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Werner Paddles Review [Most Sophisticated Paddle Ever Seen]

Modern and sophisticated paddles are more than just popular at the moment and chances are high that they will be even more popular in the near future. The main reason is in the advantages these paddles have to offer.

werner camano straight paddle

In this Werner paddles review, we will be reviewing the Werner Camano straight paddle. We must add that we performed tests in the real world and in real situations before writing the review! As such, you will be able to understand how and why these paddles are so special.

They may be the leader in the world of water sports and adventures, but there are a lot of additional facts you have to know before you make your choice. Here is a quick recap on what we think of this paddle.

Our Rating
  • Varieties of cool colors to choose from
  • Available in different sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Solid & Durable

Werner Camano Straight Paddle Review

First of all, this is a high-end paddle which offers a lot of advantages and features that will be mentioned below.

The Construction

The Werner Camano straight paddle is optimized meaning that the difference between stiffness and flexibility has been carefully chosen.

In simple words, you will be able to enjoy using the extremely lightweight, yet strong and durable paddle.

A low level of flexibility has been added to the equation. This makes the paddle mode durable and resilient to rocks or any other potential objects that may damage the paddle.

This is made possible because Werner has invested hours and hours of testing this function with the goal of making a paddle with all these advantages.

Sizes Availability

Most good kayak paddles are available in different sizes, due to the fact that each user will prefer or better said must have a paddle of a specific length.

The model we have here is available in different lengths, starting from 220 cm and reaching 260 cm. Of course, the versions in between include 230 cm, 240 cm, and 250 cm.

We tested the mid-sized versions. It is the most popular of them all and it is suitable for most users. 

The only downside is due to its popularity, it often run out of stock. Some sizes may be unavailable for you right now. That’s why we advise you to be decisive when making this purchase. As of right now, models with 250 cm and 260 cm dimensions are currently out of stock.

The Dihedral Element of the Paddle

We must add the fact that this paddle comes with a dihedral advantage. This is the main objective of most Werner paddles. In general, this is the key reason why they are perfect when it comes to straight paddling. They offer you the stability which is much needed for beginners and professionals. 

Almost all the reviews we were able to see are related to the dihedral fact. If you are still wondering what this means, remember that it is actually the shape and the balance of the paddle, combined with the weight and stiffness. All of this must be perfectly balanced in order to assist you with the paddling.

Here we must add that the paddle we tested is extremely smooth to use. We can almost feel how the water escapes out of the paddle. This reduces our paddling effort and at the same time improving the speed as well.

If you are looking for a paddle that also increases your stability and helps you reach the next level, this one will be perfect.

Fiberglass Material

With this Werner paddle model that we are reviewing, it is made of fiberglass. 

The first advantage of fiberglass paddles is the weight. They are usually lighter than any other alternative available on the market.

Basically, this allows for users to use them for a longer period of time without feeling fatigue.

Also, when it comes to maneuverability, these paddles are easy to use and maneuver in any situation, making precise kayaking possible.

Kayak paddles made of fiberglass are extremely durable unlike their counterparts. For example, units made of foam and layered with carbon will break within a couple of months. You may need up to 3 units per season!

Fiberglass models are different and they are able to flex just a little bit in order to provide a much longer lifespan. It won’t be impossible to own a paddle of this kind that will last for a decade!

Werner paddles offers a unique sensation when used. They will also flex a little bit as we have mentioned, providing a better overall feel.

Basically, you will be able to feel the water gliding over the paddle, helping you maximize your potential and becoming better in kayaking. In other words, these paddles can groom you on your quest to becoming a professional. Of course, getting a reliable kayak is important as well.

The bottom line here is that if you are looking for a new paddle which will help you become better in kayaking, the fiberglass models are definitely worthy of consideration. They are different, special and they are more than just desirable at the moment. To look for other types of kayak paddles, click here.

Who Should Choose the Werner Camano Straight Paddle

The answer to this question is more than just simple. This paddle is optimized and developed for experts and those who want a premium and high-end model that will assist them with kayaking perfectly.

The paddle is durable, extremely strong and well-made all in the goal of meeting the highest possible requirements you may have.

Beginners are highly recommended to consider this paddle as well. It is easy to use and it is known to enhance paddling in no time. However, if you are an experienced kayak angler who is looking for a paddle, we recommend you to look into Best Kayak Paddle for Fishing.

The Pros and Cons


  • Great combination of stiffness and flexibility
  • Available in different sizes
  • You can get it in different color versions
  • Assist you in maintaining stability and improves speed


  • Price may be an issue for some users


Werner Camano Straight Paddle

Our Rating
werner paddles review

We hope that our Werner paddles review is able to help you fully understand the pure essence of this paddle in question. The Werner Camano Straight Paddle is more than just a simple product that is made to last for a few months. It is a high-end paddle designed and made for those who wants to use it to their full potential.

We would definitely recommend this paddle and rate it 5/5 stars. As such, you are welcomed to choose and use this paddle for any purpose you have in mind. It will definitely meet all of your expectations!

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