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St Croix Premier Spinning Rod Review [Is It Worth The Money]

If you’re looking for a premium fishing rod that is powerful and dependable, look no further. The St Croix Premier Spinning Rod is 6 feet long and built for both the novice as well as the professional angler. It is best suited for fast action and is superbly balanced.

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What is most striking about the St Croix premier spinning rod is its weight. It is made from the highest quality graphite and weighs just 1.5 pounds. You almost get a feeling that it’s going to snap easily. However, you will soon find out that the rod is super durable.

The Kigan make aluminum-oxide guides do add a bit of weight but you will definitely not be complaining for they are amazingly strong and resilient. Oh and they look great on the rod as well!

St. Croix have also thoughtfully installed a Fuji DPS reel seat in the Premium Spinning Rod. This provides a comfortable base for your reel. Its handle is made from premium grade cork, is soft and gives a great grip – perfect for when you are fighting a heavy fish. It remains sturdy; fits well with the rod and should be able to last as long as the rod itself. 

The St Croix Premier Spinning Rod, which is handmade in the USA, is a great rod to have in every fishing enthusiast’s collection and certainly does not disappoint. St Croix, true to their slogan, have made one of the best rods in the world! Read the detailed review below for a complete analysis of all its features.

What makes this Spinning Rod stands out?

  • Super lightweight – weighs just 1.5lbs
  • Premium grade cork handle that grips superbly
  • Comes with strong and resilient Aluminum-oxide guides
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Great value and reasonably priced


Weight: 1.5 lbs

Reel Seat: Fuji DPS reel seat with frosted silver hoods

Material: Premium SCII graphite blanks and high quality components

Why Consider The St Croix Premier Spinning Rod?

It is known that all St Croix rods are well-made, they offer the highest quality and are suitable for both novice and even professionals. The St Croix premier spinning rod isn’t any different.

This particular model is a high-quality spinning rod of the newer generation. You should mainly consider this model because it is available in different sizes, different power ratings and even different speeds. This makes it ideal for every fisherman who is looking for a brand new rod.

6 Main Features of the St. Croix Premier Series Spinning Rod

The St croix premier spinning rod is designed and made in the United States, in Park Falls more accurately.  Check out its 6 main features below.

1) Made of SCII Graphite

This is a premium-grade graphite and it is one of the best materials used for rods of all types. It is appreciated due to the fact it is lightweight, yet incredibly strong. This made it the top choice of many other brands including the one we have here.

However, the material in question is mostly appreciated due to its improved sensitivity. This makes it a popular choice to fisherman as they need added sensitivity while fishing.

Other Popular Types Of Fishing Rods

2) Kigan Master Hand 3D Guides

The next feature is its guides. The St Croix premier spinning rod comes with guides made of special aluminum-oxide material. This is an advantage simply because they are strong, causes less friction than usual rods and lastly, they look great. The black color makes them look cool and highly desirable.

Overall, this feature has a high satisfaction rating from most owners. Of course, their efficiency and their durability are the main benefits.

3) Perfectly Tuned Rod

A rod that isn’t precisely tuned won’t do you any good. It will be difficult to use. This may result in losing of fish every single time you use it. That is why we prefer pre-tuned and fully adjusted models. 

All St Croix rods are pre-tuned back at the factory so all buyers get superb rods that are adjusted accordingly. There is no to adjust the rod after purchase. It is ready to be used straight from the box.

4) Handmade

Did you know that all rods made from St Croix are handmade? This is a big advantage to us. First of all, when a rod is handmade, the attention to details is on the highest level possible. Hence, the balance is extraordinary as well. 

We particular like handmade rods. They feel special and the level of details is immense. They also feel different when held in the hands and it’s like as if they have a personality. All of this isn’t the same with mass-produced rods!

Other Convenient Devices / Accessories For Fishing

5) Cork Handle

The handle on this rod is a masterpiece. It is made of high-quality cork that can withstand heavy-duty usages and which can be used at all weather conditions, even in the rain. Let’s also add the fact that this is a durable type of handle, so it is going to last as long as the actual rod.

The handle is the primary choice of all traditionalists. If you are one of them, you will enjoy the grip it offers. We actually tested it in several different conditions and we were more than just satisfied.

6) Comfort

If we take into consideration all of the features we have mentioned above, we can add that the tested unit is above average when it comes to comfort. This rod will meet the expectation of even the most demanding fishermen without any issues.

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Key Specifications

  • Brand: St Croix

  • Model: Premier
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Materials: SCII graphite, aluminum, and cork
  • Guides: Kigan Master Hand 3D
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Available in different sizes: Yes
  • Pre-adjusted: Yes
  • Handle: Premium-grade cork
  • Design: Single-piece rod

The Pros and Cons


  • Offers an exceptional quality
  • Available in different sizes and with different tensions
  • The handle is comfortable and durable
  • Each unit is handmade and pre-adjusted at the factory
  • Excellent value for money (6 feet version)
  • Guides are state of the art


  • May be too sensitive for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this rod available in different sizes?

Yes, you can choose between 7 lengths.

2. Can I use it for fishing trout?

Yes, it is just perfect for this purpose.

3. Can I use it in freshwater and saltwater?

This rod is designed for uses in both waters.


4. Is this a 2-piece rod?

No. It is a single piece fishing rod.

5. How long is the warranty?

The warranty is 5 years since the day you purchased it. We are talking about standard St Croix rods warranty.

6. Which guides this model uses?

Kigan Master Hand 3D guides.

7. Is it durable?

Yes. The model is very durable and it can withstand heavy-duty usages.

8. Do I need to adjust the rod after I receive it?

No. All rods of this type are adjusted at the factory by trained professionals.

9. What’s the length of the model here?

We tested 6 feet version.

10. Is the price the same for all versions?

No. It depends on the size and the tension.


St Croix Premier Spinning Rod Review

Our Rating

The bottom line is, the quality, durability and sensitivity of this fishing rod is all on the highest level possible.

From our test, the model performed exceptionally well and there were no major issues. Add the comfort and the ability to get any version regarding tension and length and you may have the most suitable rod ever.

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