Gamo Raptor Air Rifle Review [Ultimate Guide for Hunters]

Gamo is one of the top air rifle manufacturing companies trusted by millions worldwide and one of its latest designs is the raptor whisper air rifle. For this Gamo raptor air rifle review, we are going to provide you an in-depth analysis about the various aspects of this outstanding rifle. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this rifle.

The gamo raptor whisper air rifle REview

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Gamo raptor air rifle review


The Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is a great choice if you’re in the market for a pest-control air rifle. With its WHISPER Technology, it enables quiet shooting – perfect for a city neighborhood where you don’t want to disturb your next-door neighbors. In addition to pest control, it is also suitable for hunting geese, duck, rabbits, and other small animals.

What strikes us the most is that after taking our first shot with this rifle, we found that it has phenomenal power for its size. Each pellet travels at about 1300 fps thus giving it a good range of about 40 yards! It comes with a basic scope that does the job. 

However, it is highly recommended that you pick out a premium scope to go with this rifle. Your accuracy will improve in leaps and bounds with the right scope. The Raptor Whisper comes with a rubber grip that is coated with anti-slip material. This ensures a nice grip for steady shooting.

Being lightweight, the Raptor Whisper is great for beginners too. It comes with shock absorbers that minimize the recoil – the #1 feature that beginners should look for when buying their first rifle. Gamo’s proprietary IGT or Inert Gas Technology does a great job in reducing the vibration too.

As far as safety features are concerned, the Raptor Whisper comes with both an automatic cocking safety mechanism as well as a manual safety trigger. Gamo’s use of high-quality synthetic material for the stock should ensure that it lasts a really long time without any sort of durability issues. Overall, the Raptor Whisper is a great buy at a very reasonable price.

What makes this Air Rifle stands out?

  • WHISPER noise reduction technology ensures quiet shooting
  • Has a long range of about 40 yards
  • Has recoil absorption - ideal for beginners
  • Stock made from durable, high-quality synthetic material
  • Great value and reasonably priced


Size Options: Available in .177 or .22 Cal pellet

Weight: 5.64 lbs

Lead pellet velocity: 1300 fps .177 version and 975 fps .22 version

Action: Single cocking break barrel

The new Raptor air rifle has many new features than its predecessors. It is lightweight with a durable non-slip grip and also has a single coking system that has a brand new SAT (Smooth Action Trigger) and a Shock Wave Absorber with a recoil pad for one hell of shooting experience.

This rifle is user-friendly and lightweight, giving the user easy movement and maneuverability especially when hunting in difficult terrain. 

Main Features

1) Whisper Technology

This unit is one of the first air rifles to use noise reducing technology. The whisper is a combination of noise and muzzle blast reducer fitted into a barrel as a single part.

2) IGT Gas Piston

This new piston is a replacement of the of the spring producing a high velocity with minimal vibration and more power for smooth and easy cocking.

3) ​Smooth Action Trigger

It provides a perfect action pull increasing the accuracy and preciseness of your target. 

4) ​Ergonomic Handle

The rifle has a rubberized anti-slip grip for optimized and robust grip while shooting. 

5) Build

The whisper rifle is made of the latest technology; it has a rifled steel barrel fluted with polymer.

6) ​Shockwave Absorption

It has adjustable shock absorbers that have 3 removable absorption cells that have a recoil absorption rate of 74%.

7) Safety Features

The rifle is designed with an automatic cocking safety capabilities with a manual safety trigger.

8) Warranty

At the time of purchase it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Key Specifications

  • Weight- 5.64 lbs

  • Length- 44.5’’ inches

  • Ammunition- 1300 fps with platinum PBA pellets
  • Caliber- .177 Cal
  • Barrel style- Rifle
  • Scope- 4 x 32
  • Length of pull- 14.4 inches
  • Cocking effort- 30lbs


With the high terminal velocity and consistent power with its high magnification on its adjustable varying scope makes hunting, target practice an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

This gun is really quiet when in operation thanks to its Whisper technology which is perfect for catching the prey without their awareness. Shooting and cocking is a piece of cake! All thanks to its (IGT), there is no fatigue or torque.

