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10 Best Kayaking Gloves 2022 [Top Reviews And Buying Guide]

Kayaking is one such activity that demands proper gear, and one of the most important things you need are gloves.

A good pair of gloves is essential while kayaking for protecting your hands from injuries. They offer protection from harsh weather and assist in more comfortable paddling. With gloves, you are safe from blisters and injuries, which may arise from constant paddling.

As long as you are kayaking, you can't do without suitable gloves, which is why we have taken the time to select the best kayaking gloves on the market.

best value

BPS Double-Lined Neoprene

  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Unisex design
  • Anti-slip rubber grip


The Fishing Tree Fingerless

  • Chemical free gloves
  • UP50 fabrics - sun protection
  • Good grip

10 Best Kayaking Gloves Reviewed

1. Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Five Finger Wetsuit Gloves – Top Pick

Best Kayaking Gloves

Made by Neo-Sport, this is our top pick for so many reasons. Designed for five-fingered wear, they are comfortable and made from high-quality neoprene material. Hence, they are perfect for warm weather.

The soft material gives a smooth flex, and it is very durable with the seams glued and sewn. The grip is textured and designed with cyclone, which makes paddling very easy and offers a firm grip on surfaces. These gloves are great for kayaking and other sport activities.

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2. The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves – Popular Choice

These unisex gloves come with a fingerless design, covering the hands and palms mostly. Made with elastane, lycra, and spandex materials, these chemical-free gloves are great for kayaking. They serve for kayaking, fishing, and other sporting activities.

The fabrics have UPF50 and sun protection to keep your hands in perfect condition while kayaking. The product can be washed with a machine and is durable, mainly when fabric softeners are not applied.

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3. BPS Double-Lined Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves - Value Pick

The BPS wetsuit gloves are another excellent option for kayaking, diving, and many other activities. With a unique design that suits both male and female, these double lined, 3mm/5mm Neoprene gloves are just a great buy. The rubber Palm design makes for a good grip with these gloves.

The gloves fit just perfectly, and they cover the full fingers with an adjustable wrist strap. You would love the lightweight gloves with glued and stitched seams to restrict water absorption.

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4. NeoSport 3/4 Finger Neoprene Gloves

Manufactured by the renowned Neo-Sport, these comfortable gloves, cover the finger just a little bit above halfway. The gloves are designed with 1.5mm neoprene material. The Palm is padded with synthetic leather to give you a firm grip when kayaking or partaking in other kinds of activities, whether wet or dry.

The lightweight gloves are uniquely manufactured and tested with very advanced techniques to ensure durability and premium comfort for users.

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5. Perfect Curve Glove

These gloves are specially produced by Glacier Gloves, with high-quality neoprene. Completely waterproof, users can comfortably use it in kayaking and other watersports. The seams are glued and stitched blindly with the palms having no seams.

The gloves have full, pre-curved fingers for complete comfort and an integrated pro-strap. They come in various sizes and suit both male and female adults. Providing warmth with Neoprene fleece lining, it is an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts.

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6. Glacier Glove Islamorada Sun Glove

Another product from the brand- Glacier Gloves, the chic Islamorada Sun Gloves are made from 15% synthetic leather and 85% of lycra. These unique gloves protect the hands from the sun, with 50+ UPF protection.

They are designed to cover ¾ of the fingers, and the fabrics are not very heavy and breathable. They are very comfortable and easy to use. Furthermore, you can use these gloves for kayaking, exercising, and other spring activities.

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7. NRS Men's Boaters Gloves Closeout

The Boaters Gloves are designed by NRS and were produced with 6.3 oz of a combination of spandex and nylon. This pair of gloves suit warm weather conditions and are very comfortable. The palm design is of synthetic leather to aid a firm grasp and protect the hands from injuries or blisters.

The design of the gloves is such that ¾ of the fingers are covered, leaving the fingertips free to perform simple tasks like picking canned drinks open.

