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Carbon Express SLS Crossbow Reviews [What Makes It A Top Runner]

Whether you're into crossbow hunting or you enjoy target practicing, purchasing a top-notch crossbow is a must. While some newbies invest in cheap and low quality products, their experience will be drastically affected, so they'll be put off before they even get to enjoy it.

Carbon express sls crossbow

Carbon Express Covert SLS Crossbow is currently one of the best rated crossbows over the Internet. It sells well and features numerous Carbon Express SLS Crossbow reviews, so there must be something good about it.

Apart from going with a front runner, it still pays off to research the respective product and make sure it can match your expectations. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this crossbow.

Our Rating
  • Very Powerful
  • Full Package & Assembly
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Comfortable to carry

Carbon Express Covert SLS Crossbow Review

Carbon Express doesn't fool around when it comes to crossbows. It's got multiple products in this range and each of them dominates the respective segment. This model makes no exception either. It's built to undergo lots of stress and support both newbies and experienced users.

It features all the elements you need for a complete experience and comes with all the required accessories. Furthermore, unlike other similar units in this range, it's solid and feels sturdy as you use it. It's likely to last for ages and comes with an impressive warranty as well.

Now, what kind of features should you expect from it?

Key Specifications

  • 32 inches in length

  • 17 inches in width when uncocked and 13.5 inches when cocked
  • Weighs 8.3 pounds without any accessories on
  • 13 inch power stroke
  • 355 feet per second
  • 119FP kinetic energy
  • 185 pound drawing weight
  • 4x32mm green or red illuminated scope
  • 3 arrow quiver
  • Rail lubricant for maintenance
  • 3 20 inch carbon bolts with field points
  • Adjustable forearm mounting grip
  • Carbon infused limbs
  • CNC machined riser
  • Camouflage design
  • Rifle style

Sizing and Weight

When looking for crossbows, the actual size can make or break a deal. This model has a standard length of 32 inches. As for its width, it's 17 inches uncocked and 13.5 inches when cocked. The axle to axle width goes up to 24 inches. It's a classic compact size. It won't bother you as you trek through bushes.

As for its weight, the unit is rated at 8.3 pounds – that's with no accessories. According to most reviews, it goes up to around 10 pounds when fully loaded. It's slightly heavier than other models in this range, but it won't feel uncomfortable. The weight is mostly distributed towards the tip.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a shoulder sling, but that shouldn't put you off. It's still light to carry during long hunting sessions.

Design and Build

Carbon express sls crossbow reviews

The rifle style design is a standard these days and for some good reasons. It's easy to fire and doesn't require too much strength. It also rests against the shoulder for more precision. It gives you stability, so the crossbow won't move or shake when you aim, leading to a higher accuracy too.

Carrying it around is just as easy with a proper handle. Other than that, the crossbow is available in one style only – mossy oak obsession camouflage.

The build is sturdy and durable. This model features an extremely precise CNC machined riser, as well as a green anodized flight rail. The limbs are carbon infused. When you touch the string and cables, you can tell they'll last more than the average. It's no surprise why so many professional users rely on this crossbow for target practicing and hunting.

Power and Speed

The overall performance is by far the most important thing to consider when looking for the best crossbow on the market. While the actual design and accessories are essential, the performance is top.

The speed is slightly above average – 355 feet per second. It's so speedy that your prey won't have enough time to move, even if it hears you firing. Just make sure you aim right.

The kinetic energy is around 20% higher than in other models – 119FP. To help you get an idea, an average deer can be taken down with 40FP of kinetic energy. A massive one will be down with around 50FP. With such numbers, it's obvious that you can take down any kind of beast.

The power stroke goes up to 13 inches. Most numbers are standard, except for the impressive kinetic energy. Keep in mind that the crossbow was rated based on the bolts it comes with. Different bolts come with different performance standards. However, differences won't really be notable.

Cocking and Aiming

Cocking the crossbow might seem challenging at first. It features a drawing weight of 185 pounds. You can do it manually if you want, but it's not recommended. Why? Simple! First, the rope cocking device in the package will reduce the drawing weight by around 50%, so it's much easier to do it. Second, it's almost impossible to perfectly align the arrow without a rope cocking mechanism. Your arrows will fly sporadically in random directions, hence the necessity of proper alignment.

According to multiple feedbacks from users, aiming shouldn't cause too much hassle. You have a top-notch 4x32mm scope that can be illuminated in green or red. Given the rifle style, the crossbow can rest on your shoulder for easy aiming.

Full Package and Assembly

When you buy a crossbow, knowing what accessories come with it is essential. For example, some of them may appear to be optional, but you'll realize their importance as you start using the crossbow.

At some point, you might still have to spend some extra money to purchase them separately. From this point of view, there's nothing to worry about regarding this crossbow.

Most importantly, it comes with its own rope cocking device, which will drastically reduce the drawing weight and add to your accuracy. Some manufacturers fail to include this device in the package, yet it's essential for a safe and comfortable operation.

Other than that, you also get a three arrow quiver which can be detached within a second only. As for bolts, you'll get three PileDriver arrows that can stand up in the crowd. Each of these crossbow bolts measures 20 inches.

Worried about aiming? The 4x32mm scope will make it a breeze. It is also red and green illuminated, depending on the lighting conditions.

Lubricant for Maintenance

Assembling the crossbow won't take more than half an hour, even if this is the first time you do it. You might feel a bit overwhelmed at first, but the owner's manual will give you all the required details. Instructions are clear and feature a few pictures.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The package comes with a proper maintenance kit. Maintaining and cleaning the device is fairly simple and doesn't ask for too much work. The rail lubricant can be used at the end of each session. However, strings and cables should also be lubed after every 10 shots.

Other than that, make sure that all the mechanisms are clean and dust free for a smooth operation.

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The Pros and Cons


  • Full package
  • Impressive power
  • Sleek and skinny design
  • Comfortable to carry for hours
  • Sturdy construction


  • No shoulder sling for carrying the crossbow
  • Cocking might be a bit tricky for a newbie

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I care for the crossbow?

Most experts recommend lubing the rail and string after every 10 shots, yet less powerful crossbows can be cleaned at a lower frequency – up to every 20 shots. Go through the manufacturer's specifications for more details.

2. When should I replace the string?

When the string breaks or has frayed strands, you should replace both the string and the cables. Its life expectancy is directly proportional with the volume of shooting, as well as the maintenance. Wax the cables and string every 10 shots to increase their lifespan.

3. How long should I keep the crossbow cocked?

You should cock the crossbow before you shoot. Don't walk around looking for prey with the bow cocked because you risk injuring yourself, not to mention reducing the lifespan of the string.


Carbon Express Covert SLS Crossbow

Our Rating

In conclusion, it's easy to tell why this model has so many Carbon Express SLS Crossbow reviews. We rate it 4.8 out of 5 stars. Apart from some small insignificant minuses, it has no flaws. It's sturdy, accurate and built to deliver.

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