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8 Best Kayak Deck Bag 2022 [Top Reviews And Buying Guide]

best kayak deck bag

Kayaking is a great outdoor sport many people enjoy. Quite many people go kayaking carrying regular bags. However, kayak deck bags are much more ideal. Apart from giving you space to pack your supplies, you get extra protection for your gadgets. As most kayak deck bags are waterproof, you will not be disturbed if your bag rolls into the water.

There are many brands of kayak deck bags to choose from. In this review, we will be providing you with some of the top rated models to choose from. There is also a buying guide below to aid you in getting the best kayak deck bag.

best value

Sea To Summit Deck Bag

  • Product Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Easy access to bag contents
  • External mesh compartment for increased storage 
  • Extremely durable and water-resistant material


  • Product Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Features Fold Seal technology to keep out water from the seals
  • Quite strong and durable
  • Enough buckles to hold the bag firmly on the deck

8 Best Kayak Deck Bag Reviewed

1. Seattle Sports Vinyl Coated Mesh Deck Bag – Top Pick

If you need a cost-effective yet highly durable kayak bag, Seattle sports will be a great choice. This heavy-duty bag is also spacious enough to pack as many accessories as you will need on your kayaking adventure.

It is vinyl coated to give it faster-drying capacity since it is not waterproof. It has a top-quality zipper that can withstand corrosion from seawater and unfavorable weather conditions. The zipper is strategically located to give easy access to your stored items.

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2. Overboard 20l Waterproof Kayak Deck Bag – Popular Choice

The primary focus in the design of the Overboard Kayak deck bag is excellent waterproof capacity. It is made from very strong PVC tarpaulin. It is very easy to wash when dirty or stained. It also dries up quickly without allowing water to enter through any part of it. 

Furthermore, the seams are welded such that water cannot leak through. There are six buckle points on the deck bag to fasten it firmly to the deck of your kayak. There is a shoulder strap to make carrying the bag on your back easy. It has a roll-top design; hence, you will need your two hands to zip or unzip the bag.

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3. Sea To Summit Solution Access Deck Bag – Best Value Pick

The kayak deck bag is designed bearing users' comfort in mind. It comes with outer mesh compartments by the side to increase storage space. The bag is made of extremely durable ripstop nylon material. You can expect 99% waterproof capacity. Ripstop nylon is also known for its excellent ability to withstand abrasion. 

Besides, the bag is also equipped with a stiffener to give shape and rigidness to the bag. It also offers two options for fastening the bag to the deck. You may decide to use the Velcro strips located at the base of the bag, or you may use the release buckles positioned at the sides. It also has a high-quality zip that is also water-resistant.

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4. Attwood Deck Storage Bag

Attwood is a popular brand for kayaking products. It makes high-quality kayaking products, and its deck storage bag is no exception. Its external body is made of rugged PVC, while the inner is made of tough nylon material. You will find a water-resistant console where you can store things to save from water.

There are side pockets available, so you can easily keep things you need within your reach. Be careful how you use the bag as it may get some of your materials wet, especially when it is submerged in water.

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5. Advanced Elements Quickdraw Deck Bag

This is a 7L capacity bag that helps the user locate specific items kept in the bag easily. It has both D-rings and straps for fastening on the deck. The body is made of PVC tarpaulin, which gives excellent waterproof capacity. Although this bag is not so spacious, one can use it to store a few essentials that may be required for the kayaking experience.

You can easily fasten the bag to the deck using the D-rings or straps. The zipper is strategically located to give easy access to the bag when storing or taking out items. Its contoured shape makes items quickly visible from users' vantage point.

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6. North Water Sea Kayak Under-Deck Bag

This type of kayak bag is different from others because it is mounted inside the kayak. If you want to maximize the space under the deck of your kayak's cockpit, you can choose this bag. Since it will be installed in a confined space, you can be sure that items kept in the bag will not be touched by water. 

There is no need to make holes for attaching this bag as it comes with SRB mounting system which works like a suction cup. SRB mounting allows for easy attachment and detachment of the bag. The bag features a Pelican Scoop zipping style, which helps to prevent the contents of the bag from spilling out when the bag is opened.

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7. Taj M'Haul Deck Bag

Taj M'Haul Deck bag is designed to keep water from penetrating the bag. It is made of 400D nylon outer cover and water-resistant zips to keep supplies dry and safe. The inner bag is also double protected from water by its hydro-lock zip. 

Furthermore, its design enables it to take in much load without bulging so much. There are expanding mesh pockets around the bag to give extra storage and keep items handy. Its hook-and-loop straps make it easier to mount the bag on the deck of the kayak.

Detaching the bag from the deck is also as easy as mounting it. The bag also comes with a handle with which users can carry the bag.

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8. Chinook Aquawave 20

Last on the list, Chinook Aquawave 20 is a highly versatile kayak deck bag. It is made of rugged and durable ripstop nylon material. You can simply attach the carrying handle to convert the bag from a deck bag to one you can easily carry on your shoulders. 

