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Sage Fly Rods Reviews [An Affordable and Entry-Level Rod]

Founded in 1980, Sage has engineered the world’s finest performance fly rods. Founded by Don Green, the legendary rod designer, Sage has leveraged world-class materials to revolutionize the fly fishing world.

Coupled with the experience gained over the years, Sage has led the entire industry through innovation. Our Sage fly rods reviews are going to focus on Sage Approach fly rod which is handcrafted by Sage for both beginners and seasoned anglers.

sage approach fly rod

This rod is excellent when it comes to performance. Sage has achieved this by using new materials and designs on their rod design classes. As a result, the company developed a fly rod that never runs out of power. Here is a quick recap on what we this of this model.

Our Rating
Sage fly rods reviews
  • Graphite III Technology
  • Sensitive and Durable
  • Speed and power
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Sage Approach Fly Rod is a medium-fast action rod designed to offer unrivaled performance in any fishing environment. This fly rod can work in small streams, big rivers, and salt water.

Sage Approach Fly Rod has been engineered to work with your fly fishing desires. Both rods of length 8’6” and 9” in 5 wt. are considered all-round trout rods. In 3 wt., the lengths 7’ and 8’6” can be used for quieter waters. The rods with length up to 9' 9 wt. can be used to fishing anything including bonefish and smallmouth bass.

Whatever you desire to fish, the Sage Approach Fly Rod covers everything for you. This is probably the best 5 weight fly rod at the best price.

Key Specifications

  • Sage Approach Fly Rod comes in a wide range of lengths varying from 7’0”, 8’6” and 9’0”

  • This line of fly rods offers a moderate fast action
  • These fly rods have a varying line weight of 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
  • The tube sizes are 26, 29-3/8, and 31 inches
  • They come in both handle type A and B

Medium-Fast Action

Sage Approach Fly Rods are Medium-fast action rods. This means that this line of fly rods offer the angler a great mix of performance and versatility. They will provide you with a deeper flex into the blank than fast action rods would.

This medium-fast action allows the angler to switch between fishing techniques comfortably. Sage Approach Fly Rods will quickly adjust, depending on the situation. The switch will not affect the rods’ ability to protect the angler from breaking off his/her catch.

This suites anglers looking for the performance advantage of having a faster action, and the versatility and feel offered by a deeper flexing rod.

Other Convenient Devices For Fishing

Graphite III Technology

Sage Approach Fly Rods are made from graphite which makes the rod extremely lightweight. The graphite itself is lighter than materials used to make fly rods before such as fiberglass and bamboo. Graphite is also stronger. This allows Sage Approach Fly Rods to hold much more resistance than other fly rods of different materials.

These fly rods are also thinner and longer than other fly rods in the market utilizing the same equipment. This makes them ideal for fishing in physically demanding conditions including during heavy nymphs, strong winds, and fishing the entire day. Leveraging Graphite III technology makes these rods the perfect choice for you.

Sensitivity and Durability

Sage recognize that weight is an essential characteristic of a world-class fly fishing rod. Sage Approach Fly Rods have been engineered to offer you the right amount of sensitivity while ensuring the rods performs perfectly under intense pressure. While other fly rods of the same nature as Sage Approach Fly Rods would break, Sage Approach Fly Rods remain intact.


This fly rod setup has been engineered to cope up with peak performance and maneuverability. This makes these fly rods the best choice for anglers looking to fishing in high-end fly-fishing conditions.

Together with high-performance reels and durable fly fishing floating lines, this fly rod’s performance becomes unmatched.

Lifetime Warranty

All Sage Approach Fly Rods are handcrafted to world-class standards. Sage stands by all their products hence all are covered by their lifetime original owner warranty. Sage Lifetime warranty is limited to the repair and replacement of their Approach Fly Rods.

The company is not responsible for any damage due to theft, customization, breakage while transporting, fire or while assembling the blank into a rod. When looking for Sage fly rods for sale online, ensure that you read all the terms and conditions correctly.

Other Popular Types Of Fishing Rods

Other Features

The Sage Approach Fly Rods come in 4 pieces. These rods are oyster shell in color and come with black primary wraps and silver trim wraps. They also come with ceramic stripper glass and hard chrome snake guide and tip-top.

Freshwater fly rods are 3-6 weights, while saltwater fly rods are 7-9 weights. The ebony wood inserts come with anodized aluminum up-locking the reel seat. There fly rods have reverse half wells cork handles and full wells cork handles. The rod tube is rugged silver grey nylon with divided liner.

The Pros and Cons


  • Sage Approach Fly Rods provide sufficient control and remarkable line feel to the angler
  • Capable of greater casting distance than most fly rods
  • The four-piece construction makes it convenient for transport and portability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • They came with Sage’s RIO floating line
  • The ceramic guides provide added durability and reduced friction on the fishing line
  • The package comes with a rod case


  • Only for professional and advanced users

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Sage Fly Rod made?

Sage makes all their fly rods from their manufacturing facility located on Bainbridge Island, in Washington State, USA.

2. How Can I test cast a Sage Approach Fly Rod before I make a purchase?

To test cast a Sage Approach Fly Rods, contact a local Sage dealer. These dealers have knowledgeable staff, and many of them have casting demos. You can test and compare Sage fly rods before you make a purchase.

3. How does the Sage Approach Fly Rods compare to other Sage Rod Families?

Sage Approach Fly Rods are different from other rods in two fundamental characteristics. The first characteristic is the application and the second is action. Sage Approach Fly Rods are different from the rest of Sage fly rods families in rod length and line weight.

4. Do I need to register for warranty purposes?

Yes. Your Sage Approach Fly Rods has to be registered online to be repaired by Sage. You should register your Fly rod as soon as you receive it. To register, go to Sage official website, and access the product registration page. If you don't have an account, you can create one on the same page. The registration process is fairly quick and easy. You will need your Sage Approach Fly Rod's serial number of register it successfully.

5. Where do I find my serial number?

The serial number of your Sage Approach Fly Rods can be located opposite the Sage logo on the butt of the rod. It is written in black ink. Take the rod out to natural light to get a better view of the number.


6. Does the warranty cover missing international breakage?

No. Sage does not cover international breakage, theft, missing rod sections, modifications and customizations of finished rods, or damage during assembly.

7. Where Can I find the manual for my Sage Approach Fly Rods?

You can find the complete manual of your Sage Approach Fly Rods by clicking on the “Complete Manual” link on the product page on Sage’s official website.

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Sage Approach Fly Rods (4 Pcs)

Our Rating

Sage is a firm that has established its brand for producing quality fly rods at premium prices to the elite category of professional anglers.

The Sage Approach Fly Rod is another quality product offering great value to fishers. The Sage Approach Fly Rods have incorporated state-of-the-art technology to deliver fly rods that provide excellent value. If you are looking for high performance and responsive fly rod, the Sage Approach Fly Rod is the fly rod for you.

The rod provides a fantastic reel line and sufficient control. It comes with a lifetime warranty offered by the company. It is lightweight and quite durable. Anywhere in the world, where your fly fishing activities will take you, Sage Approach Fly Rods will enhance your fishing experience. With our Sage fly rods reviews we are rating this product 4.4 stars out of 5.

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