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8 Best Dry Bags For Kayaking [Top Reviews & Buying Guide]

best dry bags for kayaking

An adventurous kayaking experience with family and friends on the weekend is not to miss. As awesome as the idea of kayaking might sound, you don't want to embark on it with limited gears. From your sponsons, PFDs, bilge pumps, etc., you should be fully-equipped like someone who's awaiting the Armageddon. Most of these gears, if not all, are susceptible to damage if exposed to water. The same thing applies to your smartphones and other gadgets.

To protect your belongings and not ruin the overall experience, we've researched and listed the 8 best dry bags for your next kayaking adventure! These bags are protective, easy to carry, and durable.

best value

Acrodo Dry Bag Transparent & Waterproof

  • 10 L to 20 L size
  • Tear and water-resistant material
  •  It is lightweight and doesn't magnet sand


MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

  • 10L, 20L, 30L, to 40L sizes
  • Waterproof guarantee with safe water-tight seal
  • Easy to wash and maintain

8 Best dry bags for kayaking Reviewed

1. EarthPak Waterproof Dry Bag – Top Pick

Coming first on the list, the EarthPak bag is quite what you need for containing your gears. With shiny, bright yellow color, which can be harnessed for fashioning, the bag comes in different sizes, giving you the option to pick what you can easily carry without breaking down from fatigue.

The bag is waterproof and protects your gears and clothes. It is also supplemented with a 6.5" inch IPX8-certified waterproof case to contain your phone and block any liquid. Regardless of the size, the bag has a shoulder strap and sternum strap for stress-free carriage.

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2. Acrodo Dry Bag Transparent & Waterproof – Best Value Pick

This dry bag is not only waterproof, but it is also transparent, making it an instant impression at first glance. Fascinatingly, the bag can flow atop water if it accidentally slips off the board. To get this, we hint that you leave extra room for air.

Furthermore, the bag has a shoulder strap and handle for you to carry across your body or in your hands. Most importantly, it is made from durable, sturdy materials that ensure that it doesn't get touched by water. Its transparency makes it easy to find items stuffed in your bag without ransacking.

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3. MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag – Popular Choice

Rugged, sturdy, durable, name it; this product ticks all boxes. The dry bag is made of thick, high-quality 500D tarpaulin, which is a sturdy waterproof material that resists scathe, tear, and can hold up in tough conditions. The bag is not only apt for kayaking, but it's also handy when going hiking, snowboarding, etc.

The smaller sizes of the bag have single shoulder straps that are detachable, while the medium sizes have double, detachable straps. Besides, the bag is lightweight and easy to carry around. It can also float atop water, giving you a kayaking experience free of worries.

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4. OUTXE IP67 Kayak Waterproof Backpack

This dry bag gives your gears and personal belongings every protection needed against the waters when you go kayaking. It is 100 percent airtight and water-light, giving your stuff maximum protection. Made of TPU material, the bag is non-toxic, and it can withstand environments with as high as 70° centigrade. With roll-up closure and a zip-lock seal, the bag has an IPX7 waterproofing rating.

The backpack is made of 420D TPU material, which is undoubtedly long-lasting than its PVC counterpart. Comparatively, TPU doesn't easily give away to cracks during cold weather, and it is resistant to oxidation.

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5. Relentless Recreation Dry Bag Backpack

Silva is known for its quality compasses, both marine, and hiking, and the Silva 58 compass model is no different. It is a compact compass with a small dial and firm plastic holding clips to attach it to whatever surface is most convenient for you. The dial face has clear white notches to show the graduations and a big yellow marker that shows the bearing from whatever angle you face.

It is easy to remove and mount, and it is protected from impact by a hard plastic cover. This cover makes it a perfect match for rough nautical journeys. The compass is reliable and durable, which makes it a favorite for a lot of kayakers.

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6. ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag

Who wants to go kayaking while simultaneously worrying about the safety of gadgets and other items? Certainly, none do. The ZBRO dry bag is made of firm, sturdy material designed to resist tear, sand, and water. As a matter of interest, the bag is visible at night, owing to the reflective stripe attached to it. Also, it has a padded shoulder strap, which is not only detachable but also extendable to provide the ultimate comfort.

