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PSE Vector 310 Crossbow Review [All You Need To Know About A Front Runner]

pse vector 310 crossbow

Looking for a quality crossbow to match your hunting necessities or just to practice? Most experts recommend going with top rated products that should provide a good value for money.

You are looking at one of them right now. This PSE Vector 310 Crossbow review will open the door to a product designed to deliver. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this crossbow

Our Rating
  • Extremely Accurate.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safety Features.
PSE Vector 310 Crossbow review

PSE Vector 310 Crossbow Review

This model from PSE is aimed at all kinds of people, regardless of their skill level. It makes no difference if this is your first crossbow or you're quite experienced with such weapons.

Newbies will love the professional features and feeling, which will help them improve in no time.

As for more experienced users, they'll love the power, sturdiness and accuracy.

However, before looking for the best crossbow for your money, make sure you dig this product in smaller details and find out how it can improve your game. So, what should you know?

Key Specifications

  • 85FP kinetic energy.
  • 310 feet per second speed.

  • Trigger system breaks at 3 pounds.
  • 4x32 scope included.
  • Anti dry fire and automatic safety trigger.
  • 11.25 inch power stroke.
  • 32 inches in length with stirrup.
  • 15.25 inches in width cocked, 18.25 inches uncocked.

  • Weighs 6.5 pounds.
  • Comes with a rail lube.
  • 3 - 20 inch carbon bolts included.
  • 125-150 pound draw weight.

7 Key Features of The PSE Vector 310 Crossbow

1) Sizing and Weight

The bow measures 32 inches in length with stirrup. As for its width, it measures 15.25 inches when cocked and 18.25 inches when uncocked.

It's a general sizing standard for this category – just big enough for plenty of power, but compact for a comfortable use.

In terms of weight, it only weighs 6.5 pounds. It's quite lightweight and can be carried for hours without causing any discomfort.

Given its low weight, it won't feel complicated to aim either, as you can hold it in the same position for quite a while before firing.

2) Power and Speed

Power is essential when you decide to invest in a crossbow.

You want a long and decent string to push arrows fast and far. This model is among the middle range crossbows in this segment. Practically, it can fly bolts at 310 feet per second.

Based on the power associated with this speed, it's about three times more than what you need to hunt a deer. In other words, it will work for pretty much any kind of prey.

When compared to other crossbows, this one is not a front runner in terms of speed. It's about 30 feet per second slower than the average model.

However, you don't need more than this, just like you don't want to pay extra for features that won't make a difference. Speed depends on the bolt too.

The advertised value is suitable for those with 400g bolts.

3) Accuracy Standards

Accuracy is yet another important consideration. You don't want to aim at a deer and shoot your friend standing a few feet on your side.

The good news is that aiming is piece of cake. The PSE crossbow features its own 4x2 scope.

When interested in shooting lost distance, you'll have to consider other factors too, such as the wind. However, normally, the scoop clears all the guesswork.

The crossbow is more commonly used over short distances, so you'll get used to it right away.

4) Energy and Strength

The crossbow features 85FP of kinetic energy. It's a top range in this segment. To make things clear, you'll need about 40FP of kinetic energy to take down a deer.

Given the high value, the bow is suitable for any kind of prey. 

If you use it with training purposes for competitions, the high energy will add to your accuracy.

You won't need to calculate too many extra factors, as its strength will keep the bolt straight until it reaches the target.

The stroke power is rated at 11.25 inches. As for the drawing weight of the bow string, it's between 125 and 150 pounds.

It feels a bit too much for a beginner, so it might cause some discomfort, but you'll get used to it. It depends on your strength as well.

5) Safety and Protections

Safety is never to be overlooked when dealing with a weapon, be it a gun or a crossbow. PSE has added a few safety features to prevent accidental injuries when handling the crossbow.

The anti dry fire feature is one of them. Simply put, the crossbow will never fire accidentally without an arrow fitted in.

While it's not a harmful shot, firing by mistake can still cause an injury. This feature has become a common standard in many quality crossbows, yet some models in this price range fail to implement it.

The automatic safety trigger is just as important. It comes as an individual part in the package and must be fitted accordingly.

If this is the first time you use it, you'll find all the details in the manual of instructions.

6) Package and Accessories

The package is complete and allows using the Vector 310 crossbow out of the box.

Apart from the actual bow, you also have a 4x32 scope as a separate part, as well as the safety elements – the anti dry fire and automatic safety trigger.

The manufacturer has also included a few bolts, so you won't need to make any separate purchases. They measure 20 inches in length and they're made from carbon, but they also feature half moon nocks.

Other than that, you have a cocking rope device to help preparing the crossbow, as well as three 100 gram bullet points. A five bolt quiver is included, not to mention string stops and rail lube.

Some crossbows in this segment don't incorporate the cocking rope device, which must be purchased separately. Its main role is to ease the drawing weight.

Simply put, you have everything you need to test and use your crossbow within minutes only.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a crossbow case, but most crossbows don't have one anyway. You'll need to buy it separately.

7) Comfort and Maintenance

Despite providing a similar type of experience and general standards in power and accuracy, some crossbows in the same category may come in different styles.

This one features a rifle style, which means it has a similar handle that can rest against your shoulder or chest.

The rifle style adds to your stability, especially when you aim and fire. It's also more comfortable, as the shoulder takes some of the weight over.

Maintenance is fairly simple. The package comes with a rail lube. You just need to use it on a regular basis.

Most experts recommend using it after every 10 shots.

PSE Vector 310 Crossbow Assemble Instruction

The Pros and Cons


  • Comes with a full package
  • Easy to use due to the cocking rope device
  • Extremely accurate
  • Multiple safety features
  • Comfortable rifle style design


  • Doesn't come with a crossbow case
  • Might feel hard to cock for a beginner

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a crossbow an archery bow?

Based on the definition, crossbows are not considered archery bows. In some competitions, they are not allowed, unless the archer has a special permit.

However, some countries or states allow crossbows in competitions, as well as the hunting season.

2. What kind of arrows can a crossbow take?

Generally speaking, it depends on the crossbow. Check the manual of instructions and specifications.

Ideally, you should use the same brand – this way, you know for sure the arrows will be 100% compatible with the crossbow.

3. Why does my crossbow shoot to the left or to the right?

In 99% of all cases, it's a cocking problem. Make sure the crossbow is cocked off center. If the string is cocked in one direction, the crossbow will shoot that direction.

Even a few millimeters will have a massive impact over a long distance shot. In 1% of the cases, the problem is technical and might require a specialist.

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Bottom line, every PSE Vector 310 Crossbow review will claim on a series of positive associated with this crossbow and little to no disadvantages.

Rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars, it's one of the top rated crossbows on the market regardless of your skill level.

Our Rating

What We Liked:

  • Extremely Accurate.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safety Features.

What We Disliked:

  • Does not come with crossbow case.
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