Vibe Yellowfin 100 Review [Discover What You Have Been Missing]

Are you thinking of taking some time enjoying your holiday racing and fishing in a lake next to the island of your dreams? By looking at this Vibe yellowfin 100 review, you will get a rough idea of all the amazing features this kayak has to offer. Here is a quick summary of this kayak.

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Vibe yellowfin 100 review


This rainbow-coloured kayaking experience is worth saving up for! Made by Vibe Kayaks, the Yellowfin 100 is a ten-foot angler with adjustable seats and a sturdy body. It weighs 57 pounds but is relatively comfortable to pull and move around for short distances. It has storage spaces and accessories that make angling and rafting a safe and enjoyable experience.

The level of stability and manoeuvrability is one of the most significant plus points of this vessel. It has handles that are sturdily fixed on to the sides. These help shift it into the water without much difficulty.

To ensure that your actual fishing experience is enjoyable without any hitches, there are 4 flush mount holders for fishing rods. It also comes with 2 tackle trays. The best part, you ask? These trays fit perfectly into the tackle storage space provided.

While fishing, to ensure that you are seated appropriately, the Yellowfin has a comfortable Vibe Hero seat. It is well-cushioned and combined with adjustable foot braces that will keep you comfortable even for long paddling sessions.

Apart from the built-in accessories, a set of scupper holes are built into the kayak. These drain the water coming inside from paddle splash, thus ensuring that you don’t sit in a puddle. The open deck platform of the Yellowfin is thoughtfully coated with a slip-resistant material to give your feet good grip when you stand and cast.

Overall, it is a great buy at a very reasonable price. Read the detailed review below for a complete explanation of all the features of Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100 Angler.

What makes this Kayak stands out?

  • Lightweight – easy to handle and transport
  • Good manoeuvrability -   the kayak has seamless movement and good control
  • Flush mount rod holders for hands-free fishing
  • Comfortable Vibe Hero seat – can sit comfortably for a long period of time
  • Great value for money


Length: 10 ft

Width: 32 inch

Weight: 57 lbs

Max Capacity: 375 lbs

Material: Performance Crafted Ultra Stable Rotomolded Single Piece Polyethylene

The Vibe Kayaks company has done a tremendous job of providing us with kayaks that are not only high quality but also convenient for long trips across lakes, rivers and seas.

Understanding that the stability of a kayak is crucial, they have made stable comfortable kayaks such as the Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100 to make us have unending fun while sailing in water. Now without any further ado, let us dive into its features.

1. Vibe Hero Seat

You can paddle for hours thanks to a comfortable vibe hero seat of this kayak that does not strain your back. You don’t want to end your day feeling exhausted right?

This seat is made to accommodate your back in a comfortable angle giving you enough room to fish while sitting upwards without easily getting fatigued.

It is designed to fit a large surface area of your back. An uncomfortable seat that does not support your body in good position can ruin your exciting trip. If you want to check out other good quality kayak seats in today's market, click here.

2. Rod Holders

Instead of holding the fishing rod, you can also mount your camera on the rod holders at the front of your kayak. This allows you to capture unforgettable moments during your journey.

These holders hold your camera in position giving you a chance to film yourself as you enjoy fishing or competing with other kayakers. 

You can also take pictures of the calm water or waves above the ocean as the sun sets in.

This trip on a vibe kayak will make you appreciate God’s nature as you get entertained with the numerous fun activities that you can be involved in.

3. Foot Braces

Based on our research, this kayak features convenient foot braces that you can easily adjust providing you with extra comfort.

4. Foot Rests

You can place your feet against the foot rests and adjust them according to the size of your feet to get extra support and maximum stability.

5. Hatches

Your kayak provides you with hatches at the front and center for you to easily store the camping gear.

These hatches are not only simple to use but also water tight.  

6. Accessories

Choosing this kayak gives you access to diverse vibe yellowfin 100 accessories such as vibe tie down straps to prevent your kayak from hull scratching and vibe evolve fiber glass paddle to make paddling and gear mounting more interesting.

Equipped with a repair kit containing hand pumps and spare parts, you can easily replace parts in case something goes wrong while you paddle.

This type of kayak also provides you with rudders and compasses for you to know which direction to head while targeting a certain destination.

