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Loomis Fly Rods Review [The Legendary NRX Lite Trout Model]

G. Loomis has been in the industry of cranking out the finest of fly rods. Countless of anglers have venerated the Loomis rods as among the finest in the market according to the Loomis fly rods reviews.

Some of their most excellent products corroborating this belief include rods like the G Loomis IMX accredited for its power and lightweight, the prominent G Loomis and lately the G Loomis NRX which is the subject of this review.

Despite its good standing in the market, G. Loomis for some reason relented in active production of their much-glorified fly rods. Marketing and pushing for the sale of their products seemed to dwindle. Their brand loyalists were left speculating with the company's whereabouts concerns. Just in though, the company resurfaced to the spotlight debuting with delight to have designed the G Loomis NRX.

G. Loomis NRX Trout Fly Rods

The question here remains if the product is worth the money? Let’s figure out in the review. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this fly rod.

Our Rating
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Smooth & Accurate.
  • Feels like a feather.
Loomis fly rods reviews

Whenever we talk about G Loomis NRX Lite trout fly rods, our mind quickly pictures a finicky fish entangled on its tippet in clear water. This is what the G. Loomis has been engineering in silence when others thought financial and technological challenges marred the company.

The NRX Lite trout rod, as the name suggests is indeed lightweight and precise for casting small dry flies at superbly good speed to help the fisherman fool spooky fish.

Aside from speed, when conditions call for exceptional accuracy in long casting, this trout rod is the answer. The ultra-thin leaders and lighter tippets will help you cast with the accuracy you desire. Equipped with the right trout baits, you will be able to catch trouts in no time. This list covers all the best trout baits in the market today.

The G Loomis NRX Lite fly rod also designed for smooth action with a medium tapper. This, together with its light tippets and whisper-thin leaders solves the need for accurate tracking, for delicate casts to finicky fish in clear water.

Something you can’t miss to notice about G Loomis Fly Rods is the ease of casting making it the best fly rods of all the time for fishing small and medium dry flies.

They are also available in different colors so that everyone can make his/her own choice depending on preference. Some will love the original matte black stealthy look with bright blue wraps or the native Evergreen color with silver trim and ended with somewhat green wraps.

All these variations were handcrafted with excellent craftsmanship to make the NRX Lite the best fly rods for the money value.

Detailed Review of G. Loomis NRX Lite Fly Rods

Apparently, many fly rods are subjected to customer reviews online. The G. Loomis NRX lite has attracted many anglers, despite the manufacturer’s preeminence in the fly rods market. Even the hoity-toity anglers will have something to say about this fly rod regardless of how asinine their thinking maybe.

Here are some of the features gauging the G. Loomis NRX lite.

Key Specifications

  • Lightweight (1 pounds)

  • Different Cork species
  • Grip Length from 6.25” to 6.75”
  • Overall Handle from 9.75” to 10.25”


The G Loomis NRX Lite beats the other trout rods like the Asquith or sage fly rods when it comes to efficiency. The NRX Lite remains the winner of the five weight shootout since 2013 attesting to its perfect accuracy for short distances (25 ft.), medium distances (45 ft.) or longer distances up to 70 feet.

The G Loomis NRX lite special performance that cannot be mistaken at 25 feet. In fact, no other rod can match its accuracy level at this range. Steve Rajeff designed this road for accuracy so it can land dry flies exactly where you need and can do it subconsciously.

The tip is softer but has a good butt and mid-section power which makes it a great performer at any distance. Combining its power, butt, weight and casting ability at bay makes the G. Loomis NRX lite hallmark of masterful accuracy.

The Design

G. Loomis NRX lite has been designed with excellent craftsmanship, light as a feather with beautiful lines. The variations range from black to the stealthily black mantles with blue straps or the traditional color which is somewhat evergreen with green wraps and silver trim. The impressive designs work well for long and delicate casts.

The NRX lite is also fitted with ultra-thin leaders with light tippets to help you throw a superbly smooth cast to fool the spooky fish. The soft tapers have plenty of power which you can use it to fire the double nymphing rig or fishing big, small or medium sized games.

The excellent craftsmanship in the NRX Lite makes it adorable for excellent fly fishing. Bearing in mind that they are available in different varieties, all of them are constructed for a quality fishing experience. Its foot guides are incredibly flexible. Even though many anglers do not like these stripping guides. Thus, with durability the G. Loomis NRX lite is unsurpassed.

Other Convenient Devices For Fishing


Anglers talk of the complete uniqueness of the G. Loomis rod, terming the water sensitivity technology of the NRX lite adorable.

The high-density carbon and the Nano silica resins used to construct makes the G. Loomis NRX lite stiffer yet feather light to cast with accuracy when the fish gets finicky, and the waters get clear and low.


Additionally, the light design ensures that you cast effortlessly, even if you are doing the whole day. The design benefits that anglers derive from this rod give it the audacity to compete with the most expensive rods in the world. The light swing weigh ensures that you don’t get exhausted while fishing dry flies or nymphing.

Most people are interested in fly fishing due to how cool it looks. However, learning how to fly fish is not easy. Luckily for you, we have written a post on how to use them properly.


Just like other rods, the company stands behind the customers. The company offers a lifetime warranty against any defects in manufacturing or the material to the original owner. The company will repair or replace the rod without charging any fees. Do ensure that you carry the proof of purchase or the bill receipt with you as it’s required to claim the warranty.

Looking for other alternatives, check out our reviews on the best fly fishing rods.

The Pros and Cons


  • They are accurate to cast medium and small dry flies
  • They are accurate for long distance casting
  • They are stiffer, brittle less and more durable
  • Need for speed casting? The NRX LP is the answer. It generates incredible line speed
  • It is lightweight in design (5 wt)
  • They are available in different colors
  • Appropriate for advanced casting
  • Excellent results when casting into some wind


  • The G. Loomis NRX lite is considered a quite expensive rods compared to others

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the G. Loomis NRX lite cost more than the average trout rods?

In other words, what is unique about the new NRX lite? Is the extra cost meant for the premium brand or to finance the social media marketing propaganda? The answer is a clear “NO”.

Look at the qualities like generating incredible line speed and accurate long casts amidst glaring wind. It is a fast action rod with a great feel. It is lightweight and durable. You don’t need the energy to line it up as you can do that with ease. The sensitivity of this rod is just incredible.


2. What kind of warranty if any?

The G. Loomis NRX lite comes with a lifetime warranty. Check the manufacturer's site for more information.

3. Does it have any accessories?

The NRX LP comes with a sock, case and the G Loomis replacement rod tips when purchased. If you are looking to pair it with a good fishing reel instead, check out this post.

4. Does it have another price apart from the Amazon $750?

The G. Loomis NRX lite hit market retailing at $1000. However, at the manufacturer’s discretion, the product is selling from $700 to $1000 right now.


G. Loomis NRX Lite Trout Fly Fishing Rods

Our Rating

Clearly, our Loomis Fly Rods Review has shown that this rod is not your ordinary fly rod. It is suitable for those advanced casters or the ones to be someday. The product is as light as a feather, yet stiffer and more durable. It is designed for accuracy with line speed for longer casting to fool the spooky fish in clear low water. When the fish gets finicky, your answer will be to remove the NRX lite from its case.

So if you are looking for fly rods to purchase, do not compromise quality and accurate casting for the value of your money. We rate this fishing rod at 4.3 stars out of possible 5.

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