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Irish Setter Boots Reviews [Are They Actually Worth It]

According to most Irish setter boots reviews, this hunting boot is a front running model based on its outstanding features. So, what should you know about it? Here is a quick recap on what we think of this boot.

The irish setter men's 860 elk tracker REview

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The Irish Setter Elk Tracker boots are an ideal choice for all kinds of hiking and hunting expeditions. Made from 100% leather, it also comes with a special GORE-TEX lining that provides liquid repelling features. Walking through snow, water, mud or slush? No problem. Your feet stay perfectly dry. With the 3M’s Thinsulate Ultra Insulation coating present, the boots keep your feet warm as well!

In the quest for durability, you often see hunting boots turn out heavy. However, this is certainly not the case with the Irish Setter Elk Trackers which weigh just 2 lbs! The boots are both durable and super light on your feet thanks to the manufacturer’s use of composite materials in its build.

Another nasty thing about hunting boots is that after heavy use, they tend to start smelling. This odor refuses to go away until you thoroughly clean them. The thoughtful folks at Irish Setter have cracked the solution to this problem and have come up with a proprietary ‘ScentBan Tech’ technology. This technology kills the bacteria that cause the smell and thereby keep the boots odorless even after months of heavy use.

The 860 Elk Tracker comes with a memory-foam EVA insole. This is quite surprising considering the price at which it is sold. A couple of short walks are all it takes to set them in.  They are certainly great value-for-money hunting boots that should last you decades without any problem. Read the detailed review below for a complete analysis of all its features.

What makes this hunting boot stands out?

  • Great traction on the soles – keeps you stable even on rough terrain
  • Super Comfortable; Light on your feet
  • ScentBan Tech - Prevents foot odor
  • Comes with memory-foam EVA insole – fits your feet snugly
  • Great value at a very reasonable price


Weight: 4 lbs

Material: 100% Leather

Sole: Memory foam EVA insole & Carbon rubber outsole

Insulation: PrimaLoft 400 Gram Insulation

Irish setter boots reviews

The 860 Elk Tracker model is a top rated product and for some good reasons. It makes no difference what your skill level is or where you plan to hunt. These boots will ensure a comfortable hunting experience, even if it lasts for hours. They're comfortable, yet solid and sturdy to ensure a stable step.

With all these, you still have to do your homework and research their features. Make sure you know what you expect from hunting boots and double check the Irish Setter boots size chart before placing an order. Now, what about their features?

Key Specifications

  • Available in more sizes

  • Weigh just over 4 pounds
  • Brown color
  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather construction
  • Waterproof GORE-TEX lining
  • 1000g 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation technology
  • Bulls Eye Air Bob Aggressive sole
  • ScentBan technology

Waterproof Capabilities

When hunting in the wilderness, you want waterproof shoes. Even if the weather is good, hunting in the morning will still expose you to lots of humidity, not to mention the tree shade that prevents water from evaporating. According to a series of reviews, this model is 100% waterproof.

In other words, your feet will stay dry even if you have to walk through a pond, snow or mud. The waterproof profile is given by the GORE-TEX fabric lining – currently the best rated waterproof material on the market. The material is excellent in repelling moisture and humidity, hence its popularity among many manufacturers.

Temperature Control

A bulky or sturdy boot won't necessarily allow temperature control. You've probably noticed that already – you get a set of large solid boots hoping they can keep your feet warm, but they don't. Despite most expectations, bulky boots have nothing to do with temperature control. Instead, insulation does.

This Irish Setter model comes with a proper insulation based on the 1000 gram 3M Thinsulate Ultra technology. You can literally spend hours hunting on a cold winter day and your feet won't suffer from the low temperature.

For this reason, the Irish Setter model is not suitable for hunting only, but also for all kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking to shoveling snow off your driveway. However, many manufacturers rely on cheap insulation, rather than professional options.

Durability and Weight

Durability is critical in harsh outdoor environments, as you're likely to put lots of pressure on your boots. These boots won't disappoint you though. They are made from leather, which will mold to the shape of your feet and allow some flexibility. Leather is mixed with a few other synthetic materials that can literally last forever.

The boots weigh slightly over 4 pounds. They're slightly heavier than a set of regular boots, but lighter than other hunting boots. They'll comfortable even if you wear them for hours. The lightweight profile for this segment is given by some of the materials used in their composition.

