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Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Reviews [Unveiling The Most Attractive Features]

With the summer season knocking at the door, it's no surprise that more and more people aim to find summer and beach accessories for their upcoming holidays. Inflatable kayaks represent some of the most attractive options out there. Based on the multitude of Sea Eagle 330 reviews, it's easy to tell what makes them so popular.

However, finding the right model can be tricky. Unless you're experienced with boats, chances are you have no idea what to look for. Luckily, we've already done this for you. We've analyzed the best rated inflatable kayaks on the market, as well as their specifications, pros and cons. One reason only – finding out if they can match the manufacturers' specifications.

Now, before moving on with this Sea Eagle kayak, it's imperative to understand the benefits of such an accessory over your summer experience. So, what should you expect from it and what are its strengths?

Benefits of Inflatable Kayaks

An inflatable kayak is like any other inflatable thing – very lightweight. Unlike traditional kayaks, it doesn't have any rigid structures. You can literally deflate, fold and carry it with no issues at all. Sure, weight adds to stability, but it's not like you'll use it for professional competitions on rapid rivers.

Based on its profile, it has no rigid structure, so you can fold it and pack it in a small backpack. Once rolled up, it can go into your car with no issues, do not require installation of roof rack or trailer. At home, you can store it in a closet or dump it in the basement. Sure, its size does have a word to say, but overall, these kayaks are the size of a backpack.

Given these benefits, it's easy to understand why inflatable kayaks are portable. You can take them anywhere. They can go in your luggage if you travel by plane, but also in the back of your car.

You can use them in places where renting kayaks is just not an option. Plus, they're so compact that shipping them is both reliable and inexpensive.

Don't overlook their intuitive use either. It takes some time to inflate the boat, indeed, but you can do it with a pump. The time needed to take the kayak out and inflate it is shorter than having a rigid kayak secured on top of your car. Boarding it is just as simple – sit down behind the cockpit, put one foot in and slide in.

Directing and controlling the unit is piece of cake – anyone can learn without any special lessons or courses. After all, you'll use it to have fun and not to win a sports competition. 

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Review

Sea Eagle 330 is currently a top selling item in its segment. It's not the first model in this segment. From our point of view, it's similar to Sea Eagle Kayak 370, with slight differences in design and size. It's recommended to one or two people only and it brings in a series of professional features. Despite being inflatable and exposed to damage, we found the manufacturer's confidence in this product to be exquisite. Basically, the kayak comes with a limited three year warranty.

1. Sizing Requirements

Sea Eagle's 330 model is designed with two users in mind. There's plenty of space for each user though, as well as enough leg space. It can take both skinny and large people.

Its capacity is 500 pounds. Despite its capabilities, it only weighs 26 pounds, so it's easy to move around, unfold and inflate.

On the inside, it's 13 inches in with and 9 feet in length. It's quite long for stability. However, despite taking 500 pounds of weight, we didn't find it wide enough to accommodate large people. But then, it's inflatable, so it's flexible. The outside measures 34 inches by 11 feet. Despite this unusual proportion between weight and width, we couldn't find any Sea Eagle boats complaints from overweight people.

As for unfolding and inflating it, the whole operation shouldn't take more than 6 minutes – at least that's what the manufacturer says. We used a proper pump, so we did it in less than that.

2. Durable Construction

Sea Eagle's kayak might be an inflatable unit, but it doesn't mean it will fail on you whenever it hits a hard object or a stone.

It's not like the average inflatable summer gear that you can buy from any random shop, but it borrows some features from professional kayaks.

For example, it's made from a K-80 Polykrylar hull material. It doesn't ring too many bells, yet you should know this material is rated to be puncture resistant. Don't try it out with a kitchen knife though because it will fail. However, it's designed to face the most common issues a kayak user might experience. We did try it out with a few sharp objects and it held well. The material is extra thick too.

The structure is solid and sturdy too. The inside consists of nine inch tubes, as well as a quality I-beam construction. The welded seams are quite close one to another for a tight design. We liked what it looked like, yet we know it's all about functionality. Furthermore, the kayak comes with a class III whitewater certification.

3. Full Package

No matter how attractive and reliable they seem, the truth is that many inflatable kayaks are falsely reliable for a simple reason – you'll only get the kayak and nothing else. Based on the wide plethora of reviews on Sea Eagle 330 out there, this one comes with a full package. Unless you want inflatable dolphins to swim around you or a cowboy hat to prevent sunburns, you don't have to invest in any extra accessories.

Most importantly, the 330 model comes with its own foot pump, hence the quick function procedures. We tried it out – it's just so comfortable. You even have a specific carry bag in its size, so you don't need to buy a backpack.

Also, it has inflatable front and rear seats, as well as inflatable spray skirts. The oars are also included in the package.

Simply put, you can use this kayak as soon as you get it – rush to the beach, unfold and inflate it, then get on water.

4. Extra Features

Technical buyers will want to know more than just the basic features, especially if they've owned other similar units before. Are there any differences between Sea Eagle 370 and 330? Can it withstand rapid waters? Here's what we found out!

The kayak is NMMA certified. It comes with multiple valves. One of them is a self bailing drain valve. Three other one way valves add to its functionality. Different parts have to be inflated separately – such as the spray skirts.

As for the floor, the I-beam construction makes it solid and straight, despite being an inflatable unit. In terms of speed and tracking, you have two skegs on the bottom. The repair kit should always stay in the kayak for unexpected situations, while the pressure gauge is ideal in case you end up with a problem.

We found it surprising to see so many technical improvements in an inflatable kayak though.

Who Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak Is For?

Sea Eagle 330 is designed for amateurs, beginners and even experienced kayak users who don't take this experience too seriously. It's not a professional sturdy unit, but a model for families. 

It's good for couples, as well as families with kids. They shouldn't be allowed alone on it though.

However, the design, materials and construction make it appropriate for professional users too. We researched its uses and it seems people use it for rapid rivers too, not just random downstream drifts.

The extra functionality is certainly a good upgrade from previous models. It's just enough to make the kayak appealing to professional users looking for a chilled drift or some training sessions.

Pros and Cons of the Sea Eagle 330


  • It's stable and easy to control on rapid waters.
  • It's ready to go within 6 minutes only.
  •  It's made of strong and durable materials, so it can withstand intensive uses.
  • With 26 pounds in weight, it's both lightweight and portable.
  • The package has all the accessories you might need.


  • The lightweight profile makes it vulnerable in front of strong winds.
  • It might feel a little tight for big-sized guys, despite being able to support 500 pounds.

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SEA EAGLE 330 Review

Our Rating
Sea eagle 330 reviews

Bottom line, we went through a series of Sea Eagle 330 reviews in the attempt to identify both the pluses and minuses of this inflatable kayak. Although it's designed for amateur uses, it carries some professional features that will make it appealing to the experts too. The class III whitewater certification and the thick construction are just some of them.

When combined with a solid price tag, it offers the best value for money in this segment. This isn't just some random inflatable gear, but a semi-professional unit that will support you for years.

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