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8. NRS Men's Axiom Gloves Closeout

Produced by the Northwest River Supply, the Axiom Gloves are an excellent fit for watersports lovers. The gloves are made from a combination of nylon and spandex materials. On top of that, they are very breathable and lightweight as they are made with UPF20 silk weight material on the outer layer.

With synthetic leather, the grip is firm, and the hands are very protected. The grip is made even firmer with the addition of grip pads of silicone. They are made only for men.

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9. NRS Men's Axiom Gloves Closeout

From Warmers, the Barnacle paddling gloves are a great fit for kayaking. Made with materials such as Neoprene, Terry cloth, and Lycra, the gloves offer protection and are comfortable to use.

The grasp is fortified with silicone tactiles, which give a smooth feel yet, very firm grip. The thumb part is made of terrycloth and can be easily used to clean off sweat while paddling. The gloves are best washed by hand with mild soap and water.

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10. IUSTAOCS Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless gloves are made from high-quality ice silk material that is lightweight and very breathable. Manufactured by IUSTAOCN, these gloves offer 50+ UPF sun protection to help keep the hands safe from UV rays.

The gloves are very light and flexible, making kayaking fun and easy. They also serve for other exercises and sporting activities. They are resistant to stress and have a good grip with the palm pad filled with SBR and silica to offer maximum comfort.

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Buying Guide [5 Main Things To Consider]

Protecting your hands is very important when engaged in any activity, especially sports or exercises. You don’t only need to keep them in good condition but also to last longer in your activity.

When choosing gloves for kayaking, you need to consider a lot of factors. These includes:

1. Material

It is very advisable to consider the materials of your gloves, concerning the weather conditions. When it's freezing, thick gloves are the best, and the reverse is the case for warmer weather. Also, you need to consider how long it takes for the material to get dry when you wash it and if you can bleach or machine wash it. Check out these great kayak covers to protect your kayak during winter.

2. Thickness

This can be a bother because if the glove is too thick, it might reduce dexterity while protecting your hands. Though they are a great choice for cold times, when it's hot, you might need to choose gloves that are not as thick as you can easily maneuver with them.

Considering thickness, you also need to check how breathable the gloves are. While some seem light and very breathable, they also provide much-needed warmth. Go through all the information about the gloves before making a choice.

3. Seams/Grips

The seams matter a great deal when it comes to gloves. They add flair to design if you're one to look at the beauty. But most importantly, they decide that tell how long your gloves can last. While synthetic and leather gross are preferred for getting dry quicker than other materials, the seams don't last very long as they wear up early.

However, when it comes to grip, they do better. Neoprene gloves are also great when considering grip. Most gloves come with an extra grip, and they are the best.

4. Fit

When choosing gloves for your kayaking, consider the extra attachments. How well does it fit? Are the gloves you want unisex or feminine?

If you opt for loose gloves, you don’t only risk falling off, but you also risk having a very clumsy row. That can result in unwanted injuries or accidents, or you could just have an awful day on the water. Loose gloves also offer very little warmth due to the availability of enough space for air.

On the other hand, getting tight gloves is also as bad. They can limit blood flow if you even get your hands into them.

Most of the time, vendors provide a chart, especially if you are ordering online. It is much easier to select the perfect model for your kayaking and other exercises.

5. Usability

You want kayaking gloves, and it is good to buy a great pair. But sometimes, it is even better to buy one which can serve other purposes too. This is very considerable for those who don't kayak often and might not want the pair of gloves sitting idly around. Some gloves are versatile and can be used for other activities besides kayaking like fishing, gym, and others.

These are the fundamental factors that determine how good a kayaking glove is and how well it will serve your purpose.

Other things to consider might be color, style, extra perks added. You might want to consider these factors while making a choice too.


You should always choose the best gloves, no matter how often you're on the kayaking expedition. Out of the ten products on our list, our top overall pick is the Neo Sport Premium. These gloves are some of the best kayaking gloves you can find, and they combine excellent performance with affordable pricing.

Any other product on our list works well too; you just have to find the right fit.

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