You don’t have to rotate at the same spots over again. Good kayak accessories can improve your kayak’s performance while at the same time helping you to expand your capabilities so as you get the most out of your expedition.

7. High Quality Materials

Thanks to high density materials used to make your kayak, you can use for a long time taking trips to the bay as you please.

Proper maintenance of your kayak ensures that the Polyethylene used to make it prevents it from wearing out easily.  At 10 feet long, this kayak offers utmost vibe yellowfin stability.

You are also provided with scupper holes and plugs so that you can set up your kayak without straining.

8. A Wide Range of Colors

You can choose a desirable color since vibe kayaks gives you a wide range for your own preference.

A jam berry kayak looks very attractive for a lady.

9. Storage

Don’t feel limited as to what you can bring with you during your trip because the kayak provides you with all the necessary room for everything you may want to carry.

Bag inserts contained in sealed hatches provide enough space for you to store all kinds of items such as an extra jacket when it gets chilly.

When you have somewhere specific to put away such items, your deck remain clear.

Tackle tray holders, a tank well and bungee paddle packs are also available giving you enough room.

A cover is provided for you to store your kayak safely at the end of your trip.

10. Vibe Journey Paddles

If this is your first time on a kayak, the vibe kayaks journey paddles give you an opportunity to learn as you paddle using all kinds of styles without following a specific pattern.

Paddling involves different levels and this paddle lets you explore the various levels.

They are shaped asymmetrically to give you efficient strokes. You can test your vibe kayaks journey paddles on slow moving water so that you learn from flat water with less movements.

This gives you a good foundation to start your paddling experience as you move towards less calm areas.

11. 4 Carrying Handles

Handles are featured at both sides of the cock pit to provide you with a strong grip as you lift your kayak.

You can easily move your kayak using the 4 carrying handles that are contoured to give you extra support when there is no a sailor nearby to help you thus increasing portability.

12. Cup Holder

Bring along a beverage and secure it in your cup holder so that you are more comfortable and avoiding unnecessary spills during your journey.

This lets you coordinate your paddles as it holds your drink for you as you sip slowly under hot scorching sun.

You need all the energy by staying hydrated at all times so that you can have enough strength to paddle your kayak easily.

The Pros and Cons


  • It is light weight.
  • Easily portable.
  • Offers maximum stability to prevent wobbling in strong winds.
  • Maneuvering is easy boosting your sailing skills to make you a better paddler.


  • If you are small in size, you may need some assistance in carrying this kayak to the shore.

How To Take Care of Your Kayak

Just as you take care of your baby, this kayak also needs some care and maintenance for it to serve you for long.

What can you do to take care of your kayak to prevent damage? You can also check out the video below.

1) Draining Water

Sometimes as you paddle across moving water, some of it may find its way into your kayak.  

You should always ensure that you drain these water after using your kayak and give it time to dry up before folding it back into your storage bag.

This prevents rusty surfaces and foul smell from developing due to dampness.

2) Cleaning

Don’t assume that since your kayak has spent all day in water it does not need cleaning.

Remove the parts of your kayak and clean them each using a mild soap and a soft brush. Avoid using car waxes while cleaning different surfaces.

3) Heating

In case your kayak develops a minor dent from a rocky ground, you can leave it under the sun for close to 48 hours for it to get back in shape.

4) Repairing

Depending on the conditions of the water, sometimes your kayak may develop some scratches. Worry not for you they can be easily fixed by melting them lightly using a hair dryer.

Be gentle not to overheat the scratches because you don’t want to damage your kayak.

5) Storage

Always store your kayak leaning either on one side, horizontally on a flat ground or in a vertical position.

Too much UV rays from the sun is harmful for your kayak. A load below the kayak would give it extra support when you are storing it for long hours.


Vibe Yellowfin 100

Our Rating

We hope that our Vibe yellowfin 100 review has everything that you are looking for to make your buying decision. We rate this kayak 4.6 out of 5 stars because of its stability and lightweight.

Whether you are just a beginner or a pro at kayaking, the vibe yellowfin 100 lets you experience the thrill as you sail across both strong winds and calm conditions. Get your kayak today and discover the thrill in kayaking.

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