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The 5 Best Beginner Surfboard 2021 [Reviews + Buying Guides]

Whether you are new to this water activity or you are just looking for a casual way to spend a day at the beach, finding the best beginner surfboard is among your main priorities. Obviously, there are plenty of models out there and although they do share lots of similarities, small details often make the difference in the long run.

Deciding on the right model is a matter of personal necessities – your skills, expectations, size and specific characteristics. But before diving in and deciding on a model, it's imperative to do your homework, figure what to look for in a surfboard and how this activity can help you out.

However, for those who wants to skip straight to our final verdict, here are our top picks.

Gold Coast Heritage Surfboard

  • 8 Ft 8 In x 23 In x 3.25 In
  • Fingerprint Textured IXPE Foam Board Top Deck
  • Diamond Weave Slick HDPE Bottom Deck
  • 2+1 Stringer System
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Support weight up to 230 lbs

Liquid Shredder 70 FSE

  • 7 Ft x 20 In x 2.75 In
  • EPE Deck with EPS core
  • PP hard slick bottom
  • Wooden stringers
  • Support weight up to 140 lbs
ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Gold Coast Heritage
Dimension: 8 ft 8 x 23 x 3.25 inches

Weight: 14 lbs

Max Capacity: 230 lbs

Price: $$$$

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Liquid Shredder 70 FSE
Dimension: 84 x 20 x 2.75 inches

Weight: 14 lbs

Max Capacity: 140 lbs

Price: $$$

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Wavestorm Classic Longboard
Dimension: 96 x 22.5 x 3.25 inches

Weight: 11.5 lbs

Max Capacity: 200 lbs

Price: $$$

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Thurso Surf Lancer
Dimension: 70 x 20 x 2.76 inches

Weight: 6 lbs

Max Capacity: 200 lbs

Price: $$

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Dimension: 68 x 20.5 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 39 lbs

Max Capacity: 175 lbs

Price: $$$

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5 Best Beginner Surfboard Reviewed

best beginner surfboard

Available in a few different colors, this model from Gold Coast Surfboards is ideal for both beginners and more experienced users. It's designed to last, but also to adapt to your skills as you gain more balance and confidence.

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Coming in three different colors and with just the basics, this is the kind of surfboard that won't exaggerate with the price for random bells and whistles that you'll never use. Instead, Liquid Shredder sticks to the basics only and can definitely exceed most expectations.

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Suitable to beginners, good for experienced users and perfect for intermediate surfers, this model from WavestormTM might be one of the best foam surfboards on the market today. It's part of a more comprehensive collection and each model is recommended to a particular category of surfers – based on experience and expectations mostly.

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Designed to be small, speedy and extremely easy to maneuver, this unit from Thurso Surf can easily qualify as one of the best rated foam surfboards on the market. Given its small size, it's more suitable for experienced users, yet a newbie will also benefit from it, as it will inevitably push them to work harder.

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Coming in multiple colors and designed with simplicity in mind, this model from Rock-It can easily become one of the most reliable surfboard on the market. Rock-It is known for developing some of the most versatile models for beginners and this unit makes no exception. It's small, fast and provides plenty of stability.

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The Benefits of Surfboard

For Fun

That's the main reason wherefore people go for surfboarding – having fun. If you love the water, riding on small waves or chilling while gliding away will make you the happiest person in the world. It's a fun sport to include in your water activities.

You can share it with your friends or family – even your kids. It's fun to be in the sun and paddle away with your arms, but it's even more fun when you find a small wave and you ride it before splashing into the water.

The Cardio

You may not necessarily pay attention to it, but surfboarding is an amazing cardiovascular exercise. It keeps your heart in a good condition and it also strengthens its muscles. This kind of activity targets the whole body, but mostly the upper core. You need those muscles for paddling, while leg work comes into play when you stand up and ride.

You're more likely to spend more time paddling than riding though. The workout is low impact, so you won't feel soreness after – unless this is the first time you do it. Most people don't think about it, but paddling against waves actually requires some effort.

Practising the Balance

Beginner surfboards for adults come with multiple benefits that might end up reflecting over your everyday life too. Learning to maintain your balance is one of them. You don't need balance when you sit on the surfboard, but everything changes once you stand up.

