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Jaguar 175 Lb Crossbow Review (CR-013 Series) – Affordable with Quality Features

The jaguar cr-013 Series 175lb crossbow REview

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Jaguar 175 lb crossbow review


If you are looking for a crossbow to start your youngster on hunting or a beginner yourself then the Jaguar CR-013 is a great choice. It is light and ships at 9.4 pounds so it is very easy to handle for youngsters.

Assembly is easy and you will be ready to shoot in no time at all! The package comes with a detachable quiver; four 16-inch aluminum bolts, safety glasses and a shoulder sling. As you can see it is a complete package!

The draw is about 175 lbs so it is advisable to buy a rope cocking device to ease the stress on the lower back when you are out on a long day of hunting. The firing speed is very decent at 245fps which is adequate to hunt Whitetail at medium range of up to 40 yards.

The Jaguar CR-013 comes fitted with a scope that has 7-level adjustment for brightness which is more than handy in sighting and provides great accuracy. It scores high on safety as well as it comes with an auto-engage safety when cocking. It also comes with a foot stirrup that helps cock the bow with ease.

Jaguar have picked nice and sturdy high quality material to build the CR-013. It is certainly a great value for money crossbow and the ideal choice for your first bow.

What makes this Crossbow stands out?

  • Portable: It is lightweight but sturdy and comes with a back sling
  • Safe – Comes with auto-engage safety when cocking
  • Versatile Scope with 7 levels of brightness adjustment for easy sighting
  • Shoots at 245 fps – Good enough for hunting deer at medium distance
  • Excellent value for money


DImensions: 27 x 35 x 7 inches

Weight: 9.4 lbs

Drawing weight: 175 lbs

Shooting Speed: 245 feet per second

Jaguar 175 Lb Crossbow Review: CR-013 Series

The Jaguar crossbow comes in a full package and able to support any hunting enthusiast, be it a beginner or an experienced hunter. It's just as helpful for practice shooting, whether you want to compete or just improve your skills.

This model is among the best rated crossbows based on reviews from all over the world, so you just can't go wrong with it. However, it pays off doing your homework and figuring whether it can raise to your expectations. Now, what else should you know about this crossbow?

Key Specifications

  • Measures 27 x 35 x 7 inches.
  • Available in black and camouflage
  • 175 pound drawing weight.
  • 245 feet per second speed.
  • Slotted cast magnesium barrel.
  • Weaver style rail.
  • Single dot 30mm scope.
  • 6 bolt detachable quiver.
  • 4 -16 inch aluminum arrows.

  • Each arrow comes with 150 points.
  • Shoulder sling
  • Safety glasses.
  • Ambidextrous safety.
  • 16 inch power stroke.
  • Scope has 7 levels of brightness.

The 7 Key Features of Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow

1) Style and Construction

Just like many other crossbows in this segment, Jaguar's model comes with a rifle style design.

It can be held, operated and fired like a rifle. It's easy to hold and convenient, while firing doesn't require too much power. 

The rifle design adds to accuracy and comfort as well. You can rest it against your shoulder for more stability while you aim, not to mention your shoulder taking some of the weight.

As for construction and materials, the crossbow features a slotted cast magnesium barrel. It features bolt flight tracking for extra accuracy.

Moreover, the weaver style rail is simplistic and won't get in the way, especially when you try to aim.

2) Sizing and Weight

The CR-013 crossbow from Jaguar is not the biggest model in this range. In fact, it's rated in the small category. Measuring 27x35x7 inches, it provides a great ratio for sizing and power.

It can easily compete against larger crossbows, yet it's compact and easy to carry around.

It only weighs 13 ounces. It's also lighter than the average, so it's easy to carry around for hours.

Even if it feels uncomfortable, you get a comfortable shoulder sling for transportation anyway. The recurve profile is one of the factors responsible for the lightweight profile.

It has less moving parts too, which means there is not too much to break in the long run.

3) Speed and Power

According to a Jaguar 175 lb crossbow review, speed is nothing without power and vice versa. The 175 drawing weight should give you some hints about it.

The crossbow must be cocked with intense power, so it will fire like a gun. Its speed is rated at 245 feet per second. The speed was calculated with the bolts included in the package.

