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Best Foam Surfboard [The Rock-It Albert Review]

Surfboarding has gained lots of popularity lately due to a series of benefits, as well as the fun involved with water activities. It's something you can do with friends, as well as family.

However, renting a board every time you're on the beach may not necessarily be a cost-efficient idea. That's why more and more people turn to beginner surfboards for adults.

Finding the best foam surfboard can be challenging with so many choices out there, yet not impossible. Rock-It ALBERT Surfboard is currently one of the top 10 surfboards for newbies according to specialists.

Knowing what you expect from this experience is mandatory before actually spending your money. Once you have this covered, take your time to analyze the specs of this surfboard, as well as its pros and cons. Keep in mind that what works for some people may not necessarily work for you. So, what should you know about Rock-It's model?

Caters to Both Beginners and Advanced Surfers

Most importantly, this board is highly recommended to beginners. Sure, you might think that it's just a temporary board and not worth the hassle. You would instead start with a more advanced board that can support your water activities for years – terrible idea. The truth is that although developed for newbies, it will be just as handy for more experienced users. Unless you plan to become a professional, you probably won't need an advanced board. As if all these were not enough, it will take years to get to that stage anyway, so stick to a light product for now.

Board Size

Given its size, this best foam surfboard is recommended to the entire family. It's not as big as a standard board, so it's ideal for children too. When it comes to adults, size only matters if you engage in more advanced tricks. Other than that, a middle size will adequately support you. It carries some of the features you'll find on professional boards as well. This way, you can quickly up your game as you gain stability.

Health Benefit

Regarding health benefits, a surfboard has plenty of them. For example, this kind of sport does a top-notch cardio workout. It uses the whole body – the core, legs, and arms. If you paddle against the waves, you'll have to put in even more effort. It's a low impact exercise though, so you're less likely to experience too much soreness anyway.

Just like most water-based sports, surf boarding is just as handy for your mental health. Everyone knows water has soothing capabilities. Imagine paddling in a quiet area. You only hear the water as you glide through it. There's nothing more relaxing than that.

Vitamin D for Your Skin

As if all these were not enough, being in the sun for an extended period will give your body the optimal dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D is mostly taken from the sun. It improves the bone health, but it also maintains the amounts of phosphorous and calcium in the right amounts. It boosts the growth of skin cells as well.

With these ideas in mind, Rock-It ALBERT Surfboard becomes the perfect addition. Not only it brings in lots of fun for the entire family, but it comes with a series of benefits as well. Having this board on a day at the beach will keep you busy the whole day.

Rock-It Albert Surfboard Review

best foam surfboard

Rock-It is a well-known name in the surfboarding industry. Curious who makes the best surfboards? A little research will most likely reveal this manufacturer too. There are no fancy bells and whistles, but just the optimal features to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Measures 68x20.5x2.5 inches
  • Weighs 10.6 pounds

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Core made from recycled EPS foam
  • Can take riders up to 175 pounds
  • Twin fin construction
  • Soft top
  • 6-ounce fiberglass cloth between the core and the top

Lightweight and Easy to Use

With just over 10 pounds in weight, this model is one of the best beginners surfboards for a series of reasons. Most surfboards will weigh over 20 pounds – and that's for the inflatable ones. The hard ones can go double in weight. Imagine loading a massive board on top of your car or dragging it to or out of the water. Imagine having a child doing that. Exactly – impossible! It will take all the fun away. You'll do it a few times, and then you'll quit it.

But when the board is easy to carry with one hand, it will become part of your lifestyle. Even your child can drag this board to the water with no issues at all.

Furthermore, the lightweight profile will make it easier to maneuver on water. But then, be careful if you fall over – don't let it go away. If the current is too strong, your board might float away.

Solid and Durable

When looking for surfboards for kids for beginners, you want a stable and durable item. It's easy to tell why – it's going to take some beating. At first, you don't have a clue what you're doing, so you might hit things or fall over a few times. You don't want one of those fragile boards that get cracked or dented right away. Those are for professionals who surfboard by the book.

Rock-It's surfboard is made from EPS foam. It's a standard material used in this industry due to its durability, as well as the lightweight profile. The top is covered with a thick layer of fiberglass, which keeps the EPS foam dry and compact.

Finally, the deck on top of the fiberglass is soft and comfortable. All materials are lightweight and durable. Even better, the foam recycles – excellent for those who care about the environment.

Easy to Maneuver

Surfboarding looks difficult at first. Once you get on the board, it becomes easier. You might get a few splashes, but that's pretty much it. You'll learn how to do it during your first few hours on the board.

From this point of view, it's highly recommended to get a board that you can control with no problems. This model features not one, but two fins. They are symmetrically located on the bottom back of your board.

More professional boards come with one fin only. Its primary role is to ensure a better direction and excellent maneuverability. When you have two of them on each side, control will never be a problem. You'll cut through the water like a professional. Tracking and turning will be almost instant. After all, the board is also shorter than a professional one, which allows even more control. With these aspects in mind, both children and beginners will love it.

Comfortable to Use

While riding a surfboard is mostly about standing up and maintaining a right balance, the truth is you'll use it to sit down as well. You might start learning to keep your balance on your knees. Sometimes, you'll go on your belly and paddle with your arms, looking for the next wave. It's a versatile board with multiple uses.

When riding in a standing position, you don't care much about the top deck. Even if it's hard as a rock, it won't bother you too much. But then, rigid tops become a problem if you ride in other positions.

Since this is one of the top soft surfboards for beginners, the manufacturer has designed it with full comfort in mind. The top is soft and comfortable. Most boards have a soft top, yet this one has thick padding for longer rides. You can go on the top for hours without feeling any pains. Despite being soft, the top deck is durable and less likely to peel or scratch too easily.

Safe and Strong

There's a central reason wherefore many newbies would instead learn with a professional than by themselves – potential accidents. When you ride a hard board, and you fall over, there's a decent chance you might bite the board. If it's a solid hard board, injuries are only one step away.

Simply put, you don't want something like that for your kid or even for yourself. Rock-It's board is designed for beginners and also slightly experienced users that might still get a splash every once in a while. If you somehow get hit by the board, the soft surface won't cause too much hassle.

The Pros and Cons


  • Safe to use
  • Easy to maneuver and control
  • Soft surface for extra comfort
  • Durable construction
  • Stylish design


  • Not suitable for overweight users
  • No additional accessories


Rock-It Albert Surfboard

Our Rating

Bottom line, Rock-It ALBERT Surfboard makes a solid choice for children, newbies and even slightly experienced users. It makes the best foam surfboard for multiple reasons. It's rated 4 out of 5 stars, with up to 86% of all buyers considering it to be perfect.

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