Apart from leather, the manufacturer has engineered them with composite materials that don't weigh too much, yet they're durable and solid.

Materials and Cushioning

When you want quality and durability, you can't go wrong with leather. You just can't accept something else. However, other materials are just as important. According to most reviews, the manufacturer has exclusively focused on top-notch materials that won't let anyone down. The goal? Extra comfort, as well as efficiency.

The four way stretch nylon is essential for flexibility. It doesn't keep the lower part of your feet stiff, but allows it to move for more stability. On the other hand, cushioning is not to be overlooked either. At this level, you have memory foam. It shapes according to the shape of your feet and it clears most pressure points. It literally cushions your steps as you walk.

It's one of the most common issues in boots. You tie them tightly to ensure they're well fitted, but you end up with pains within the first hour and you have to set them loose – not anymore!

On the outside, the outer sole brings in the Bulls Eye Air Bob Aggressive technology. You'll have the traction of a monster truck. You won't slip over wet leaves or muddy areas, but just dig in and support your movements without affecting your flexibility.

Odor and Smell

Nothing smells worse than a set of boots after wearing them for more than a few hours, especially when you count waterproof boots. They keep feet warm and dry, but they don't allow breathing. Your feet will start sweating eventually. Wear the boots for a few days and they'll smell like you're hiding dead bodies in there.

According to some customers reviews, these boots are different. It's hard to believe, but your feet will actually be odor-free even if you go hunting for half a day. The boots feature the ScentBan technology. It's not so popular in random boots, but mostly in exclusive models. The technology doesn't allow breathing, but it kills all the bacteria responsible for those nasty odors.

It might be one of the factors that adds to the price of these boots, but it's definitely an innovation that should be implemented by other companies as well.

Shape and Toe Room

It's certainly a challenge to find the perfect boots in terms of shape and toe room. If you want enough toe room, you'll most likely have to compromise on the overall fit, so boots will feel large around the ankle too. If you want a good fit, your toes will be squashes together, so you'll sacrifice comfort over stability.

Irish Setter comes with a slightly different form that fixes both these issues, so you won't have to make any compromises. The tip is rounder than in other boots, but also a bit taller. You can comfortably get some thick socks or feel like your toes can breathe. However, the ankle fit is still tight and stable.

Most people are not used to such a build, so they naturally assume that too much room for the toes means the boot is too large – just a misconception!

The Pros and Cons


  • No odors, even after long hunting sessions
  • Can keep foot warm in the wintertime
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy and durable
  • Excellent traction
  • Tough and well built


  • No protection from heavy objects, as there is no steel toe

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I apply any treatments on these boots?

They don't require any treatments or major maintenance. However, applying certain treatments will certainly add to their looks and maintain the leather in good condition, especially when exposed to salt, sun or water.

2. How should I look after these boots?

Water and a cloth will do. Conditioners are good for leather protection as well. Soap will help, of course, but it's advisable to use non-scented soap for maintenance. Don't put the boots in the washing machine.

3. Who makes these boots?

This model is created by Red Wing Shoes. The company was established in 1905. Ever since then, it gained notoriety for designing premium leather boots.

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Irish Setter Men's 860 Elk Tracker Hunting Boots

Our Rating

As a short final conclusion, you don't need too many Irish Setter boots reviews to convince yourself about the benefits of these boots. They're built with quality in mind and they'll most likely take your hunting experience to the next level.

We rate it at 4.6 out of 5 stars and for some good reasons – odor-free, durability, comfort and exquisite traction.

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Cassondra Brohl - September 23, 2018

I discovered your blog site on google and checked a few of your early posts 🙂

Jess - September 25, 2018

I have owned 2 pair of the elk trackers. Both with 1000 gram thinsulate. I used them for work. Most boots I have worn before them lasted 6 to 8 months. The first pair lasted just shy of a year. ( i cut the side out with a grinder, my fault). The second pair lasted 18 months before they started leaking. I work outside everyday in all kind of weather, year round moving mobile homes. They are pricey, but well worth it. If you buy 3 pair of boots in 18 months, you will spend far more than the cost of these. Amazing boots.

    Admin - September 25, 2018

    Yes Jess, this hunting boot is indeed value for money. I am still using it after 3.5 years.

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