Talking about size variability, this bag comes in different sizes, from 20L, 30L, to 40L. So you can choose according to your demands.

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7. Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set of 3

This list of best dry bag for kayaking is incomplete without the Freegrace waterproof bag. Available in different variants and colors, the bag uses high-quality double-closure strip seals at the top of the bag, which can withhold any submersion and ultimately resist water inflow. Like some others we've reviewed here, this one is also made of 500D tarpaulin, which is tear-resistant, lightweight, and built to be long-lasting.

The bag comes with a waterproof pouch (8.62" × 6.49") to protect your cell phones, and you can wear it in a cross-shoulder style or strap it to the main bag.

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8. IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Sack

The last product on the list is this bag from iDRYBAG. The company is a leading designer of dry bags for decades. Its internal pockets are specifically designed and segmented to contain different types of items— from keys, cards, and gears. Its outer pockets are subtly splash-proof, coupled with a reflective stripe for night visibility.

The bag is lockable with buckles made of POM material that is long-lasting. Additionally, the bag has an IP68 waterproof rating, and it can survive submersion in depths of up to 19ft for 60 minutes.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Dry Bag For Kayaking

Dry bags will go a long way in protecting your gears and wears when you on a kayaking adventure. We've handpicked the best bags in this write-up. However, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to shop for one yourself. In that case, you must be mindful of getting the best value for money.

Nobody wants to end up with a dry bag that leaks through and damage their other accessories. Without mincing words, here is what you need to consider when buying a dry bag for your kayaking adventure:

1. Build Material

The build material is arguably the most important factor to consider. The point of a dry bag is to protect your items in harsh conditions. For this reason, most dry bags are advertised to be waterproof. Let's be honest; not all dry bags are waterproof.

However, materials like are vinyl, tarpaulin, and silnylon have waterproofing capabilities. They are flexible, easy to carry, and long-lasting. Also, do not confuse the dry bag with the deck bag.

2. Closure

Some dry bags have a zipper seal, while others have roll-up closures. While both closure methods are ideal, it's worth noting that it all boils down to personal preference. Also, keep in mind that the closure method of a bag will also determine it's waterproofing capabilities.

Although roll-up closures are almost equally good, we hint that bags with zipper seals are better, and they provide more protection.

3. Size

Please avoid buying what you can't comfortably carry around. In most cases, 20L to 30L dry bags are more than enough to carry your things. However, if the bag is intended to contain items for two or more persons, you might want to consider getting even bigger sizes.

4. Weight

Imagine stuffing your items in a bag almost as heavy as the items it's going to contain. The weight of a bag is very crucial because the majority of kayakers prefer strapping their bags to their backs. Ensure that you check for this in your preferred bag's description to see if the weight is not much.

5. Color

While this is barely a deal-breaker for anyone, it is worth pointing that the color of a dry bag speaks volumes. Nobody wants to go out in a conglomeration of colors that makes them look like a rainbow. Check if a bag has the color option that will match your outfit. Some people love dark, simple colors such as grey and black as opposed to bright, shiny ones like yellow.

6. Straps

Lastly, you need to check if your intended dry bag comes with straps. If it does, ensure that it matches your preferred style. Some people love carrying their bags on their backs instead of carrying across the shoulders or in the hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all dry bags have phone pouch?

No, not all bags do. Most manufacturers prefer to add phone pouch to bags of between 30 to 50L sizes.

2. How long can the bags last?

The lifespan of a dry bag depends largely on the build material, as well as an individual user. Kindly ensure to use them with care.

3. Can I return a bag?

Some manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee if the quality is not as expected.


Dry bags are an excellent option for securely stacking your gears when you go kayaking. That's why we've compiled this list of best dry bags for kayaking from first-hand experience and detailed research.

Overall, our best pick from the list is the EarthPak Waterproof Dry Bag, given its overall durability and quality. On the other hand, the best value for money is the Acrodo Dry Bag. It's very affordable without compromising quality.

Last but not least, the most popular choice in the market right now is the MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag, which is perfect for an average buyer.

In conclusion, the dry bags listed here are from first-hand experience and deep research. Ensure that you use the buyer guide or go through our list once again. Good luck on your next kayaking adventure!

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