It also has a synthetic all-weather stock making it perfect for shooting in different types of weather while producing the same stellar and high performance.


Appearance wise the Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is marvelous. It has a blue metal covering through a huge surface of the gun, while the barrel and stock are made of plastic.

Additional Accessories

1) Scope Mounts

If you do not want your scope moving around while shooting, you should consider buying a mount for your scope as it will greatly improve your shooting accuracy.

2) Gun Cases 

In order for the rifle to stay in top condition for a long time, it needs to be stored in a conducive place to prevent wear and tear. Having a gun case is a perfect solution.

Benefits of Gamo Raptor Air Rifle

1. Value For Money

There are a lot of top range rifles in the market, but this brand stands out. Retailing at a price of $118.99- 199.48 dollars, what you get is a superior and spectacular performance from this rifle. This truly worth for that amount of money.

2. Shooting Accuracy and Speed  

This rifle will consistently shoot at high velocity with high accuracy. Even in long distances so that you don’t miss your target and helps minimizing your pellet wastage.

3. Usability

Due to its lightweight nature of both the bundled scope and the gun making it easy to shoot. Another key advantage is its manual safety is located in the trigger guard providing safety while handling the gun.

4. Noise Level

In order to get rid of pests in your compound, you need a rifle that produces the lowest sound possible. This rifle has a silencer with integrating noise dampening abilities for an easier kill.

5. Durability 

The rifle is constructed with metal parts of the highest quality with a solid compact design. It is also suitable for all kinds of weather making it durable. You can use it for a very long time.

6. Versatile

This rifle can be used in all types of weather giving you comfort and assurance whenever you are out in the wild game hunting.

7. Success in Hunting and Improved Shooting

With this rifle, hunting is easier as you will be able to fire accurate shots regardless of the distance without tipping of the kill due to noise minimizing capabilities. It will also improve your shooting skill and turning you into a pro in no time thanks to its amazing features and components that shoots with a high degree of accuracy.

Maintenance and Storage

1. Before Use

Before loading always check the barrel to ensure there is no obstruction.

2. After Use Tips

You should always clean and lubricate the metal parts to prevents corrosion and rusting. Also, never use cleaning pellets as they may cause permanent damage to the rifle.

3. Storage Tips

When storing, always ensure there are no pellets in the chamber and always remember never to store the rifle in a cocked position. Because it may weaken the spring and it is also risky to both you and those around you.

4. Maintenance Tips

After firing a thousand rounds, it’s advisable to apply lubricant inside the compression chamber and please take not that you are only allowed to use oils specialized for air guns. Other types of oils may damage the seals.

After sometime, the screws on the stock may weaken due to recoiling and this will greatly reduce accuracy. It is recommended to check your rifle periodically, in case the screws loosen you have to tighten them back.

It’s important to note never try to dissemble without a plan or trying to repair your rifle as it is very risky as the spring under compression may come off causing some serious damage. Always consult a specialist who can dismantle and safely repair your Air Rifle.

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The Pros and Cons


  • It’s lightweight for easier movement
  • Easy and smooth cocking
  • It has a manual safety
  • Compact, sturdy and solid build
  • Suitable for all types of weather
  • Perfect ergonomic handle


  • Unnecessary magnification scope


​Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle 

In this Gamo raptor air rifle review, we have highlighted in detail all there is to know of this marvellous rifle. To recap, this rifle has a solid design that is customized to meet all your shooting needs and requirements.

All the latest technology is incorporated into this rifle, providing a higher degree of accuracy when shooting while producing almost no sound at all. This is one of the quietest airguns ever in the market.

The Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is considered as a leader in its category due to its power, ergonomic grip handle, and it can pinpoint and hit a target from both close and long range. For a gun of this quality, it is considered cheap and affordable. We rate this rifle 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Our Rating
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect Handle
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