Waves will move the surfboard left and right, so you'll naturally need to adapt and put your legs and core together. Sure, it takes some time. You'll fall a few times, but you'll learn to maintain your balance eventually. It's an improvement that will also help you out of the water.

As Stress Relief

Forget about stress and go out on the water. Whether you had a stressful day at work or various problems in your everyday life, there are multiple options to relieve it. The sound of water while you glide on it is by far one of the most efficient solutions.

A minimal surfboard is the way to forget about these issues. You have to focus on your balance and waves as you glide or surf. Plus, the low impact workout will relax you and remove tension off your muscles. What else can you ask for?

Promotes Better Sleep

Stress, problems and various conditions might seriously affect your sleep. Even if you do fall asleep, a restless sleep is just as harmful as no sleep at all. Surfboarding is one of the optimal ways to improve your sleep then.

Surfing on a regular basis (as well as other types of exercise) will make you feel more tired and help you fall asleep faster and deeper. As a direct consequence, you'll enjoy more sleep and you'll wake up refreshed. It's a natural alternative to all kinds of harmful medications.

What to Look for in a Surfboard

Personal Skills

Your personal skills represent the main indicator in choosing a surfboard. Different models are appropriate for different skills. There are specific boards for beginners, as well as more sophisticated boards for experienced users. Of course, you can also find a middle solution that will suit multiple skills.

Also, decide on what you want to do too. Do you like big waves? Do you enjoy paddling and rarely taking waves? All these things – as well as your expectations – should help you figure out what truly works for you. As for your personal progress, a good surfboard will inevitably adapt to your skills and needs.

Size Specifications

Size does matter when you look for the best intermediate surfboard. There are three factors you have to take in consideration – thickness, width and length. Each of them will affect the surfboard in a different way, hence the necessity to research your options. Your size is just as important in the process.

If you have any friends who surfboard, you might want to borrow their boards and try out different styles. As if all these were not enough, the size of the waves is quite relevant too. Are you into small waves that barely go one foot in height? How about big waves of 5 feet?

Volume Considerations

Lots of people would rather focus on length (which is important) than the actual volume. Well, the volume can seriously affect your surfboarding experience too. The volume should be chosen based on your body type. Fail to consider it and you might end up catching waves and trying to ride them when they're already gone. Choose the right volume and you'll be a machine.

This consideration is more common as you gain experience though. If you're a newbie, you should just check a beginner surfboard size chart. There are similar charts for volume as well.

Surfboarding Frequency

Becoming a surfboarding expert is a matter of commitment and hard work. Most people who start it don't expect to be experts, but they do it for fun. If you think surfboarding will make a great weekend activity or a relaxing solution after a long day at work, you might want to go for a longer board and more stability.

On the other hand, if you want to become an expert, you might reduce the length for more control. Of course, it also implies more work, so this option is not so handy if you only want to relax.

Building Materials

There are multiple materials to choose from. It depends on your preferences and skills. If you're new to this activity, epoxy and foam are ideal. You don't want a massive fiberglass board when you're just learning how to surf with it.

You can also choose between molded and custom boards. Molded boards are factory made, which means they're general. The custom ones are self-explanatory. They don't make such good choices for beginners, as they have no idea what kind of custom features they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the best size surfboard for a beginner?

All beginners should start with a surfboard which is 8 feet long. Children should begin with a surfboard of 6 feet in length.

2.What size surfboard should I get for my height and weight?

People who are between 100 and 140 pounds in weight and 5.3 feet tall need a surfboard of 6.2 feet. Taller and heavier people need longer surfboards.

3.Are foam surfboards good for beginners?

Foam surfboards are great for beginners due to low price, high stability, and overall simplicity. Most beginners start precisely with these surfboards.


Gold Coast Heritage Surfboard

Our Rating

Bottom line, finding the best beginner surfboard is usually a matter of preferences, expectations and experience level. Different models suit different people. Some of these boards are general though and may work for pretty much everyone.

GC Heritage is one of these models. As one of the top rated surfboards on the market, it's helpful in literally in any situation. And it definitely worth a 5 stars rating.

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