The Complete Guide On Choosing The Best Spinning Rod

Spinning rods are probably the most popular type of them all. They come with a unique set of advantages and corresponding benefits, something we will reveal later on.

All you have to know is that if you are able to get the right one, you will be seriously addicted to fishing everyday, even when it is raining. Check out our reviews and best rated models below.


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What Is A Spinning Rod Used For?

A spinning rod can be used for fishing all kinds of fish. As such, you can use it for small, medium and large fish.

They are also essential when it comes to fishing in the limited space and they are extremely affordable. We can add that most entry-level rods are precisely spinning rods. 

The rods in question can be used for fishing on the steady waters or rivers. They are commonly used by beginners and those who want to have fun while fishing. Of course, they are essential if you want to catch a huge amount of fish.

Keep in mind that spinning and casting rods are completely different. Here we will be completely focused on spinning models, revealing all you have to know about them.

And yes, we will recommend this type if you are a new fisherman. After all, spinning rods are those that will make a professional out of you.

Benefits Of Using Spinning Rods

You can see countless fishing tips for beginners on the web and all of them are equally important. But, what are the benefits of using these rods?

The first one is already mentioned. They are more suitable for beginners and they are easier to master. Basically, this is the first and the only choice if you are a new fisherman.

Besides the fact they are easier to use, spinning rods are great for those who want to use their strong hand while fishing.

When using a rod of this kind, your weak hand will control the reel while the stronger one will be on the rod. This is completely opposite than with casting rods. For more selections of great spinning reels, check out this article.

Then we can see that these rods can be easily shifted between two hands. It is irrelevant are you a beginner or a professional and which hand you want to use.

The same rod can be used in all of the just mentioned scenarios. Once again, this isn’t the case with the second type of rods we have mentioned.

If you like or want fishing at a place where space is limited, spinning rods are a mandatory choice. This refers to when you want to fish under a bridge, for example. They can be controlled in a small area and they are still very accurate.

The last benefit these rods have to offer is related to drag. You are able to control it much better than with other types and you will be able to make adjustments even during the actual catch. All of this sounds interesting in the lack of a better word and it truly is.

The bottom line here is that spinning rods are the most beneficial of them all. They can be used for countless applications and in many different situations. Be free to discover all of them on your own.

Which Factors Must Be Taken Into Consideration When Looking A New Spinning Rod?

First of all, don’t forget to learn on how to maintain your fishing rod. This is a huge generic factor to know and understand completely.

But, for new fishermen, there are a few factors which can make a huge difference.

1. Action

It simply means how much your rod will bend while fishing. Here we can see several options. The first one is fast rods which will bend at the top only.

They are used for fishing larger fish and they are stronger. Medium ones are ideal for fishing mid-sized fish and slow ones are for gentle fishing.

Medium ones bend 2/3 while slow ones bend almost completely, near the handle.

2. Handle

Here we can see two main possibilities. Some handles are made of cork, which is older and considered as a traditional alternative.

The second type are handles made of EVA foam. They are newer and generally more comfortable. Of course, they even look better.

3. Power

Power is defined as the stiffness of your rod. Here you can see light, medium and heavy. There are also ultra-light models.

Smaller fish requires less power, so lighter models are preferable. Bigger fish requires more power, so a heavier model is more preferable.

4. Guides

Guides can be made of plastics, which are reserved for cheap models, of steel, which is popular and of ceramics. We like ceramic guides the most. They have no friction and they are extremely durable.

5. Graphite or fiberglass

These are two materials to choose from. Graphite is more common and also a traditional choice.

They are more sensitive but less durable. Fiberglass units are more durable, yet less sensitive.

Other Popular Types Of Fishing Rods

Who Makes The Best Spinning Rods?

Here is a section of the brands which are currently the most popular in the world of spinning rods. It may help you choose the best spinning rod for your purpose.

St Croix

It is US-based Company which was founded more than 50 years ago. They are located in Wisconsin and they are dedicated to making the best spinning rods on the market. Their rods are expensive, yet fine. However, there are two models which are currently of favorite among angles, specifically the St Croix Premier spinning rod; and St Croix Mojo Surf spinning rod


It is another company from the United States. They have been among us for decades and they got the name after the local lake. Other facts you should know is that their rods are generally excellent value for money. Learn more about Fenwick HMG spinning rod in this review.


Here we have one company from Japan. Founded by Shozaburo Shimano back in 1921, their goal was to become the best in the world. They are great when it comes to reels and spinning rods. The precision and the accuracy these rods offer are impressive no less.


The name of this brand is actually Kast King, but they have been known for producing some of the finest spinning rods out there. We always appreciate and like their models. The attention to details is superb.

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