenwick fishing rods are at the most reasonable prices, especially for their quality. They are known to be excellent mid-level fly rods and worth the venture.


Standard Silicon Carbide stripping guide (SiC) is attached to every model of Fenwick AETOS fly rods. They have aluminum snake guides with a rather brilliant gun smoke gilt. Guides are specifically finished with higher diameter than other rid to minimize abrasion as fishing lines move through. Hence, the line moves easily and faster.

The Pros and Cons


  • Fast action, resilient and strong
  • Built for and provides high performance
  • Rod set are made of pieces which are easy to transport and assemble
  • Provides accuracy casting at an extensive range of distance
  • Lightweight for ease of use, durability, even power, and responsiveness
  • Affordable fly rod price
  • Easy guidelines aid short and precise casts
  • Ease of use – for both beginners and active fishers
  • Dependable reel locking system
  • Fast action taper


  • No indication of a center point on the reel seat
  • Cork may not last for more than a couple of casting

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the total length of the rod tube that comes with it?

31 and ¾ inches

2. Where are Fenwick rods made?

They are made in Asia and Japan with incredible quality.

3. Are there other models of Fenwick fly rod except for the AETOS models?

Yes, there are. Fenwick Eagle graphite fly rod, Fenwick trout rods are excellent alternatives.

4. What is the length of this rod and its line weight rating? 

10ˈ- 3wt per IMO rating. WF3F Rio InTouch perception and 60 ft. in a slightly breezy environment are more comfortable to achieve.

5. Can it be used with fly fishing reels?

Yes, they can.


Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

Fishing is suitable anywhere, anytime as long as there are water and the right equipment. Both beginners and experienced handlers can depend entirely on this Fenwick flying rod without fear or regret. It aims at optimal performance in every aquatic environment.

Fenwick Fly Rod Company successfully evolved into the ferrule, fiberglass butt, and fenglass line. This suggests their capabilities flow with the tides and produce rods for each era.

Investing in Fenwick flying rods is totally profitable and an advantageous venture, worth the last penny. The Fenwick fly rods reviews rates this product 4.4 stars out possible 5.

Our Rating
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Value for Money
  • User friendly & Accurate

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