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Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle Reviews [Ultimate Guide]

PCP air rifles are one of the five types of air rifles, and they are trendy and sought after in the market. PCP is an acronym for Pre-Charged Pneumatic, and it implies that the compressed air used for shooting is first put into a hollow tube in the air gun before actual shooting.

benjamin marauder synthetic air rifle

However, choosing the right PCP air gun that would adequately suit your needs and personal taste is not easy as there are different brands in the market today. You can cut to the chase by checking out our Benjamin Marauder air rifle reviews and prepared to be enlightened on why this is the perfect choice for you. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this air rifle.

Our Rating
  • Powerful & Accurate
  • Shoots Quietly
  • Nice grip and stability
  • Can be used for both right and left handed shooters


This product is one of the most popular PCP (Pre-charged Pneumatic) guns available in the market. It is a synthetic stock upgrade from its former version which was wood stocked.

However, there are lots of differences between the two versions, and this is because of the several upgrades made on this synthetic stocked Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle. Also, this Marauder Synthetic Stock Air Rifle comes in two versions (that of the “.22 caliber” and the “.25 caliber”. The “.22 caliber’’ version is highly rated.

This review gives detailed information on the “.22 caliber’’ Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle.

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet (.22) Air Rifle Review

Benjamin marauder air rifle reviews

The Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Air Rifle is a powerful air rifle for those who are serious about shooting. It can be used for hunting down both small and medium-sized animals and is also capable of penetrating blocks of wood. It works well in backyards, neighborhoods and environmental places as it is extremely quiet.

It can also be used for efficient target shooting as you can shoot objects at a distance of 50 yards with precision. It is also accurate and can fire shot after shot repeatedly without missing. The effectiveness of this air rifle would continually impress you even long after its purchase.


  • Compressed air: Utilizes between the 2,000 and 3,000 psi for operations which can be adjusted as specified in the manual

  • 0.22 Caliber
  • Adjustable to different velocities
  • There is a built-in manometer (pressure gauge)
  • Raised aluminum breech
  • Metal Trigger: Two-stage trigger, which is adjustable
  • Stock: Ambidextrous all-weather synthetic stock, with a newly upgraded vertically changeable comb
  • Rail: Dovetail mount (open sights not included)
  • Sound Suppressor: Internal Shroud

  • Bolt action Mechanism
  • Pre-charged Pneumatic Power Source
  • Ten shot repeater shot capacity
  • Choked barrel
  • Dual raised cheekpieces/pads
  • Checkered forearm and grip
  • Attached Window that enables a shooter to check the number of pellets remaining
  • Perfect for pest control, target shooting, and small/medium games shooting

7 Main Features of The Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle

Degree of Tuning

This air rifle is the most adjustable air rifle available in the mainstream market. Its unique capacity for adjustment is one of its most attractive features among many.

There are lots of ways to tune or adjust the shot count, muzzle velocity, trigger settings and fill pressure to suit your gun and ideal personal preferences. This air rifle allows for these modifications through tweaking the hammer spring tension and valve output settings. Also, basic and explicit instructions that can guide you are given in this manual.

If you want to compare this rifle's performance with other models, check out our best air rifle article. We have included a comparison table to help you with your buying decision.

Noise Level

This air rifle is so quiet that you have to pay serious attention to know when it's fired. This is as a result of a full-length shroud which is an integral part of the rifle and ensures that there is no muzzle blast from the gun.


It comes in various forms and upgrades. It feels good and substantial in hand because of its heavier weight. It has majorly black coating. 

Though its body is made up of metal in some places, the stock is synthetic. It also looks more impressionable and attractive in your hand than in stock photos. It also has efficient padding that tackles recoil.


This rifle is a ten-shot clip repeater just like what is common in firearms. There is also a bolt operation which is set up for right-handed shooters but can easily be modified for left-handedness by a skilled and knowledgeable repair center.

This integral and built-in capacity further shows that this air rifle is very adjustable. You can try many different shooting positions with this rifle.


Another attractive feature of this rifle is its adjustable height stock comb which enables ease while setting up a good cheek weld. This feature also allows you to set a cheek weld that is personalized to your mount/scope and physique.

As a good cheek weld facilitates accuracy, this air rifle is very accurate. Also, this product features an adjustable trigger combined with a choked barrel that further enhances its extreme efficiency.

Sling Hooks/Swivels

There are sling swivels that are built into the buttstock area of this rifle. This also eases the stress of carrying the air rifle.


The 0.22 caliber would enable more shots per fill compared to other calibers. It provides a flatter trajectory line than “.25” and a velocity of up to 1000 feet per second (fps). It allows for more distance between the shooter and the target.

It is better to use heavier grain pellets to generate more velocity with this caliber.

The Pros and Cons

In this review, we find that covering this area is highly essential for our readers as it informs them the benefits of having such an efficient air rifle and the pitfalls associated with it.


  • Easy to use even for new beginners.
  • Fully adjustable trigger.
  • It operates virtually without recoil.
  • Very durable and lighter than wood.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • Both right-handed and left-handed shooters can use it.
  • It is very quiet and does not generate an alarming ricochet.
  • Powerful and effective. Able to penetrate solid wood.
  • Extremely accurate to the point of exceeding your expectations.


  • This air rifle lacks double load prevention.
  • There is no bolt lock safety.
  • It does not come with sights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How about a scope for this air rifle?

This air rifle does not come with a scope, and that would have to be bought separately. If you have an old scope, it can also be used with this air rifle. You should also consider the purchase of a separate high-pressure tank.

2. Is it okay to cock this air rifle and leave it cocked until the time of the shooting?

Yes, it is okay, and it does not affect your shots.

3. Can this product be shipped internationally?

No, this product is not shipped internationally, and it is shipped only within the United States.

4. Can CO2 be used with this product?

No, CO2 cannot be used with this product as you are to make use of only compressed air.

5. Is the cheek piece made of plastic or wood?

The cheek piece is made of plastic.

6. Is there a warranty program?

Yes, there is a one-year limited warranty program for this air rifle.


Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Air Rifle

Our Rating

This air rifle is a unique and enhanced version of the wood stocked Benjamin Marauder Air Rifles. It has several unique newly upgraded features that further add to the efficiency, accuracy, reliability, design, and speed of this air rifle.

We have elaborately described this air rifle specs, features, pros, and construction in our Benjamin Marauder air rifle reviews. We rate this air rifle 4.9 stars out of the possible 5.0.

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