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Best Paddle Board for Beginners [Sun Dolphin Seaquest Review]

Any person who enjoys water sports will like to own one paddle board of their own. Any person who enjoys water sports will like to own one gear of their own, no exception for paddle boarding enthusiasts.

In this review, we are going to uncover the truth of Sun Dolphin Seaquest stand up paddle board (SUP) being one of the best paddle board for beginners. Whether it lives up the hypes or not.

Recent years, SUP has been really popular among people who enjoy surfing, fishing, racing, yoga, touring etc. One could do those activities mentioned on one board.

Stand up paddle board (SUP), originated from Hawaii, is a combination of surfboard and paddle which offers surfing and canoeing experience using the same gear.

However, stand up paddle boarding is different from surfing as the paddlers have to maintain their balance by standing on the board and use the paddles to propel through the water. Naturally, a right technique is essential in order to paddle board well.

About Sun Dolphin Seaquest Paddleboard

best paddle board for beginners

With Sun Dolphin Seaquest, it offers easy maneuverability with the least effort.  Though it has been created mainly targeting the beginners of the sport they are highly durable. Whether you are looking for paddle board for race or for recreational purposes, you will find the features really attractive. 

No other best paddle board brands offer dry storage like Sun Dolphin Seaquest. Correct foot positioning is important for a paddle board as it supports the balance if the person on it. You are looking for the paddle boat for light surfing needs, then this product is the best one suited to your needs.

Overview: Sun Dolphin Seaquest Paddleboard

As a beginner in the surfing world, I was looking for a paddleboard which is wide and comes with a non-slip foot pads. I was happy with this product mainly because of the stability it offers.

It is also easy to carry this paddle board as they are lightweight. The five handles make it easy for transportation. The fin offers superior tracking and I was able to paddle with ease whenever I used it.

The cooler area is recessed and has straps to ensure safety. The dry storage compartments allow easy and safe storage of necessary items. Maneuvering this paddle board on open waters is easy.

Features and Specifications

This best all around paddle board is an alternative to sit-down water sports vehicles. The 10 feet length, 33-inch width provides enough area for easy standup paddling. The height of the paddleboard is 10 inches and it weighs 50 lbs. It can hold up to 230 pounds, which is very convenient if you are going for fishing or touring.

Sun Dolphin Seaquest paddleboard is highly suitable for rough or choppy conditions with its wide platform and its non-slip foot pads. The dry storage compartment comes with shock cord rigging and cooler area. Riders with any experience level can use this good beginner SUP board with confidence. With the 6 inch thickness of the board, it is good to keep my feet dry. 

Not forgetting to mention that, the two-year warranty offered by the manufacturer make it a safe product to purchase.

1. Easy Portability

Sun Dolphin Seaquest Paddleboard is easy to handle by adults as it weighs only 50 pounds. This paddle board has carrying handles in different locations. Loading the board to a vehicle or placing in the storage area is easy. It is also easy to unscrew the fins for the transportation needs. I found the shoulder straps an easy way to carry the paddle board.

2. Sturdy and Stable

With the capacity to hold 230 pounds and with 33-inch deck, it can easily support two people. This is the best paddleboard for women beginners as it is stable even when paddling on the rough waters. I can take my dog with me when I am on this stand up paddle board.

3. Nonslip Foot Pads

The nonslip foot pads help you to keep the balance while standing without much difficulty. Whether you are using the paddle board for fishing or recreation or racing, maintaining the balance is easy on this board.

4. Adjustable Paddles

The paddle that comes with this product is adjustable with a single or double blade for paddling in sitting or standing position.

5. Maneuverability

The 10 foot long board offers good stability without forfeiting the control of the board. The sleek and contemporary design makes this one of the best paddle boards brands.

6. Adjustable Fin

In case you need extra stability for the paddle board, you can screw the detachable fin easily. When you are having a fun paddling challenge with your friends, it can be easily removed.

The Pros and Cons


  • The features, large construction, and design are pretty impressive.
  • The suitability it offers for women and children are the biggest advantage.
  • Offers better grip even when it is wet.
  • High-quality carbon paddle with adjustable blades.
  • Comes with all essential accessories needed.
  • Affordable price.


  • Might be a little heavy for some women or children to carry around with its 50 lbs weight.

Buying Guide: How to Select Best Paddle Board for Beginners

When I was trying to purchase my first paddle board, I was not very sure how to choose a paddle board. I did my share of research on this and I have come up with guidelines for selecting the best paddle boards. You need to consider the following when you want to purchase one. You can also read this article if you are a beginner wanting to know how to use a SUP.

1) Measurement

The first preference should be given to the paddle boards which provide the right, size, capacity and weight that match with your body measurements. This ensures better stability and performance.

The dimensions of the paddle board are important as it determines the performance on the water. Longer boards can be used if you want to paddle fast or when you want to travel long distances.

2)Inflatable or Non-Inflatable

You can select inflatable paddle boards or non-inflatable paddle boards depending on the performance you are looking for, storage space availability and portability.

3) Hull Type

You can select between displacement hull and planning hull depending on the paddling trip you are planning for. Planning hulls are suitable for recreational paddling, whitewater and surfing. Displacement hull is suitable for touring, racing and fitness paddling.

4) The Fins

The SUP fins play an important role in tracking and offering stability to the board. Larger fins offer straight tracking and better stability than the smaller fins. Smaller fins offer better maneuverability.  It is better to opt for best rated stand up paddle boards with removable fins.

5) Accessories

It is better to select paddle boards which come with necessary accessories like tie down straps, paddle, mounts or holders for cameras, cups, etc. The straps help in securing various items that you are carrying on your paddling trip. Make sure that you use the necessary accessories when you are paddling.

After going through the features offered by the paddle boards, compare the price offered by different brands. Go through the stand up paddle board reviews to understand whether the product you are selecting is worth the money you are spending.

It is better to opt for products with maximum positive reviews. This will ensure that you will be getting a product from a good manufacturer like Sun Dolphin Seaquest PaddleboardIf you want to read about other SUP's, check out this article.

The Seaquest paddle board is a great option for most of the novice women and children who want to try stand up paddling. You will like the sturdiness, wide width construction, comfortable design and accessories offered by the manufacturer.

I personally feel that I made the right choice by selecting this product for my paddling use. Oh, and by the way, if you love surfing, body boards can be quite fun too.


Sun Dolphin Seaquest Paddleboard

Our Rating

Any paddler looking for best paddle boards for beginners can definitely opt for Sun Dolphin Seaquest Paddleboard. This paddle board is an ideal choice as the material used for construction makes it sturdy and lightweight.

The 10-foot length and 33 inch width can support larger weights and helps in easy and safe paddling. The grip on the surface is comfortable on the bare foot even if you paddle for long distances.

Moreover, this is an affordable paddle board that is sold in combination with carbon paddles which are suitable for the design of the board. The broader board and durable paddles at a cheaper rate is a good deal.  

You don’t have to be physically strong to handle this equipment. Whether you are looking for fun time with your family on lake waters or planning for a race in the ocean, you can opt for this best paddle board for beginners from Sun Dolphin. 

The two-year manufacturer warranty definitely makes it a safe product to purchase.

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