Based on some reviews, it will gain more speed with longer and lighter bolts, yet the difference is not so obvious.

Those who wonder about its capabilities should know that the Jaguar model can and will take down a medium sized deer.

Its speed is just enough to get your target even if it can actually hear you firing. As for the power stroke, it goes up to 16 inches.

4) Ease of Use and Cocking

Generally speaking, the crossbow will surprise you with its accuracy, but there are a few steps you have to follow. One of them implies centering the arrow appropriately while cocking it.

The crossbow comes with a solid 175 pound drawing weight. Cocking it yourself will prove to be a nightmare, especially if your fitness level is not so high.

The good news is such a drawing weight will add to its power. The bad news is you'll need a cocking rope mechanism. It doesn't come with the package, so you'll have to buy it separately.

Make sure it's compatible with the crossbow. Once installed, cocking will be piece of cake. You'll also be able to keep the string centered for accuracy. Failing to do so will send arrows in all directions.

5) Package and Assembly

Every Jaguar 175 lb crossbow review claims on the numerous accessories that come with this crossbow.

Apart from the cocking rope device (which is not always necessary if you're strong and experienced), you have everything you need for a good crossbow hunting experience out of the box.

The single dot 30mm red dot scope is mounted on the rail. It's also adjustable in brightness – 7 different levels depending on the lighting conditions.

You also have a six bolt quiver, which is detachable. Worried about arrows? You get four 16 inch arrows made from aluminum.

Each of them features 150 points. Safety glasses and a shoulder sling are included too.

Assembling the crossbow shouldn't take too long, especially as you get all the tools required for the operation.

You have a small owner's manual with instructions on how to do it too, yet it's a pretty straightforward operation.

6) Safety Features and Standards

Handling weapons demands a high level of safety due to the high risks of injury and even death.

Crossbows may not be firearms, but they're just as dangerous. Just like any other similar model, this one has a few safety features to prevent accidents.

The safety automatic and ambidextrous, so it makes no difference if you're right or left handed. At the same time, you'll get a pair of safety glasses to use on your hunting or target shooting sessions.

If there's one thing this model doesn't have, that's an anti-dry fire mechanism. Its main role would be to prevent firing without an arrow.

However, even if it does happen, it's not too risky if you hold the crossbow firmly at all times.

7) Care and Maintenance

There's not too much to be concerned about in terms of maintenance. From this point of view, the CR-013 could be the best crossbow for money.

Simply put, you just need to lube it every once in a while. You can find such maintenance lubes everywhere, including online.

Some experts recommend doing it after every 10 shots for extra durability.

To find out other crossbow models in this price range, check out our article on the Best Crossbows under 500

The Pros and Cons


  • Good value for money
  • Multiple safety features
  • Excellent for hunting and target practicing
  • Recurve design for durability
  • Rifle style for comfort


  • Doesn't come with a cocking rope mechanism
  • Not available in some areas

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How important is the cocking rope device?

The cocking rope device is obviously recommended for easy cocking, as well as accuracy. '

If you buy this crossbow for a complete newbie or a child, you may not want to invest in such a mechanism.

Chances are they won't be able to cock the crossbow. This way, you'll make sure an adult is always around when they want to use the crossbow.

2. Can I change the arrows coming with the package?

Absolutely, as long as you make sure they are compatible with the crossbow.

Arrows are less likely to last forever, so you'll have to change them at some point or another anyway.

Try out different lengths or materials to explore the capabilities of this crossbow.

3. Do I need a permit or a license to use the crossbow?

It depends where you live. Different countries or states have different rules and regulations.

Make sure you check your local laws before buying a crossbow. There might be certain times of the year when using it is prohibited too.


Bottom line, this Jaguar 175 lb crossbow review should give you all the details you need to determine whether this crossbow is suitable for you.

According to most experts, it's excellent for beginners, yet more experienced users can also use it every once in a while under certain circumstances.

It's rated at 4 out of 5 stars. About 83% of all buyers find it to be perfect or almost perfect.

Our Rating
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to use even for beginners.
  • Speed and power.
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