Hatsan Air Rifle Review [Model: Hatsan 95 Spring]

hatsan model 95 SPRING air rifle

If you have plans on buying an air rifle, don’t just settle for the first product you see online. Choose the one that will meet your requirements and budget. Let’s accept the fact not all air rifles are created the same, and if you have never purchased one, it is hard to sort things.

Hatsan is a famous maker of air rifle and is one of the top performers in the industry. This Hatsan air rifle review will feature one of the brand's reliable product – the Hatsan 95 Air Rifle. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this rifle.

Our Rating
  • Powerful & accurate.
  • Shock Absorber Trigger.
  • Durable.
  • Value for money.

One of the essential factors that you need to consider when searching for the best air rifle is your purpose of buying one. We will help you decide which one to purchase based on your purpose.

When choosing an air rifle, you should consider how far you will be shooting. There are the super magnum, high, medium, and light powered air rifles, and the distance you need to shoot should determine the amount of power you will need.

Hatsan 95 Spring Air Rifle Review

Hatsan air rifle review

This brand is not a very big name in the market, but they have made a good impression with their rifles. Those with old rigid system prefer Hatsan because they are quite durable, with productive and powerful features.

The air gun can do significant damage as its gunshots can reach up to high speed. The Hatsan 95 is considered as one of the best in the category.

Key Specifications

  • Action Break barrel
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 17.7"
  • Overall Length: 44.3"
  • Barrel Rifled
  • Body Type Rifle
  • Buttplate Rubber
  • Caliber: 0.177" (4.5mm)
  • Fixed/adj. Power Optic
  • Function: Single-shot
  • Loudness: 3-Medium
  • Max Velocity: 1000 FPS
  • Powerplant Spring-piston
  • Rear Sight Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Scopeable 11mm dovetail
  • Shot Capacity: 1
  • Suggested for Small game hunting/plinking
  • Trigger: Two-stage adjustable

Uses Lead Pellets 

Hatsan always tests their rifles with lead pellets. This makes them different from the other gun manufacturers who use lighter alloy pellets. This makes the velocity tests, and reports of Hatsan considered to be more accurate as compared to other companies.

Its lovely walnut stock has a rubber butt pad that is used as a shock absorber.

Shock Absorbent Trigger

The Hatsan 95 hunting rifle has 1000 FPS speed, and it has an overwhelming force. When shooting using this air rifle, the force plant produces some vibrating sound, but you will not feel the vibration. Because of the Integrated Sound Moderator, the clamor has officially reduced.

The Hatsan 95 is equipped with Shock Absorber System (SAS) making an impressive springer pellet weapon to shoot. It also has an automatic drop security dovetail gadget; this confirms that the rifle is not clearing in case you drop it.

Impressive Built

This air rifle has a butt cushion made of a sensitive elastic material used for absorbing the shock. It has checkered prints cylinder holder on both areas. The gleaming gold-hue trigger is encased in a darker shades guard. The fore end also has checkered patterns on both sides. The mounting framework merges dovetails, a metallic extension stop.

Below the forestock is a gateway which serves as a room for the break barrel positioning connection. The Tru-Glo Fiber Optics includes smaller scale movable front and back sight to make the shot more accurate. The rifle highlights the Quatro Trigger which is the best thrust two-stage match trigger.

Loudness and Shooting Cycle

I am not aware how many rounds I fired by using Hatsan air rifle, but I can tell you it is extremely quiet, producing only a mild thunk as its pellet at 1000 FPS toward its target.

I even asked my neighbor if the sound of my air rifle is disturbing her. According to her, the sound level was not offensive. This air gun is quiet and remains cocked for more extended hours without stressing a mainspring. After completing cocking the barrel lock-up

It has an adjustable Quattro trigger. The owner can make the Quattro trigger adjustment. Based on my experience the Hatsan 95 has very smooth pull, without creep at all. The weight of the pull is around 3 to 4 pounds, which is perfect for small game hunting or backyard plinking.

Heavy and Durable Break Barrel Design

The design, operation, and feel are quite easy. The automatic safety is activated when the barrel is cocked and locked. Use your other hand to close the barrel when the pellet is placed and then fire.

The rear part of the barrel has an automatic resettable safety lock that locks itself when loaded. This type of rifle is quite interesting because it can shoot at 1000 FPS using regular lead pellets.

Optima 3-9X32mm Hatsan 95 Scope

The Hatsan Optima Scope is what makes Hatsan 95 Air Rifle popular, it provides the shot accuracy required. It's accuracy is usually dead on and can be made better using a different scope.

The best scope for Hatsan 95 includes double lens caps, click adjustment dial, a hex wrench, thoroughly coated optics, and two-piece mount.

Merely place the mount and connect the scope to use it. These Truglo fiber optics features an 11mm dovetail.

Muzzle Velocity and Power 

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle is a .22 caliber weapon that has the right amount of muzzle velocity and power, familiar with other .22 caliber gun. Its maximum speed is 800 FPS which is just right for a caliber like this. The rifled barrel, adjustable rear, and fiber optic front sight make this a potent 0.22 for the beginners.

The Pros and Cons


  • Vibration is reduced because of its shock absorber system and increases the lifespan of the optics, rifle, and other components. 
  • It is very accurate, and the lead pellets can travel at 1000 FPS.
  • It has attractive finishes with least plastic being used in its overall design.
  • German-made steel barrel comes together attractively with the Walnut stock to provide power and accuracy.


  • This rifle is quite heavy at 8.4 lbs. and may affect your shooting stance and movement.

Why Hatsan Air Rifle?

Air rifles have a rich background, and with the present technology, a good survival air rifle is the best choice in your survival gears. This rifle is perfect in small game hunting for a squirrel, birds, rabbits, and other small animals.

Here are more reasons why you should choose the Hatsan Air Rifle.

  • Air guns have silent shots. Even if you miss the first shot, it does not produce a loud sound, so your target is unaware of what happened in the area.
  • It is easy to take a shot using the pellet gun. You can quickly point to your target and is user-friendly for less experienced or beginners.
  • Air rifles are affordable as compared to other guns, and so are the calibers. With air rifles, you can practice at a limited budget. Aside from spring driven gun rifles, it only needs pressured air provided by a pump to shoot, which is perfect for long-term usage.
  • Pellet rifles are very accurate. It has a proper air rifle scope.
  • Air rifles are legal to own in most areas. They are not firearms and do not require gun permissions to own. Owning one is less troublesome.
  • Air rifles can hide secrets from outsiders in an air-sealed container, along with pellets box, and a maintenance kit. A PVC pipe with two end caps is all you need. You can hide or bury the container quickly.
  • Air rifles do not lose their quality fast. The pellet is a simple metal, and there are no powder, primers, or cases to think about. You can cast your calibers on your own with fewer tool supplies.


Hatsan 95 Spring Air Rifle

Our Rating

This is one of the most attractive and best-functioning rifles you can purchase at the most reasonable price. This Hatsan air rifle review only served to assist you in making a firm decision when buying the gun.

The Hatsan firearms can last longer and are very easy to use both for beginners and experienced. Although it’s a bit heavy, once you get along with the weight, this rifle will be a delight for your eyes and the shooting experiences. The gun scores 4.6 stars out of 5.

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