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Redington Fly Rod Reviews [A Lightweight & Budget-Friendly Rod]

Redington has been making fly fishing more fun since it was founded in 1992. They solely focus on making quality gear to make spending time on the water much more enjoyable. Over the years, the firm has launched innovative and performance driven fishing products to the consumer market. This approach has brought tremendous value to anglers globally.

At a glance, this Redington fly rod reviews will look into the excellent workmanship of the Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod with Crosswater Reel 4PC model. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this model.

Our Rating
  • quality product
  • durable and lightweight
  • beginner friendly
  • Medium fast action rod

The Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod is a new path rod by Redington. This product provides impressive performance for anglers of all levels, from beginners to experts. It is perfect for medium-fast action. The Redington fly fishing rod is made of graphite and a wood reel seat that give it a classic feel. The rod offers smooth and accurate casting.

This Redington Fly rod comes at a low price; you can't ignore. The rod is designed for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Apart from these, the features will give us a specific quirk of this fantastic fishing rod.

Key Specifications

  • Line weight: 4

  • Length: 9 Inches
  • Come in 4 pieces
  • Reel: Crosswater 4
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 4WT 9’0” to 9WT 9’0”
  • Half-wells handle for six weight
  • Full wells grip for seven weights

Medium Fast Action Rod

The Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod bends in the top half making it a medium fast action rod. This makes it a great fishing rod where a short or long casting is involved.

This Redington Fishing Rod provides much more casting distance than regular fishing rods and adequate hook-setting power. This makes it one of the best fly fishing rods for applications that involve treble hooks such as topwater lures and crankbaits, or other recreational baits, such as spinner baits. 


The Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod has been built using graphite, for its medium fast action rod. Produced under high temperatures, the graphite gives the fishing rod more tensile strength and stiff fiber. This means the fishing rod is made of less material, making the fishing rod lighter than other rods in the market, and much more sensitive.

Reel Seats

The rod comes with both laser-etched wooden reel seats and a durable anodized aluminum reel seat giving value for your money. The two options are available to satisfy the angler’s preferences.

Cheap rods will often use plastic cushion inside the metal hoods, making it prone to rust and stain on the reel. The Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod, on the other hand, is made of both wood and aluminum. These materials reduce the risk of a reel with stain and rust. This is especially advantageous to anglers demanding fast, medium fast action, and lightweight rods.


This rod is a light fishing rod. Redington designed this rod with a slight bump up in power. It is ideal for anglers looking for lures in the 1/16 ounce range. This is because the rod was designed with a softer feel. Therefore, it allows for proper hook set for a specific type of species, the light biting species. This includes panfish, trout, and walleye. If you are looking for walleye lures, click on this link.

Lifetime Warranty

Redington offers their clients a lifetime warranty should any damage occur on their rod. They will repair or replace your rod according to Redington fly rod warranty policies.

For their reels, the company offers a one-year warranty for the flaws in workmanship and materials. You must present the proof of purchase date here. Recognizing the importance of quality and satisfaction of anglers worldwide means Redington has to stand by its product.

Other Features

The fishing rod, considering all factors, is glorified by anglers worldwide. The rod offers alignment dots to make the rod arrangement easier. It also comes with a Cordura rod tube which is durable and provides inbuilt dividers to the rod. It is easy to see why this rod is one of the best Redington fly rods.

The Pros and Cons


  • This fishing rod offers good tip action
  • It is beginner friendly
  • It is made of quality materials making it a quality product
  • The fishing rod is durable and conveniently lightweight
  • It comes in laser-etched wooden reel seats on rods 6 weight and below to get the job done effectively
  • Rods of 7 weight and above come in durable anodized aluminum reel seat for a longer lifespan


  • The outer frame gets damaged easily if no proper care taken.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a floating line or sinking line that’s put on?

The Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod has lines that float. This makes it perfect fly fishing rod for beginners to draw fishes that feed on the surface.

Experienced anglers who also spend a lot of time fishing this way can also use the fishing rod for enhanced performance. Having floating lines makes this fishing rod the best and easiest to cast, for anyone looking for this sport’s greatest thrill.

2. Are the Reels left retrieve or right retrieve?

The Redington fly reels for this fishing rod are right hand retrieve. However, it can be reversed easily to suit the particular taste of the user. The reversal process is quick and easy. The guideline for reversal can be accessed online.

3. Is the Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod a large spool?

Standard. To extend the life of the Cross water reel, it is always recommended to protect the outer frame and spool. The combo comes with an owner's manual with a guide to care and maintenance. It can be accessed online.

4. Does this combo come with a carry case?

Yes. It comes with a case and a complete outfit with the line on the reel.

5. Do I need to register for warranty purposes?

Yes. Your fishing rod has to be registered online to be repaired.

6. What does the online repair process look like?

Once you have registered your Redington Fishing Rod online, Log in to your account and find your registered Redington products. Select the product you wish to have repaired. Fill in the repair details. Also include information on what happened to the rod, or what you need to be fixed. Add to cart. Follow the checkout process.

Once you have completed checkout, check your email for a FedEx label and packing instructions. Follow the packing instructions for the product you selected.


7. How do I get my Redington Product Repaired?

If the warranty of the Redington Fishing Rod does not apply, Redington offers a repair service. Redington will replace the damaged parts at its discretion or issue a discount code that can be redeemed at their official website, Redington.com.

8. How do I get my Redington Fishing Rod repaired for US customers?

For US customers, send your Redington Fishing Rod for repair to Redington, by first completing an online repair form that can be accessed at Redington’s official website.

In case you have any questions, contact Redington to talk to customer support for further guidance.


Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod

Our Rating

The Redington Path II Outfit Fishing Rod is one of the best and most effective fishing rods available in the market today. It offers anglers classic performance for all levels of experience. It is a medium-fast action graphite fly rod offering much more casting distance.

It comes with a half wells handle and a wood reel seat for a classic look and feels. It is designed to deliver a thrilling fishing experience unlike its counterparts on the market.

One more thing that makes fishing rod stand out it's reversing Crosswater reels and floating line. This is a huge selling point for the fishing rod, especially to anglers who are looking for freedom to fish species that come to the surface.

The fishing rod is the only best fly rod for the money as it focuses on meeting the angler’s expectations. The Redington fly rod reviews rate this product 4.3 stars out of possible 5.

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