Its contoured shape allows for more storage space inside the bag. The zips are also corrosion-resistant and do not allow water to sip in. You will find a good number of mesh pockets around the bag where you can place pumps, water bottles, and other supplies you want to have handy.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Kayak Deck Bag

If you are thinking of getting a kayak deck bag, you need to consider these 8 factors.

1) Material

The first factor to consider when choosing a kayak deck bag is the material of the bag. The type of material will determine waterproof ability, tendency to withstand abrasion, and harsh weather conditions. The material type determines durability and quality to a larger extent.

Bags made of Ripstop nylon material tend to last longer and offer better performance than others. Bags made of thick PVC are also great when it comes to durability and performance.

2) Space

The amount of space required depends on your primary motives for kayaking and what you think you must always carry. If you can work with minimal packing space, you can get medium-sized kayak deck bags. But if you like taking more stuff like me, go for bigger sized bags. I usually bring along some extra kayak gloves and compass to help with my navigation.

You should also remember that the larger the space, the thicker the bag material should be. This will help the bag deal effectively with stress from loads.

3) Ease of Access

You need to be sure that when there is any need to get an item from your deck bag, such an item can be easily gotten. Ease of access depends on the design of the bag. Side pockets, mesh pockets, and zipped space factor in determining how easily you can assess materials in the bag.

For easy access, two or three zipped compartments should do. Having two to three side pockets and a mesh pocket will give users easy access to items required when kayaking.

4) Zippers

The quality of zippers on your bag can also affect the performance and longevity of the bag. As faulty zippers are one of the initial signals of a low-quality bag, you should be sure the zippers are strong enough to last.

Zippers may come in plastic or coated metal. The plastic types have a higher reputation for being durable and efficient. Coated metal zippers may lose their coating with time and make it easy for some parts of the zippers to corrode.

As time goes by, a rusted zipper will make it difficult to zip or unzip the bag. Where the zipper is faulty, you may also need to spend money on replacing the zipper.

5) Buckles and Straps

Kayak deck bags come with buckles and straps, which ensure that your bag stay firm on the deck. You need to be sure that the straps are strong enough even when you are paddling in the wind. You should also confirm that the straps and buckles on the bag are compatible with your kayak.

Test the strength of straps by trying to stretch them. If the strap holds without any sign of being elastic, it is of high quality. Buckles should be made of thick and hard plastics to withstand stress when paddling in windy conditions.

6) Waterproofing

Kayak deck bags differ from regular bags due to the waterproof capacity. Even deck bags have varying degrees of waterproof capacity, depending on the design and material of the bag. Water may not easily seep through the body of the bag.

However, the zipped edges may allow some water to sip in if the zip surface is left exposed. This is why some models have their zips sandwiched between waterproof covering. Since there may be times, your deck bag will get some splashes of water, and you need to ensure the water will not soak into the bag.

7) Main Purpose

Some bags are more appropriate for specific purposes than others. If you need a kayak deck bag just for the sake of putting your little stuff as you enjoy the sport, you can find bags suited for such purpose.

On the other hand, if you choose to go kayaking for other reasons outside sports, you may need to carry more supplies. This will mean more space requirements for your bag. For maximum space utilization, you can go for deck bags that have multiple compartments.

8) Seams

Bags can tear from edges where they are sewn. To see if your bag is prone to tear, find some random edges where the bag is joined. Pull the two sides about the edge of the bag gently to reveal the seams. If the seams are not very visible, you can be sure it will take long before the bag tears from the edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are kayak deck bags used on kayaks only?

Kayak deck bags can be used on SUPs, too. Some people use kayak deck bags to carry their regular stuff through the rain.

2. How do I take care of my kayak deck bag?

Most kayak bags require very little maintenance. You can simply use liquid detergents to wash off stains. Be sure that you don't let sharp objects puncture the bag. Keep the bag away in your store if you won't be using it for quite a while.

3. What do I do if the main zip of my bag gets faulty?

Go to a store where kayaking equipment is sold. You may have the zip fixed for a token.

4. Do I need to sundry my kayak bag?

You don't necessarily have to sundry kayak bags. This also depends on the material. If your bag is made of cloth material, you may sundry. If not, allowing air dry it is ok.

5. How do I know when I need to get another bag?

If your present bag is torn around the sides beyond repair, you can consider getting a new one. If the zip has lost its potency due to a very long period of use, you can also consider getting a new one.


Choosing from our list of best kayak deck bag should help you get the one that serves your needs the most. 

Seattle Sports ranks as our top choice on the list. The bag gives lots of space and versatility. 

Overboard 20L is the more popular choice for most as because it is easily washable and most used for kayaking. 

For best value wise, we will go with the Sea to Summit deck bag because it packs a lot of great features at a reasonable price.

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